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Redline Motocross Lift Replacement Bottle Jack

Model: REML-BJ-P/M




This is the OEM Redline factory replacement bottle jack for the ZD04303 motocross lift with casters, SD1003P portable motorcross lift with casters, or the SD1003M stationary motorcross lift without casters. The RELM-BJ-P model has a down foot pedal while the RELM-BJ-M model has a down knob you turn. Please refer to the notes below before purchasing. Order yours today!

• Returns of this product are only allowed in the event the bottle jack is defective.  Failed attempts to install this pump into a non-Redline “SD1003” motocross jack void the ability to return the product.

• Redline cannot and will not offer assistance determining if bottle jack will fit a non-Redline brand lift.  Decision should completely be made by customer using only information found on this webpage.


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• Base: 4" x 4"
• Pedal length: 6"
• Stroke: 5-1/4”
• Retracted: 9”
• Extended: 14-1/4”
• 2,000 lb rated capacity
• Ram hole diameter: 10mm
• Overall dims: 4" W x 9" L x 9" H

• Base: 3-1/2" x 4"
• Pedal length: 5-1/2"
• Stroke: 5-1/4”
• Retracted: 8-5/8”
• Extended: 13-3/4”
• 2,000 lb rated capacity
• Ram hole diameter: 10mm
• Overall dims: 4" W x 9" L x 9" H


• Download the 1003M view pdf HERE
• Download the 1003P view pdf HERE
• Download the Parts List pdf HERE



• Weight: 10 lbs.
• Ships out via USPS medium flat rate


Ask & Answer

  • mb Mar 28, 2024
    Q. Is this bottle jack a replacement for the J&S bike lift jack?
    A. That's our competitor's product. I'm sorry Mike, but we have no idea if our product will fit our competitor's jack.
  • Jan Mar 22, 2024
    Q. would one of your jacks replace a craftsman #50109
    A. I'm sorry but we're unable to answer that question. There are so many competitors out there who make jacks similar to our jacks, that naturally we don't test our replacement parts on our competitor's lifts. In this situation, referencing our posted specs against your lift with the hopes of making an educated decision is about the best you can do. Sorry we can't be of more help on these types of requests.
  • Jack Oct 04, 2023
    Q. Can you recommend a replacement bottle jack for a vivohome lift?
    A. I'm sorry sir, but we just don't have any idea which, if any, of our replacement bottle jacks fit a Vivohome lift. Honestly, we've never even heard of Vivohome before. This is kind-of the unfortuante truth in buying these non-name-brand lifts off Amazon. Those companies don't exactly support their equipment with parts after the sale, so when it breaks, it's basically time to throw it away. Sorry for the lousy news Jack.
  • Den Jul 23, 2023
    Q. Need to replace the jack, part # T-5300-1. Two ton. Where from and at what cost? This will be the second jack replacement. Ordered the last thru TSC. Avery poor jack.
    A. I'm sorry sir but T-5300-1 is not one of our model numbers and we are not associated with TSC, which I assume to be Tractor Supply Company. As such, we are not familiar with the product you're looking to repair as it surely belongs to one of our competitors. This is the unfortunate truth of buying from folks like Northern Tool, Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight. Those competitors do not generally support their jacks and lifts with replacement parts after the sale and thus, we commonly get requests from folks who own their products and are looking for a last-ditch solution before they throw away a lift that no longer works. We'd love to help, but I apologize as we only carry replacement parts for Redline brand jacks and lifts.
  • Bobby D Jul 20, 2023
    Q. Purchase my lawn mower wheel jack for tactor and zero turn mowers at Tractor Supply. Two years ago no longer sell this item. the bottle jack I have is SQT130319139 . I would like to order this replacment unit what is the hyd fuild this jack need to be service with? is this the same item for $119.95
    A. I'm sorry Bobby but we have no way of knowing if our bottle jack will fit our competitor's product. You can operate this bottle jack with either 10W30 motor oil or #32 hydraulic fluid. Thanks for your question.


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