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Shipping & Returns


We are not open on the weekends and local pickups are offered M-F from 8-10am and 1-4pm. It is the policy of Redline Engineering that all customers wishing to perform a local pickup in Pensacola, FL bring a utility trailer to be loaded. We will load items into the back of the customer's pickup truck, but we discourage this as a pickup truck is easily prone to damage via forklift loading; and thus, we will not be held liable for any damage done while loading products into the bed of a pickup truck. Please either bring a utility trailer for your local pickup, or understand that the customer assumes all liability loading product into the back of his truck.


LTL freight carriers charge extra to deliver to residences.  This is not our policy and we have no control over it.  All orders for LTL (less than truckload) shipments are required to specify the type of delivery location upon checkout.  Please do not falsify this information in an attempt to save money!  In the event the customer falsifies his delivery information, the carrier will likely bill Redline Engineering for the additional delivery services.  Those costs will then be billed to the customer's credit card, including any "additional" charges by carrier such as invoice correction fees.  In the event the customer refuses to pay these charges, the customer's product warranty will be void until the fees are paid.  We ask all customers be truthful during checkout, or decline to order from Redline Engineering.


Redline Engineering offers free shipping on FedEx/UPS Ground ship items to the 48 states. Canadian and Hawaii/Alaska customers who submit orders on our website will receive a shipping quote after their initial order is completed, at which time these customers must approve their shipping costs before shipping.  Many truck freight items include free shipping up to a certain dollar amount, meaning anything over the amount will require a surcharge. This is mainly applicable when shipping costs are particularly high or fall under one of the “Limited Access” locations deemed by the truck carriers. These include, but are not limited to: farms, ranches, hospitals, schools, government facilities, country clubs, storage facilities, construction sites, airports, locations with gated access, or any other location that does not meet the carrier's confines of a traditional business facility. In the event the truck carrier charges Redline Engineering a limited access fee for your shipment, those charges will be passed along to the customer after delivery.  Feel free to call us before ordering to discover if your location will be charged a limited access fee by the truck carrier.  We do not allow customers to supply their own bill of lading for LTL freight shipments as this has created many problems in the past.  However, we do allow customers to supply their own UPS label to ship a Ground item on their account.  Redline Engineering is unableto ship on the customer's account using only an account number - a label must be provided.  Be aware that an "inside delivery" costs extra and that if you ask a truck carrier to bring a shipment inside your facility, that carrier will likely bill Redline for the service, which Redline will then bill to your card.   LTL truck carriers will not allow the customer to unload heavy freight via manpower.  The customer must have a forklift on site or pay the additional charges associated with a lift gate delivery.


We at Redline Engineering offer a non-transferable 1 year warranty on all Redline products. Other items are warranted as the product description states. Products returned will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and must be returned in new condition. Original shipping costs will be refunded at the sole discretion of Redline Engineering LLC.  Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Items purchased from outside the 48 states which require warranty will only be eligible for free replacement shipping to the nearest U.S. coast, leaving additional international shipping costs to be paid by the customer. LTL freight-ship items returned at Redline Engineering's expense must be shipped from either a business location with forklift on site or dropped-off/picked-up at the customer's nearest truck terminal. Redline Engineering will not fund additional shipping services such as residential pickups/deliveries and/or lift gate loading/unloading services at the expense of Redline Engineering. If the customer insists on additional shipping services, the customer will be responsible for the cost of requested services.



Cancellations by request of the customer are subject to a 3% cancellation fee. This charge covers the fees charged by your credit card company, which does not refund said fees when a transaction is cancelled. Because of this, the party responsible for the order cancellation is responsible for these fees. 



We at Redline Engineering sell other manufacturer's products too; however, we do not have any control over their warranty policy and restocking costs. In many cases, our suppliers have restocking costs separate than those of Redline. As such, returning a product to one of our suppliers can incur both the supplier and Redline's restocking fees. In our experiences the companies whose products we retail are reputable, otherwise we would not resale their products, and their warranties meet the industry standards. In the few cases that warranties were required in the past we have not had any trouble motivating our business associates to care for the customer as we do. With that said, please feel free to purchase in full confidence concerning all the products we offer.


Free shipping does not apply on international orders.  On all international orders the customer is responsible for all customs, duties, and taxes. We only offer international shipping to Canada and sadly, we must decline to ship to all other countries due to the large amount of government paperwork required to ship internationally. 


At Redline Engineering we do not ship our packages with a signature request unless noted by the customer in an over the phone order. We have found that requiring signatures results in too many shipments which cannot be delivered and are thus returned back to us at our expense. For this reason our shippers will leave your shipment wherever the delivery driver feels is best. Once a package is left at the customer's location we are no longer responsible for it; therefore, Redline Engineering will not be held accountable for a package's theft or general disappearance after delivery. If the customer is not comfortable having a package left at home he or she should place their order over the phone and pay an additional signature delivery fee of $5.

FedEx Ground Terminal Pickups Not Allowed

It is the policy of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express not to allow terminal pickups at FedEx Ground local terminals. These credit card companies will only support transactions made using their cards if the goods deliver to the actual shipping address on the customer's order. We at Redline Engineering prefer to allow customers to pick up their goods at the FedEx Ground terminal if they wish; however, the credit card companies will not support Redline Engineering in the event of a fraud chargeback if the package was picked-up at the transit terminal. We realize this is an inconvenience at times, and we encourage customers to let their credit card company know this policy is frustrating for the customer, financially wasteful for the merchant, and should change. Because of this non-Redline policy, we are unable to allow customers to pick up their packages at the their local FedEx Ground facility.


Redline Engineering understands that sometimes damages occur during shipping. Any freight damages must be declared to Redline Engineering in writing via email within 3 days from the time of delivery. Failure to do so will result in your claim being denied by the carrier. In the event that our customer notices damage has occurred during transit the customer is encouraged to photograph any damage before accepting the shipment. For freight shipments the customer should notate on the bill of lading any noticeable damage at the time of delivery. Any damage, whether external or internal, should be reported to Redline within 2 days of delivery. Claims made past 2 days are left open to the sole discretion of Redline Engineering. It is important that the customer notate damage on the bill of lading for freight shipments as failure to do so will result in the carrier's denial to honor a damage claim. In such an event, this failure to properly report damage upon delivery will result in all damages being the sole responsibility of the party signing for the shipment.


Returns are at the sole discretion of Redline Engineering and no product is available for return after 30 days from the time of delivery. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and a 20% restocking charge will apply. In some cases, drop shipments may incur a manufacturer restocking charge, which can result in 2 separate restocking fees charged. The customer should also note that outgoing shipping may not be refunded in certain cases. Some items are non-refundable for safety reasons and if this is the case, a notice will be posted on the specified product page. If the customer is unwilling to agree to these terms the customer should not purchase any product from Redline Engineering.


Unfortunately, many of Redline's competitors do not offer replacement parts for their equipment.  This naturally funnels customers with non-Redline brand equipment to Redline because we stock a wide array of replacement parts for equipment that, while very similar to the customer's equipment, only truly fits a Redline branded piece of equipment.  This often results in customers who purchase Redline items, such as a seal kit or replacement hydraulic cylinder, for non-Redline equipment and then discover that Redline replacement parts will not fit the customer's non-Redline piece of equipment.  Sadly, this often results in the customer attempting to modify his new OEM Redline replacement part so that it can be used in his non-Redline equipment.  Please be aware we do not allow the return of replacement parts unless the customer is able to prove he purchased the part(s) for an actual Redline brand product.  We are forced into this policy as we can no longer allow returns of our products that have been modified or damaged and thus, cannot be resold.  It is our sincerest hope that future buyers will recognize and appreciate the importance of choosing a shop equipment supplier that stands behind their products with both technical assistance and replacement parts long after the initial sale.

Free shipping only applies to products that are marked "free shipping" or "ships free" in the title. Freight ship items have a predetermined max amount that can be spent under our free shipping policy. In the event you reside in an unusually high cost shipping zip code we may alert you that a shipping surcharge may be necessary.

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