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Shop Press for Sale

At Redline, we sell shop presses ranging from 10 ton manual-powered models to heavy-duty 100 ton electric-powered presses. Choose from a selection of top of the range presses supplied by Redline & Norco. Browse the features and specs of each of our shop presses, and download a PDF version of the manual for your convenience. Some of our models also give customers the option to include an optional pin press kit for an additional cost. If you decide to purchase one of our 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 ton Redline shop presses, you can purchase the pin press kit or replacement shop press guard separately for the larger models. We also provide helpful user videos alongside some of our models which outline features and how to use. Order your shop press today!

What is a shop press?


Shop presses are available in a wide variety of standard capacities and configurations, with the power to service many types of trades and manufacturing industries including metalworking, electrical installations, and even aircraft assembly. Shop presses are used to press interference fit parts together, such as gears and bearings, with further ability to straighten and form metal materials like bronze, copper, aluminum, iron, and steel. By employing pressure generated by a pump, hydraulic shop presses push a steel cylinder into the material at a set force. 


The main parts of a shop press include:


  • A frame holds the shop press together and gives it strength
  • A removable table, also known as a bolster, supports, lines up, and positions the material while it’s being pressed
  • The hydraulic steel cylinder can be extended to apply force by compressing or separating parts and materials
  • The pump uses hydraulic fluid to power the pressure that’s needed to drive the cylinder to a specific force output


Regardless of the industry, most shop pressures are used to press two things together or press two things apart. 


What is a shop press used for?


Since the high pressure of the hydraulic shop press can squish even the hardest metals into your desired shape, they play a key role in fabrication, assembly, and maintenance, alongside helping operators to fit, bend, and assemble sheet metal, parts, and other equipment. So, whether you’re in the market for a shop press to accommodate your garage projects or looking for a tool to use in your machine or auto mechanic shop, we’ve got you covered with the best hydraulic shop presses for your bending, twisting, and shaping needs. While there are a variety of shop presses available on the market, each generally works in the same way and is powered by a hydraulic pump that possesses a fixed pressure. 


Here is a basic description of how hydraulic shop presses work:


  • Shop presses are powered by a hydraulic pump, which can be manual, pneumatic, or electric depending on the application and size of the machine. 
  • The pump's pressure is then determined by the fixed force of the press (this is rated in tons).
  • Once engaged, the pressure from the pump is forced onto the pressing cylinder.
  • The cylinder will make contact with the material, pressing against it until the pressure is removed and it can retract back to its housing.
  • The following process is repeated with each press. The operators may set the press and bolster to complete repetitive tasks. 


Whether you’re a small-business owner or hobbyist, if you’ve considered performing a repair that involves replacing a bushing, bearing, universal joint, or pulley, you were likely unable to tackle the job without the use of a hydraulic shop, which increases the cost of your job by relying on a nearby shop’s assistance. Since time and money is valuable, if your day-to-day operation could benefit from a hydraulic shop press, it’s worth looking into your options. After all, you can grab hold of a professional-level machine for as little as a few hundred dollars when you shop around.


What can you do with a shop press? 


Now that you understand what a hydraulic shop press is and how it works, you’re likely wondering what types of projects and jobs it’s good for. Whether you purchase a 20 ton shop press or a 50 ton shop press, quality is key in what you can do with your new machine. 


Here are some typical uses for a hydraulic shop press:


  • Woodworking projects
  • Metalworking projects
  • Holding welding projects steady
  • Punching
  • Straightening metal
  • Flattening warped material
  • Separating rusted material
  • Automobile part construction
  • Jewelry-making
  • Bending brackets


While all of the uses listed above can be done with a high-quality shop press, a small 10-ton shop press would be more useful for jewelry-making whereas a 50 ton shop press is needed for tougher jobs.

We’ve got inventory stocked with products ranging from as low as a 10 ton shop press to as high as a 200 ton shop press to suit just about any need with a wide selection of hydraulic shop presses in between; the most commonly purchased ones are our 20 ton shop press and our 50 ton shop press! 

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