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The Differences in the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT

Redline 1500HD vs Titan 1500XLT Another common question we get here at Redline is, “What’s the difference between the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT?” It’s a great question with a multi-faceted answer. I’ll try my best to answer that below without over complicating the response. First, I want to note that both tables have…

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Folding Motorcycle Trailers Made Simple

So you’re in the market for a folding stand-up style motorcycle trailer and you’ve got questions, as do all. First, you only have two options for choice of manufacturer – Kendon and Drop Tail. We at Redline Engineering and sell both brands and despite appearances there’s plenty of differences between each company’s trailer so…

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