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6 Ways to Store Items In Your Garage More Efficiently


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The garage is often a place that is neglected and kept cluttered with numerous iems, whether useful or not. Deciding on cleaning up a garage takes time and energy and if you haven’t done it for a while, it can stress anyone out even by thinking of how messed up a garage can be! So, in case you are thinking of doing some efficient storage and cleaning process for your garage, there are six resourceful ways to make it shine within less time and effort!


  1. Make A Plan

The first thing to begin the declutter process for your garage is to devise a plan. Formulate the list of things that you have been hoarding in your garage till the last time you cleaned it and then plan how those tools and things will be put in a more sorted manner. Further, making a plan will require you to first take the most hoarded places in your garage and sort them for organized storage.


  1. Sort All The Things Stocked Up In Your Garage

You have made a list of all things that are in your garage and now comes the time to divide them. You can sort them as per their usage, like if you have gardening tools there that you use once in a week, things like these having more consistent usage should be put differently from those which you consider once or twice in a year. Also, you can arrange these things according to the purpose they serve, like car washing cleaners, or lawn tools. Hence, dividing them in categories will actually come helpful in scenarios when you have less time to do some work and you need the required tools for it.


  1. Clean Up And Organize

After sorting everything, do a quick sweep around those places to move the dust away and then start organizing these things. Moreover, if you have already arranged all tools in order, it will become easy to find an appropriate place for every item and then don’t forget to put a name slip on either the drawer or the cabinets as these slips will assist you in finding these tools later when you need them and to avoid messing up the garage storage again!


  1. Utilize Garage Cabinets Efficiently

An excellent tip to have more garage space is to use garage cabinets. They save a lot of room for the important things plus your garage looks amazingly organized with these cabinets. So, using them efficiently means that putting tools and other things into these garage cabinets will ultimately save you space. These zones should be in categories like gardening, car washing, Christmas decorations, etc. Garage cabinets accommodate in saving space, making your garage look decluttered.


  1. Donate The Things You Don’t Need

While sorting out things, you will find tools and items that are no longer in use and it’s better to donate them to someone in need. There are organizations that take donated things and all you have to do is call and finalize a pickup date when they can take away these objects. Donating is a better option than throwing them away as many organizations do a recycling process for several tools and things that are often thrown away.


  1. Create DIY Storage Spaces

After cleaning your garage wholly, if you are left with stuff and there is no place to put them in, then the best alternative is to build DIY Storage Spaces. You can find the procedure for making these things online and by using only waste; you can really come up with something creative and at no cost! Amazing, right?

Hence, decluttering any space is not easy as you require a lot of patience and time in the process ,but following these above mentioned steps will help you in making the whole cleaning procedure effective and efficient!


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How to assemble the gear drive of a RESC2 spring compressor

We’ve had a couple customers that needed to work on their spring compressors and once you get this little baby apart, it’s hard to get it back together.  Things just sort of go back together rather opposite from how you might think.  It’s a little counter intuitive I suppose.  Well, this should help anybody that needs a hand. Continue reading How to assemble the gear drive of a RESC2 spring compressor

Choosing an ATV lift on a budget


Buying an ATV Lift on a Budget by Redline Engineering LLC

Trying to decide the correct type of ATV lift on a budget? For the enthusiasts with deep pockets it’s a sure fire bet they’ll buy a big hydraulic table with side extensions, support poles and the whole nine yards. However, for those of us looking to perform routine maintenance on our quads, snow mobiles or whatever else you may have found, I suggest looking into a smaller more compact lift.

Isolating the uses for the lift will influence what you need to buy. Some are made mainly for supporting the bike so it doesn’t fall over when you get off of it. They run about $130.00. Others are less complex with no moving parts and start in the neighborhood of $50.00

More Info

There are still many options out there depending on what kind of toy you’ve latched on to. Some of the smaller 4-wheelers will work perfectly fine on a Redline Multi Purpose jack. As a standard they have a lift capacity of about 1250 lbs and since they are on casters, moving them around the shop once elevated is a simple task. These lifts average from $250.00 to $300.00. Is that a little too much? If you don’t need that much metal, I would recommend a Redline MX Moto lift. They come with and without casters and will lift your bike to almost chest height. These scissor lifts are very handy to have when it comes to a bit more in depth repairs. This particular style goes for around $150.00.

More Info

More Info

The middle of the road atv lift utilizes a gas shock and lever style pedal to slightly raise the machine. These are ideal for cleaning and doing very minor repairs. These will lighten your wallet by about $60.00 to $100.00

More Info

The main thing is to take your time when deciding what you need. Go over a couple of questions such as:

  1. How often am I going to use it?

  2. What are the limits to which I’m comfortable working on my own bike?

  3. Will I regret buying too small a lift or vice versa?

Redline Stands offers a full line of just about every type of lift you may need and is a great place to compare different styles. We hope this has shed some light on your atv stand buying venture. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Redline Engineering LLC
Ian Gilmore

Selecting Folding Motorcycle Trailers Made Simple


Folding Motorcycle Trailers Made Simple by Redline Engineering LLC

So you’re in the market for a folding stand-up style motorcycle trailer and you’ve got questions, as do all.  First, you only have two options for choice of manufacturer – Kendon and Drop Tail.

We at Redline Engineering and sell both brands and despite appearances there’s plenty of differences between each company’s trailer so let’s get started.

The Kendon Stand-Up and Drop Tail trailer both feature a very similar design in that each company’s trailer can be folded in half and stood upright on its end, allowing it to be stored in doors with little floor space used.  However, the key difference between these two trailers is the Drop Tail trailer features a hydraulically actuated rear half that lowers down to the ground, becoming the trailer’s ramp.

The Drop Tail Dual Trailer

Upon loading of the motorcycle into place a few pumps of a built-in hydraulic lever will raise the back end of the trailer, bikes and all, to ride height. Kendon accomplishes this same loading and unloading process with the help of an included ramp.  However, customers should give consideration to Kendon’s upgraded Ride-On series trailer, which eliminates the need for ramps via their patented SRL package by lowering the trailer via the suspension.

Other differences are found upon closer inspection.  Drop Tail’s line of folding trailers, all of which can be seen and purchased at, feature factory radial tires, as opposed to Kendon’s standard bias ply tires.

Drop Tail also offers standard marker lights, more maneuverability in the upright position via swivel casters instead of rigid mount casters, and a built-in rock guard as standard equipment.  Despite each manufacturer’s differences there are also many similarities they share.

The Kendon USA Dual Trailer

The Kendon USA Single Trailer

Both the Kendon and Drop Tail brand trailers share three main features. First, each trailer is built with rocking cradle wheel chocks that will stand the bike upright, leaving your hands free to strap the motorcycle for transport.  Second, each trailer is equipped with a polished aluminum diamond plate flooring that looks as good as it is functional, though it’s worth noting that Drop Tail offers a line of trailers with more conventional expanded metal flooring for less investment. Third, both manufacturer choices offer a full line of accessories including but not limited to tool boxes, jack stands, covers, and additional rails kits for hauling more than two motorcycles at once.

We at Redline Engineering believe the Drop Tail brand trailer is superior to that of the Kendon, which warrants the higher price found, yet one substantial “pro” found on the Kendon trailer is its “Made In the U.S.A.” decal.  Kendon Industries builds their trailer from start to finish in Anaheim, CA.  Drop Tail only “assembles” their trailer in the United States.  All Drop Tail trailer frames are built overseas and outfitted with an American made running gear in Fort Worth, TX.  Please feel free to contact our sales staff at 901-351-4764 or visit us online at to see photos, videos, and specs on each stand-up style folding motorcycle trailer.

Redline Engineering LLC
Ian Gilmore

Two Post Auto Lift Installation

Redline Engineering has been a supplier of equipment for your garage, race shop, race trailer, and more since 2002. They offer a full line of car lifts. Shop and compare the major brands at

Two Post Auto Lift


If you can work on a car, you can install an Auto Lift.

by Redline Engineering

One of the questions we at Redline Engineering get most often about two post auto lifts is, “How hard is it to put up?” I tell people that if you have enough mechanical aptitude to work on a car, you can put up a lift. Realistically, you’re looking at a half day job and you need a friend.

To start, uncrate everything and put all your matching hardware together. Determine where you want your lift, making sure there is enough ceiling clearance before starting.

About the average suggested height minimum is 12 feet; however, lifts are available that require only 10 feet. Once this is done, pop a chalk line on the concrete to line your posts up.

Standing a complete tower up beats trying to carry the large
and cumbersome extension up a ladder.

If you have purchased a clear floor style lift like those found at, it may come with tower extensions. If so, bolt these onto the tops of the towers while the posts are still lying flat. Standing a complete tower up beats trying to carry the large and cumbersome extension up a ladder, I assure you.

Get one tower where you want it and make 100% sure the tower is plumb and true. Use a long level to get a more accurate reading. All two post lifts sold by Redline Engineering is supplied with the hardware should you need, as are most lifts sold by other retailers. 

Next, using a hammer drill bore through the concrete as far as you can go. You’ll usually drill right through the slab into the dirt below. Now double check to make sure you have at least 4” of concrete thickness. This is mandatory! If you are installing one of Redline’s lifts larger than 9,000 pounds of capacity check your manual to verify that even more concrete thickness isn’t recommended. 

Blow all the debris from the hole and install one anchor. Putting the anchor in is simple. After the hole is drilled and blown out, back the nut all the way off until it is flush with the top of the bolt. Hammer it in. Get it ALL the way down. 

Now align the second tower along the chalk line and space them the exact width apart as specified by your instructions. If installing a clear floor lift it’s now time to install the overhead crossbar.  

Once you’ve determined the accurate distance and have made sure the opposing tower is as true as the first, meaning perfectly straight up and down, you’re ready to drill out the remaining other holes for the baseplates. Once they’ve been drilled and blown out, sink the rest of the anchors and tighten them down. They’ll torque to about 150 foot pounds. Next, attach the power unit.

Moving on, run the cables and hydraulic hoses before you attach the arms. Attaching the arms will be last and for good reason. At Redline Engineering we usually tell our customers the cables should be taught, not tight. If you can pop the cable and it hums, it’s too tight. To ensure the life of your new machine, sufficiently grease the inside of the towers where the sliders travel after you’ve checked and removed any weld slag that could grate against the plastic slider blocks. 

Weld slag usually isn’t present, but if you find any use a chisel or angle grinder to remove it. Finally add the arms and arm locks. You’ll want to use regular hydraulic fluid to fill the container on the power unit per your instructions. Raise and lower the arms 7 to 10 times to work the air out of the system while making adjustments to the cables to make sure the arms are raising together with the safety locks engaging at the same time.

Ok, put a car on the lift and set the arms to the desired location. Raise the car about a foot off the ground and rock it to make sure it is properly loaded and not off balance. Raise the car to the desired height and set it back down on the safety locks to release the pressure off of the hydraulics. Congratulations, you are now ready to get to work on the car!

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