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Redline RE22 Benchtop Abrasive Sand Blaster Cabinet
Kevin H. Jan 24, 2018
I bought this over a year ago. It arrived with the glass already damaged some on the outside during shipping but I needed to use it so I did not send it back. These are some things I found that need changing:

The spray nozzle faces to the front and down which is a problem the blast media bounces off your work piece against the glass and it is not long before you are working blind. Make sure you buy a lot of the screen protectors you are going to need them. The nozzle should be mounted in the front facing down and to the back of the cabinet.

The angles in the front of the cabinet narrow it up in the location you most need room since the nozzle faces the front. The box should be made square it would save manufacturing costs and the angles serve no purpose.

The angles also make it so your hands do not fit into the gloves far enough to keep them on good. The gloves kept coming off with me. I was never into the cabinet much past my wrists ever. Also if the nozzle was mounted against the front wall facing down to the back you hands would be deeper in the gloves and they would stay on your hands better. Also the blast media would bounce off your work piece into the back of the cabinet and not continually off the glass.

The quality of construction of this cabinet is very good. If these changes are made it will be the best cabinet out there in this size range. Like I said the quality of the cabinet and all hard wear is very good!
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