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Redline Solvent-Safe Parts Washer

Model: RE-P17


The price will increase on 08-01-2024 Reg. $599.95 Sale price $499.50
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The Redline RE-P17 parts washer uses air power to circulate your solvents, which is what allows the washer to safely operate using flammable cleaning agents.  Redline highly advises against using gasoline and other non-parts-washer specific cleaning solutions as these fluids can catch fire at room temperature.  However, parts-washer-specific solutions cannot burn unless first heated, making them far safer to use in parts washers.  With it's built-in regulator, you can adjust the flow rate from the solvent brush and the washer is also equipped with an air blow gun for drying off parts.  Order yours today!

• Built-in drain
• Powder coat finish
• 13 gallon cleaning tank
• Comes with spare brush
• Holds 17 gallons of cleaner
• Large casters for easy rolling
• Sight glass shows cleaner level


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• 41" H x 30.5" W x 26" D
• Stands 60" tall with lid open
• Requires 100 psi to operate
• 3" swivel casters / 5" rigid casters
• Inside work area 28" W x 18.75" D x 7" H


• Download the manual pdf HERE


• Ships 97 lbs. at 31" x 22" x 29"



Ask & Answer

  • Desmond Feb 02, 2023
    Q. Can you tell me where to purchase a replacement sight glass for this?
    A. No problem sir. We likely have them in stock. Please email a photo of the part you're requesting to [email protected] We require a photo of the part before selling it because this insures we're 100% sure we're selling you the correct part, and that no communication error could possibly occur. Thanks Desmond!
  • Dick Oct 07, 2022
    Q. Can you use prf 680 c solvent in this parts washer
    A. We don't have direct experience with that solvent sir. With that said, it has been our experience that this washer will handle pretty much anything "as long as" it's not capable of being lit afire via an open flame. Thanks Rich.
  • Kevin Mar 13, 2022
    Q. Can you tell me where I can buy replacement air valve assembly for the re-p17? I broke off the air inlet trying to swap with a bigger one.
    A. No problem. Please send us a picture of the assembly you need to buy to [email protected] and we'll reply with pricing and availability. We require the photo because it allows us to be 100% sure you are not sold the wrong part. Thanks Kevin!
  • Jake Aug 02, 2021
    Q. Can I use acetone or break clean in this washer? Can I use like a air nozzle to get a strong stream? I need to wash out tapping oil and chips out of upper a-arm tubes.
    A. We do not recommend using highly flammable solvents in this washer. Please watch this video below to learn why. A stronger nozzle? We don't offer anything like that. I don't doubt it can be done, but it's nothing Redline could assist. You might consider our RE-42HPW washer, because it blasts out the fluid under pressure. Thanks Jake!


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