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Sand Blast Equipment

Sand Vs Shot Blasting

Make preparation and clean-up as efficient and timely as possible with equipment perfectly adapted to your shop's technical needs.

As its name implies, sand blasting uses compressed air to forcefully apply an abrasive material as a primer to refine edges, add textured depths to molds, or to create smooth and polished topcoats.

Shot blasting results in less dust and irritating remnants by using centrifugal force to apply the abrasive.

What is Sand Blasting?

Sand Blasting is a standard method in terms of flooring. It is the process of smoothening the surface by using a high-pressure machine and leverages sand's abrasiveness to achieve a better overall texture towards the exterior.

This method is commonly done as a preparation of the surface before painting. Removing unwanted particles, paints, and smoothening the area using pressurized sand particles makes the repainting job more manageable and an altogether better-looking finish. 


There are two different methods for sandblasting:

  • Air Driven - best used for metal surfaces.
  • Water Driven - best used for concrete and brick surfaces.


How Does Sandblasting Equipment Work?

You could use many types of sandblasting equipment, but most of them have the same primary functions except for the added features for some units.

The main idea of sandblasting machine equipment is to use its pressurized power towards the surface you'll be working on. You pour the sand into the machine. Then after that, connect a conventional air compressor that will propel the sand out through a handheld nozzle. The pressure varies depending upon the machine's capacity. 

This process of blasting across the surface will result in a much smoother texture mainly because of the pressure done by the abrasive properties of the sand used.


Sand Blasting Essentials

With the right equipment, sandblasting shouldn't be as complicated as it may seem to be. Finding just the right ones will make your task much more straightforward and result in a better-looking overall finish.


Here are some of the sandblasting equipment you'll be needing:

  • Handheld Blasters - handheld blasters are perfect for smoothing out a piece of material, literally giving you power at your fingertips.
  • Sandblast Cabinets - allows you to remove paint, rust, and other debris while keeping all abrasive properties inside.
  • Benchtop Cabinets - including features such as built-in air filter, fluorescent light bar, and fully weather-stripped viewing window
  • Pressurized Blasters - Pressurized Blaster is intended to handle big jobs like auto body paint removal.
  • Pressure Washer Blasters - Helps utilize a pressure washer instead of an air compressor to blast your wet media mix onto whatever surface you desire.
  • Dust Collectors - for easy clean-up, sandblast dust collectors are the perfect side attachment for those cabinets in need.
  • Sandblast Safety Accessories - before performing such a task, safety must first be your utmost priority to avoid casualties. Invest in safety measures at all costs. 
  • Replacement Parts - Although sandblasting equipment is constructed to withstand constant heavy use, even the most durable machine will eventually need maintenance.


Where to Buy Sandblast Equipments?

If you're wondering where you could find these tools and pieces of equipment that will help you on your sandblasting jobs, we have a perfect place for you. 

Red Line Stands has been providing high-quality equipment with such a wide variety of selections. All that you will ever need in terms of sandblasting will be found at Red Line Stands. Not only offering quality materials but also capitalizing on offering these products at such affordable prices to serve our customers' needs. 


Wrapping Up.

We hope that this guide answered your questions about sandblasting. Proper understanding of the process and equipment needed will make your task much more manageable than ever before. 

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