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Sand Blast Equipment

Selecting the Proper Equipment for Sand Blasting and Shot Blasting

Make preparation and clean-up as efficient and timely as possible with equipment perfectly adapted to your shop's technical needs. In addition to preferences between sand blasting and shot blasting equipment, there are differences that can affect the quality and finish of materials. There are several machinery options available whether you're opening a mechanic’s shop, upgrading equipment, or creating a dedicated work area at home.

As its name implies, sand blasting uses compressed air to forcefully apply an abrasive material as a primer to refine edges, add textured depths to molds, or to create smooth and polished topcoats. Home pressers may favor CE certified Redline benchtop blast cabinets with fluorescent lighting and weatherstripped viewing windows, while LDPE polymer ALC models with pistol grip trigger guns are appealing to small shop owners. Handheld air blasters are great for lighter, easier on-the-go tasks; for professional garages, popular styles include the 78” tall Redline Clamshell Pressure Pot as well as the deluxe MediaBlast N-200, with its 3/8” tungsten carbide nozzle topping the 3-Y blast gun. Additionally, there are ASME-certified pressurized blasters that have abrasive capacities up to 250-lbs.

Shot blasting results in less dust and irritating remnants by using centrifugal force to apply the abrasive. Consider top features such as the Raptor Blaster RB4226's BNP siphon gun, or the RB4836VK Vapor King's 900 CFM mist collector, if you have a large-scale space where wet blasting services are frequently performed. Regardless of which machine you choose, adhere to the manufacturers' instructions for recommended abrasives (baking soda, walnut shells, glass beads, etc.), and always wear a sand blast hood or a half-face respirator and protective eyewear.

Keep Sandblasting Accessories and Replacement Parts in Stock

Although sandblasting equipment is constructed to withstand constant heavy use, even the most durable machine will eventually need maintenance. Check your tools for compatible add-ons, and keep replacements—like adjustable flow-control mixing valves, foot pedals, view and lamp screens, and air hose reels—in your storage supply. Also make sure that there's enough water separators, conversion kits, and other practical grid blasting accessories in stock.

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