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1 - 20 of 59 results

Sand Blast Cabinets

Our sand blasting cabinets are perfect for the home enthusiast, allow you to remove paint, rust and other debris while keeping all abrasive media safely contained inside. From our own Redline sand blasting cabinets, to other great manufacturers' products including MediaBlast, ALC USA and Kernel, there's plenty of choice depending on your price range and required features. All sand blasting cabinets ship free, with some models including the option to add on extra features such as protective respirators and water separators.

Home enthusiasts may favor CE certified Redline benchtop blast cabinets—with their fluorescent lighting and weatherstripped viewing windows—while LDPE polymer ALC models with pistol grip trigger guns are appealing to small shop owners. Handheld air blasters are great for lighter, easier on-the-go tasks; for professional garages, popular styles include the 78” tall Redline Clamshell Pressure Pot as well as the deluxe MediaBlast N-200, with its 3/8” tungsten carbide nozzle topping the 3-Y blast gun. Additionally, there are ASME-certified pressurized blasters that have abrasive capacities up to 250-lbs. In addition to preferences between sand blasting and shot blasting equipment, there are differences that can affect the quality and finish of materials. There are several machinery options available whether you're opening a mechanic’s shop, upgrading equipment, or creating a dedicated work area at home.


What is a Sand Blasting Cabinet?

A sandblasting cabinet, also known as a sandblasting enclosure, is a piece of equipment used in the process of cleaning, stripping, or finishing surfaces. It typically consists of a sealed cabinet with a blasting gun and a blasting media storage tank. The cabinet has two openings, one for the operator to insert the item being blasted and another for the operator to manipulate the blasting gun.

During the sandblasting process, the blasting gun propels abrasive materials, such as sand, glass beads, or aluminum oxide, at high speeds against the surface of the item being cleaned or finished. The abrasive materials remove surface contaminants, rust, or paint, leaving a clean surface.

The sandblasting cabinet provides a controlled environment that contains the blasting media and the dust generated during the blasting process. This prevents the release of harmful dust and particles into the environment, protecting the operator and other nearby individuals. Additionally, the cabinet allows for precise targeting of the blasting media, resulting in a more uniform finish.

Sandblasting cabinets are commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries for various applications, such as cleaning engine parts, preparing surfaces for painting, and deburring metal parts.

Why use a sandblasting cabinet?

There are several reasons why a sandblasting cabinet may be used:

  1. Surface Preparation: Sandblasting cabinets are commonly used to prepare surfaces for painting, coating, or bonding. Sandblasting removes rust, scale, old paint, and other surface contaminants, leaving a clean surface that improves adhesion and coating durability.

  2. Cleaning and De-burring: Sandblasting cabinets can be used to clean and de-burr metal parts, such as engine components, gears, and tools. The abrasive blasting process removes burrs and sharp edges, creating a smooth and uniform surface.

  3. Restoration: Sandblasting cabinets are often used for the restoration of antique and classic cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The process removes old paint, rust, and other surface imperfections, revealing the original metal surface.

  4. Precision Finishing: Sandblasting cabinets can be used for precise finishing of metal surfaces, such as creating a matte or satin finish on stainless steel, or removing oxide scale from titanium parts.

  5. Environmental Safety: Sandblasting cabinets provide a controlled environment that contains the blasting media and the dust generated during the blasting process. This prevents the release of harmful dust and particles into the environment, protecting the operator and other nearby individuals.

Overall, sandblasting cabinets offer an efficient, effective, and safe way to prepare, clean, and finish metal surfaces, making them an essential tool in many industries.

Who should use sandblasting cabinet?

Sandblasting cabinets can be used by a wide range of individuals and industries, including:

  1. Automotive and Aerospace Industries: Sandblasting cabinets are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries for the preparation of surfaces prior to painting, coating, or bonding.

  2. Manufacturing Industries: Sandblasting cabinets are used in the manufacturing industry to clean and deburr metal parts and to remove rust and other surface contaminants.

  3. Restoration Shops: Restoration shops often use sandblasting cabinets to restore antique and classic vehicles, motorcycles, and other metal objects.

  4. DIY Enthusiasts: Sandblasting cabinets can also be used by DIY enthusiasts for home projects such as restoring metal patio furniture or cleaning metal tools.

  5. Metal Fabricators: Metal fabricators often use sandblasting cabinets to create precise finishes on metal parts.

In general, anyone needing to clean, prepare, or finish metal surfaces can use a sandblasting cabinet. It is important to note that using a sandblasting cabinet requires proper training and safety precautions, as the process can produce hazardous dust and noise levels. Therefore, following safety guidelines and using personal protective equipment (PPE) when operating a sandblasting cabinet is important.

How to Choose a Sand-Blasting cabinet? 

When choosing a sandblasting cabinet, there are several factors to consider. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  1. Size and Capacity: Consider the size and capacity of the sandblasting cabinet. Choose a large cabinet to accommodate the size of the parts or objects you will be blasting.

  2. Type of Blasting Media: Consider the type of blasting media you will use. Different types of media are suitable for different applications, and the cabinet you choose should be compatible with the media you plan to use.

  3. Blasting Power: Consider the blasting power of the cabinet. This is typically measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or pounds per square inch (PSI) and will determine how quickly and effectively the cabinet can clean or finish surfaces.

  4. Dust Collection: Consider the dust collection system of the cabinet. A good dust collection system is important for operator safety and environmental compliance and will help reduce the amount of airborne dust generated during the blasting process.

  5. Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of the cabinet. Choose a sandblasting cabinet that allows easy access to the parts or objects being blasted and allows the operator to easily manipulate the blasting gun.

  6. Construction Quality: Consider the construction quality of the cabinet. A well-built cabinet will last longer and be more durable, making it a better investment in the long run.

  7. Cost: Consider the cost of the cabinet. Sandblasting cabinets can range in price depending on the features and specifications, so choosing a cabinet that fits your budget is important.


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