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Redline RE22 Benchtop Abrasive Sand Blaster Cabinet
[RE22 (SBC30)]

4.4 / 5 (5 reviews)
  • BR Apr 3, 2022

    Review Update

    Apr 3, 2022
    So, finally found time to put this to use. The size is incredibly convenient and doesn't tax my 30 gallon compressor too much. I used glass beads and blasted some small metal parts that had rust and welding scale. It cleaned them up nicely and allowed for quick and even polishing once done. The box is pretty tight and there is minimal leakage. I had read that the nozzle was placed to where the media would blast upward towards the glass so I simply unscrewed the nozzle from the back, taped over the screw holes, and used the nozzle as a hand-held gun. This gave me more room to work and allowed me to aim into tight spots much easier. Overall, this is a nice little sandblaster and will suit most of what I need. It stores away easily as I don't have a lot of benchtop space to dedicate to it. Very pleased!
  • BR Mar 27, 2022

    So Far So Good!

    Mar 27, 2022
    So, this is my initial impression as I've not yet put this into use. I will update when I do.
    First, ridiculously fast shipping. This company shipped same day and I received the following day, and they did it for "free."
    Second, there is not much to put together as it comes in a fairly complete package.
    Third, The unit is not flimsy as I expected. I thought it would be very light gage metal and something I would have to be careful with. The opposite is true, the material is relatively substantial and the door has some weight to it. It "feels" like a quality product. The latch in front is spring-loaded and I like that, too.
    Overall, a positive initial experience. Once I begin to use this I will post a follow-up, but I'm happy with this so far!
  • Aug 9, 2020

    Okay for small stuff

    Aug 9, 2020
    I received my re22 today I will say it was well packed everything was there and it literally assembled in minutes thanks to the color coded hoses

    It is excellent for doing small parts like the miniature detail Parts did I make for the model train industry. However a drawback that I see is due to the angle of the novel and the direction that it points it truly does bounce the media up at the lens protector and within 30 minutes of using it today my lens protector was badly fogged

    A little redesign of the machine would eliminate this problem but the foot pedal makes it very easy to use does a great job with the small stuff I work with

    With a little redesign of the nozzle I think it could be and even better machine

    All in all I'm happy with it even though it was made in China
  • Kevin Hanson Jan 24, 2018

    Design needs work

    Jan 24, 2018
    I bought this over a year ago. It arrived with the glass already damaged some on the outside during shipping but I needed to use it so I did not send it back. These are some things I found that need changing:

    The spray nozzle faces to the front and down which is a problem the blast media bounces off your work piece against the glass and it is not long before you are working blind. Make sure you buy a lot of the screen protectors you are going to need them. The nozzle should be mounted in the front facing down and to the back of the cabinet.

    The angles in the front of the cabinet narrow it up in the location you most need room since the nozzle faces the front. The box should be made square it would save manufacturing costs and the angles serve no purpose.

    The angles also make it so your hands do not fit into the gloves far enough to keep them on good. The gloves kept coming off with me. I was never into the cabinet much past my wrists ever. Also if the nozzle was mounted against the front wall facing down to the back you hands would be deeper in the gloves and they would stay on your hands better. Also the blast media would bounce off your work piece into the back of the cabinet and not continually off the glass.

    The quality of construction of this cabinet is very good. If these changes are made it will be the best cabinet out there in this size range. Like I said the quality of the cabinet and all hard wear is very good!
  • Marc D McFall Jan 10, 2018

    Re22 sand blaster

    Jan 10, 2018
    Bought it standblast guns prior to Cerakote or Duracoating. Does leak some but not bad, I used it in my kitchen and wife didn't complain much. Light is nice until screen covers with media.

    Nice size for someone working on pistol/small parts occasionally. Well built it'll out last me.
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