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Redline MC1K 1000 lb Motorcycle ATV Lift Table
Dan . Apr 6, 2018
Yes this will lift 1000 lb if you have 155psi to it. OSA will only let you have 90spi in a shop so good luck. On the plus side the customer service is top notch, I called them to tell them that I could not lift a Husqvarna M-ZT52 it's weight is 760lb. and they called me back and said to send them a video of it in operation and to note the psi that we are running to it, we are running 120psi. it only lifts it about half the way up. below is the reply I received. We have four M-1000c lifts that have no trouble lifting anything that we put on it running at 120psi or less!

"I’ve seen some of those MC1K’s need more than 120 psi before in order to lift a full 1,000 lbs. Have a look at the video below. We made that video with 155 psi. I hate to tell you that your air compressor is a bit small for the MC1K but it’s the truth. Now sure, you have an M1000C there and it makes the lift. That’s because it has a larger pneumatic cylinder in the machine and frankly, it’s a heavy duty table, whereas the MC1K is light to medium duty.

I actually have that same mower and I’m sorry to tell you it weighs a bit more than that. I weighed mine, which also has a bagger, and it was over 900 lbs. So, after you add the side extensions you’re over 1,000 lbs that the table itself is lifting. Will it still do it? Sure, but it’ll need more air pressure. Sorry to be the bearer of lousy news sir."

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