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Tire Change Equipment

Keep Wheels Spinning with Essential Tire Changing Tools

Tire-changing equipment should be one of the first tools you get in your mechanic’s shop. Yet, there are definitive differences between machines even though they do something as routine as replacing wheel buffers. Whether you're still new to the business or a seasoned mechanic, take a look at these tips to make sure your shop is a leading provider of top-quality service.

Key Features to Consider

When reviewing equipment choices, do you know how to choose a tire mounting machine, or are you simply picking what everyone else has? Although your competitors may have exactly what you need, it's still important to double check your shop's particular requirements. Questions to ask yourself include:

Do you have machines tailored for specific tires? You should have equipment specifically made for the types of vehicles you're servicing (not surprisingly, there’s a difference between motorcycle or heavy duty truck tire mounts) and its wheels' design or measurements.

Which style machine best accommodates your client vehicles?:

  • Tilt-backs: the generously sized turntable of models such as the Ranger R76LT gives you the necessary room to work more quickly on big tires.
  • Touchless: the Kernel TC1300 is indicative of leverless changers, that although typically higher priced, reduce the physical labor of working on lower profiles.
  • Swing-arms: this budget-friendly group of tire changers have adjustable wheel clamps and speed controls, like the Ranger R980XR and R980XRF models, respectively. It's a terrific option if you're often changing the same kind/size of tires.

What upgrades/additions are available? Is there a compatible pneumatic assist arm or conversion kit for your tire changing tools? Would it be better to have a tire changer and wheel balancer combo?

Are there detailed and easily accessible training materials to supplement your knowledge and skills?

Complete Your Kits with Manual Tire Tools

A durable set of manual tire shop tools are always to a technician's benefit. Small shop owners and mechanics who have a home-based business will appreciate the Gaither Wheel Assist Stand's moveable casters and gas spring mount/dismount. For bike and automotive enthusiasts who prefer doing their own repairs Redline's Motorcycle Tire Bead Breaker, Tread Doctor's Knobby Cutting Tool, and a Pit Posse 3-piece iron set are professional quality items worthy of investment.


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