Portable Car Lifts for Home Garage

home garage portable car lift

Every car enthusiast knows how important it is to have proper maintenance for their vehicles, whether it’s cleaning, repairing, or other general upkeep, to keep them looking smooth and preserve their optimal performance. Anyone who does this regularly can attest that having a few home equipment will make things faster and much more efficient than…

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Difference Between Shot-Blasting and Sandblasting

With thousands of various surfaces worldwide, there couldn’t be just a one-way solution for all surface preparation. Techniques and methods will vary according to the ideal solution for the unique application. The most common abrasive blasting methods are Sand Blasting and Shot Blasting. While two terms appear similar, Shot Blasting and Sand Blasting are separate…

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The Differences in the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT

Redline 1500HD vs Titan 1500XLT Another common question we get here at Redline is, “What’s the difference between the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT?” It’s a great question with a multi-faceted answer. I’ll try my best to answer that below without over complicating the response. First, I want to note that both tables have…

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