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Redline 50 Ton Electric Hydraulic Shop Press

Model: RE50T-E

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Optional Accessories

Pin Press Kit

10ft. Electrical Cord
Truck carriers charge extra to deliver to locations that have no forklift on site, and also for any location not on commercially zoned property. This includes businesses run from your home property, and next door to it. These are not Redline’s fees and sadly they are unavoidable. All truck carriers charge them.



This industrial Redline 50 ton hydraulic shop press is an electric over hydraulic pressing machine perfect for manufacturing, auto repair, or general mechanical work. It features a electric powered hydraulic pump for heavy duty pressing, a safety guard with multiple increments, and a crank style carriage winch for easy adjustment of the middle carriage. On top of the hydraulic fluid tank is a tonnage gauge to inform you of how much pressure you are currently using. Order your new 100,000 pound capacity hydraulic shop press today from Redline Engineering!

• CE Certified
• 50 ton capacity
• Powder coated finish
• Ram moves 2" in 5 seconds
• 44" movement of carriage up and down
• 8 height adjustments of 5-1/2" increments
• Carriage winch for easy carriage height adjustment
• Ram cylinder capable of shifting both left and right
• Pressure gauge accurate +/- 2.5% of press capacity
• Electric powered hydraulic cylinder for heavy duty pressing
• Safety grate can be latched into place in multiple increments
• Welded shelves inside carriage to help support press plates
• Machine does not come with a power cord.  Customer will need to either hard-wire power to the machine or supply a power cord
• Pump does not come pre-filled with hydraulic fluid
• 7-8 gallons of ISO#32 or Shell#15 hydraulic fluid will be needed to operate the pump
• Long and/or thin extension cords are not recommended as amp loss could damage the motor

• Each press plate is rated to ½ the tonnage of the press; thus, if applying the press’ maximum force, the load must be distributed over both press plates to avoid damaging the press

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• Leg length 31-1/2"
• Cylinder stroke 8.15"
• Ram diameter 100mm
• Inside frame length 28-3/4"
• Winch cable diameter: 5/32"
• Main frame is 3-1/2" x 1/2"
• Cylinder ram diameter 2-1/2"
• Carriage pin diameter: 1-3/16"
• Safety grate: 24-3/8" x 26-1/2"
• Inside carriage width: 7-1/2"
• Interior carriage length:16-1/4
• Full travel time: 20 seconds
• Piston retraction time: 26 seconds
• Pump VFR - .914 gallons per minute
• Maximum pump pressure 9,000 psi
• Pressure gauge accurate to +/- 2.5%
• Overall dims 62" L x 31-1/2" W x 72" H
• Cylinder piston/bore diameter: 3.937"
• Inside carriage shelf-to-shelf depth: 7-1/4"
• Middle carriage 35-7/8" L x 10-3/16" W x 9-13/16" H
• Two heavy duty press plates 10-15/16" L x 5-1/8" W x 1-3/8" thickness
• Work dims between cylinder and press plates:
-Min height from cylinder: 1-11/16"
-Max height from cylinder: 40"

• 60 Hz
• 110 V
• 1700 RPM
• 19.12 AMP
• 2 Hp electric motor


• Download the manual pdf HERE


• Ships 2 pieces:
   764 lbs. at 83" x 39" x 13" class 65
   179 lbs. at 21" x 15" x 32" class 65
• Residential deliveries cost extra
• Ships to commercial location w/ forklift
• Units available in Pensacola, FL with rebate
• Pensacola, FL pickups – read our policies HERE
• Free shipping applies to $350 maximum. If shipping exceeds this amount a surcharge may be needed




5.0 / 5 (1 review)
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  • Chris Behnken May 23, 2020


    May 23, 2020
    This unit is badass, we run a drivetrain and manual transmission rebuilding service @ rvenge performance and a air over hydraulic press was just slowing us down too much. This thing is 8 times faster than our air/hydro 40 ton unit we had before and it really speeds up work. Sets up easily, few parts to really install. You may want a friend when putting it upright, we just used an engine hoist and heavy strap to pick it up by the upper header and it was really easy. Just be careful, its about 900 lbs. To put the power unit on we just used a jack to get it close and it was also really easy. Our unit only took about 5 gallons of aw32 just FYI, you may only need one bucket. Very well built, quiet (no more need for ear muffs like the air one needed), fast, and doesn't deflect at all. Redline also ships very fast. We ordered on a Monday and had it here and setup on a Friday. Presses with all the features this one has were double the cost. Thanks Redline!

Ask & Answer

  • welderman Oct 07, 2022
    Q. Does the Redline or the Norco 50 ton electric over hyd press have manual pumping or a slow mode for setting preload on bearings ?
    A. No sir. Neither of these presses have the feature you're looking for. If you need a press that will very carefully build pressure, you might consider our RE50T-A. It doesn’t build pressure near as fast as the electric version. Thanks Jason!
  • Jason Nov 02, 2021
    Q. Item Model: RE50T-E is on back order until Jan 03, 2022. Is there a way that I could purchase this in 2021 and just have it shipped once it is available?
    A. In all honesty the answer is yes, but it's not customer friendly. You would have to place a non refundable deposit and then prepare to wait however long it took to get one and pay whatever price it costs once landed. We have no way of predicting how much more (if any) the cost to land containers will be.
  • Mark Sep 05, 2021
    Q. Where are your shop press’s made ?
    A. The Redline brand is made in China and the Norco brand is made in America.


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