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Redline 50 Ton Electric Hydraulic Shop Press
Chris B. May 23, 2020
This unit is badass, we run a drivetrain and manual transmission rebuilding service @ rvenge performance and a air over hydraulic press was just slowing us down too much. This thing is 8 times faster than our air/hydro 40 ton unit we had before and it really speeds up work.

Sets up easily, few parts to really install. You may want a friend when putting it upright, we just used an engine hoist and heavy strap to pick it up by the upper header and it was really easy. Just be careful, its about 900 lbs. To put the power unit on we just used a jack to get it close and it was also really easy. Our unit only took about 5 gallons of aw32 just FYI, you may only need one bucket.

Very well built, quiet (no more need for ear muffs like the air one needed), fast, and doesn't deflect at all. Redline also ships very fast. We ordered on a Monday and had it here and setup on a Friday.

Presses with all the features this one has were double the cost.

Thanks Redline!

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