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Freight Tutorial


If you are interested in ordering a freight ship item from Redline there are a few things you need to know. First, there are three types of delivery locations in freight shipping: residential, business, and terminal. Residential deliveries are only advised as a last resource option because 99% of trucking companies charge a $50+ fee for making a residential delivery plus another $50+ fee for sending a trailer with a lift gate. However, one should note that automotive lifts cannot be sent to a residence at all due to the large size and weight of the shipment. Farm deliveries can be considered residential and should be discussed on a case by case basis with a Redline representative.

Business deliveries are considered as the best option, though unloading is the sole responsibility of the customer thus having a forklift or truck dock is mandatory. Failing to unload the shipment within a reasonable amount of time can result in the carrier billing Redline for additional time delivery charges that subsequently must be charged back to the customer.

The third and easiest option is a terminal pickup. This means that Redline will ship your item to your nearest terminal for you to pick up with a pick-up truck or utility trailer upon its arrival. There are always forklifts on hand at all terminals so that loading heavy items onto your vehicle is normally quick and painless. From the time the carrier notifies the customer of the shipment's arrival the customer has 48 hours to pick up the item in order to circumvent any additional fees. If you have any additional questions about freight deliveries please contact us today; we're always happy to hear from you.

Do not falsify your delivery location information! From time to time customers provide delivery addresses and claim they are true commercial businesses on commercially zoned property when they are not. In the event that this occurs Redline will likely be billed for residential delivery and lift gate fees from the carrier. In such an event the customer will be contacted by phone and/or email before your card is charged for these fees so that the customer will recognize the charges on their billing statement. By purchasing a freight ship item and falsifying your delivery location information the customer forfeits all ability to dispute residential fees charged by the carrier. Some of the carriers we use charge up to $150 for these additional fees so please tell the truth and avoid these troubles.

It is important to know LTL freight carriers will not call you before attempting to deliver.  If you request that the carrier call you before delivering the carrier will charge a "notify fee."  This fee generally runs anywhere from $20 to $40 depending on the carrier.  Thus, it is important that you provide a business address that is staffed from the hours of 8-5 Monday thru Friday.  In the event that the carrier attempts to deliver your product and is unable because no one is present at the delivery location, you will be will charged a redelivery fee.  Redelivery fees tend to average $50 to $75.  If you wish to know when a shipment will deliver but are not willing to pay a notify fee we recommend contacting us to request a pro number for your shipment.  Having your pro number will allow you to track your shipment and know which day it will arrive.  It is not Redline Engineering's policy to notify customers when freight shipments are shipped nor to proactively provide customers with pro numbers for their shipments.  If you wish to obtain this information we recommend requesting it via email the day after the order date.

Redline Engineering understands that sometimes damages occur during shipping.  Any freight damages must be declared to Redline Engineering in writing via email within 3 days from the time of delivery.  Failure to do so will result in your claim being denied by the carrier. In the event that our customer notices damage has occurred during transit the customer is encouraged to photograph any damage before accepting the shipment. For freight shipments the customer should notate on the bill of lading any noticeable damage at the time of delivery. Any damage, whether external or internal, should be reported to Redline within 2 days of delivery. Claims made past 2 days are left open to the sole discretion of Redline Engineering.  It is important that the customer notate damage on the bill of lading for freight shipments as failure to do so will result in the carrier's denial to honor a damage claim.  In such an event, this failure to properly report damage upon delivery will result in all damages being the sole responsibility of the party  signing for the shipment.

Freight carriers consider the following to be limited access deliveries and charge extra fees to deliver to these types of locations.  The list of limited access deliveries include, but are not limited to: airports, churches, construction sites, container freight stations, prisons, country clubs, farms, any government site, hotels, military bases, mines, nursing homes, piers, ranches, anywhere with a guard gate, schools, shopping malls and storage facilities.  Carriers have found that it generally takes substantially more time to deliver to one of these locations and as such, they charge a fee that can range from as little as $30 to as much as $750.  So, if your delivery location is anything other than a normal business facility please contact us before ordering to determine if your location is considered a limited access site.  In the event that a carrier bills Redline for a limited access delivery fee on your shipment, Redline reserves the right to bill your credit card for these additional fees.  Any customer who is not willing to fund his or her limited access delivery fees should not purchase from Redline Engineering.

Lastly, it is important to know that Redline Engineering reserves the right to charge a customer's credit card for any additional shipping fees incurred during shipping.  We will make our best attempt to minimize any fees incurred to you and will also work hard to dispute any fees a carrier may attempt to charge that we feel is without merit.  Ultimately it is the customer who is responsible for all shipping costs.  Any customer who is not willing to fund his or her shipping costs in full should not purchase from Redline Engineering.  We appreciate all customers to the fullest and will do our best to make sure each customer is treated fairly through their LTL freight shipping experience.



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