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Garage Cabinets

Every garage or trailer owner knows how crucial storage is to maximize your space and have designated areas for your vast range of equipment. One of the most effective ways of doing this is incorporating Garage Cabinets right on garage walls or inside your trailer, intending to make the most out of your free space. 


What is a Garage Cabinet?

Generally speaking, garage cabinets have the primary function of organizing and having designated space for your items inside your garage or trailer. These aluminum structures are built to withstand the wear and tear of trailers. Although most of these cabinets have essentially the same function, not every garage cabinet looks the same as there are different shapes and forms for separate applications.


Different Types of Garage Cabinets

Every garage cabinet's function adds space and functionality to your trailer. However, people may have slightly different needs and preferences regarding how they want to incorporate the cabinets inside their trailer. Here are some of the different garage cabinets available at Redline Stands.


Combo Cabinets

Setting up cabinets one by one may be a little redundant for some people, and it may be best to conveniently set up multiple cabinets that go with each other simultaneously. Combo Cabinets is one of the most effective ways of efficiently using your space inside your garage or trailer.


Base Cabinets

Base Cabinets play a massive role in being the largest part of your storage. They are essentially used for bigger equipment for your trailer and garage needs.


Overhead Cabinets

Overhead Cabinets are also excellent for using space without taking up much floor space. Not only that, but they are also easy to access and add a little bit of an aesthetic flair to your trailer or garage space.



Trailer Lockers offers sturdy and enclosed storage to help protect items from damage and keep them secure while you're on the road. Having a designated enclosed spot at your garage or trailer adds massive functionality in safekeeping your equipment and gears at hand.


Diamond Plate Cabinets

Diamond plate garage cabinets can significantly impact your garage with the least amount of work. Not only does it look great for visual aesthetics, but they are also very much handy for storing your tools and equipment without damaging them.


Miscellaneous Cabinets

Utility boxes, shoe cabinets, helmet cabinets, and other miscellaneous cabinets all contribute to organizing your equipment and gears inside your trailer or garage. Find them all here at Redline Stands.


Benefits of Having a Garage Cabinet

As we all know, garage cabinets add a great feature to trailers and garages. Here are some of the benefits of having a garage cabinet to give you more reasons why you should have them.


Adds ton of extra space.

One of the most obvious advantages of incorporating garage cabinets inside your trailer or garage is it adds a ton of storage for safekeeping. You no longer have to deal with clutter as you'll have a designated area for every gear and equipment inside your garage.


Customizing your trailer.

Aside from the added functionality for storage purposes, garage cabinets are also utilized for customizing garages and trailers. They are sleek, functional, and fashionable, separating your trailer from the ordinary. This is why various looks and designs are available in the market to fill in people's different layout preferences.


The versatility of use.

Another excellent thing about garage cabinets is that you decide what to put inside them and are you planning to use them. The versatility in having the available storage for all your needs is one of the most solid contributions of having a garage cabinet at your trailer.


Lightweight built.

These aluminum cabinets are made explicitly to be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear but are also designed to have a lightweight build, ideal for trailers. A cabinet shouldn't weigh down your trailer to prevent accidents and other unnecessary inconveniences down the road.


Where to Buy Garage Cabinets?

Are you planning to set up your own garage cabinet in your home garage, or perhaps you're trying to customize your trailer to add more storage and functionality to it? Either way, we've got exactly what you're looking for. 


Give every item a designated home with our vast range of garage storage cabinets manufactured by reputable brands, including Redline, Moduline, and Pit Products. We are pleased to inform you that you may now browse our collection of garage storage cabinets only here at Redline Stands today. Visit us online make your order today!

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