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Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping

Redline Engineering offers free shipping on FedEx Ground shippable items to the 48 states. Many of the freight shipping items we offer include free shipping; however, each product has a set maximum that can be spent to ship your item. Thus, if you happen to reside in a very high cost shipping zip code, Redline may be forced to collect additional shipping costs in rare cases.

International Shipping

On all international orders the customer is responsible for all customs, duties, and taxes. This commonly applies to Canadian and Puerto Rican shipments though it is not limited to these countries. Upon delivery the carrier will attempt to collect the country's necessary import taxes from the purchaser. If the carrier fails to collect import taxes by the carrier, Redline Engineering reserves the right to re-bill your credit card in order to pay your import customs, duties, and taxes on your behalf.

Address Correction

FedEx occasionally charges an $8.00 address correction fee for shipments which are submitted with an incorrect or partial address. This charge usually surfaces about two weeks after a shipment's transit. In the event that a customer supplies Redline Engineering with an incorrect address only via shopping cart, thus causing this additional fee to occur, we at Redline Engineering reserve the right to pass this fee onto the customer through an additional credit card charge. The most common situations causing this are an improperly entered zip code, address number, or the lack of an apartment number. Such a case warrants by company policy that the customer is the sole cause of and is financially responsible for this additional fee.

Packages Left Without Signatures

At Redline Engineering we do not ship our packages with a signature request unless noted by the customer in an over the phone order. We have found that requiring signatures results in too many shipments which cannot be delivered and are thus returned back to us at our expense. For this reason our shippers will leave your shipment wherever the delivery driver feels is best. Once a package is left at the customer's location we are no longer responsible for it; therefore, Redline Engineering will not be held accountable for a package's theft or general disappearance after delivery. If the customer is not comfortable having a package left at home he or she should place their order over the phone and pay an additional signature delivery fee of $5.

Shipping Damages

Redline Engineering understands that sometimes damages occur during shipping.  Any freight damages must be declared to Redline Engineering in writing via email within 3 days from the time of delivery.  Failure to do so will result in your claim being denied by the carrier. In the event that our customer notices damage has occurred during transit the customer is encouraged to photograph any damage before accepting the shipment. For freight shipments the customer should notate on the bill of lading any noticeable damage at the time of delivery. Any damage, whether external or internal, should be reported to Redline within 2 days of delivery. Claims made past 2 days are left open to the sole discretion of Redline Engineering.  It is important that the customer notate damage on the bill of lading for freight shipments as failure to do so will result in the carrier's denial to honor a damage claim.  In such an event, this failure to properly report damage upon delivery will result in all damages being the sole responsibility of the party  signing for the shipment.

Cancelled Orders

In the event that your credit card needs to be credited back for your purchase Redline Engineering will not be refunded the transaction fees of 3% by Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Therefore, it is our policy that the party responsible for the order not being fulfilled is financially responsible for these fees. For instance, if you place an order with our company and decide to cancel your order before it has shipped, you the customer will be responsible for these fees. Likewise, if a product cannot be shipped because it is out of stock Redline Engineering will pay these fees. Furthermore, if a customer places an order and decides to cancel the order after it has shipped that customer will then be responsible for the "to" and "from" shipping costs associated with cancelling their order after it has shipped.


Redline Engineering does not allow returns on orders past 30 days after delivery date. It is Redline's sole discretion whether to allow returns on items received by more than 30 days prior to return. Items returned which are not in new condition are subject to both restocking fees and blemished fees so the item can be resold as used. Whether or not to charge these fees is again Redline's sole discretion.


Free shipping only applies to products that are marked "free shipping" or "ships free" in the title. Freight ship items have a predetermined max amount that can be spent under our free shipping policy. In the event you reside in an unusually high cost shipping zip code we may alert you that a shipping surcharge may be necessary.

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