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Redline Classic Car/Truck Automotive Rotisserie

4.8 / 5 (23 reviews)
  • harold fiero Jun 11, 2024

    58chevy rotisserie

    Jun 11, 2024
    went together fairly well. after putting my car on rot. I think it needs locking bolts in main rotation housing. car moves around too much while working on it. other than that it seems to be well built. haven't fine tuned rotating the car. still too top heavy, need to watch u-tube more to get it correct
  • Barry (Jo Daddy's Garage) May 20, 2024

    Rotisserie ROT3000-LD

    May 20, 2024
    I recently purchased this rotisserie to restore a classic mustang.
    I also purchased the accessory mount kit to allow me to mount the car more easily. I am very impressed with this piece of equipment. I will be using it in future builds as well. If you look in the video section, you will see my review.
  • Seth Apr 27, 2024

    Red Line rotisserie

    Apr 27, 2024
    Nice piece of equipment! Works just as advertised,
  • Steven Apr 23, 2024

    Happy so for

    Apr 23, 2024
    Shipped fast. Easy assembly. Shipping create could be made a little stronger.
  • Bill fenton Jan 30, 2024


    Jan 30, 2024
    So far so good, it was easy to assemble and would have been easier if before everything was powder coated they deburred the inside of all the tubes.
  • Glenn Koehler Jan 5, 2024

    Automotive Rotisserie

    Jan 5, 2024
    I bought this a year ago for my 64 ranchero, best decision ever. I can rotate the car to any position, making access to panels for welding so much easier especially underneath. Way better than lying on your back cutting and welding. Rolls around the shop with ease, need extra space? Tip it on its side and move it out of the way.
  • Scott Lowe Dec 30, 2023

    very well built

    Dec 30, 2023
    The Redline 3100 rotisserie is very well built and the perfect tool for a frame off restoration project…….. currently a ‘64 Malibu SS. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the market.
  • R Klement Dec 29, 2023

    ROT3000 LD

    Dec 29, 2023
    I bought this rotisserie for multiple project's. My fist is a 64 chevy pickup. It bolted on easy. Once I got it balanced I can turn it with one hand. It makes easy to get to any part of the truck. I am completely salified.
  • Conner D. Dec 27, 2023

    Great for the Home Restorer

    Dec 27, 2023
    To start, this truly is a great rotisserie for the the money. I'm restoring a 1983 Porsche 944 on it and its been great to have. Not doing much if any rust repair, but its made stripping the underside of undercoating a breeze and surely will make painting later much easier and will help yield a better result. Was super easy to set up and arrived undamaged. If your thinking about getting one for your home restoration I would recommend. It will save you time, your back, and aid in getting that professional result your going for.
  • Brian Brock Dec 27, 2023

    Great product at a reasonable price

    Dec 27, 2023
    Purchased the ROT3000-LD for my brother. The rotisserie and the specific kit for a 2d Gen Camaro worked flawlessly. He was close enough to pick it up and that process went smoothly as well. The consumer support is great. I did my research and selected a great product. You can spend a lot more, but you won't get a better rotisserie. This device will serve us both well into the future. Thank you.
  • James Hale Dec 25, 2023

    In use for Over a year, very happy!

    Dec 25, 2023
    I especially love the bigger wheels. Makes it easy to push outside for the sandblaster. Has lived up to my expectations and then some.
  • Roger Murphy Jul 19, 2023

    Rotesserie/company review

    Jul 19, 2023
    I recently purchased a Redline Rotesserie. I will say, the rotesserie is great … but.. the company is even better. The delivery as well as communication was better that one expects now days. When I purchased the rotesserie, I was not aware of the other items that Redline sells. If you need anything related to automotive restoration or even shop equipment, look no further. And NO… I am not a “paid” spokesman for Redline..just a totally satisfied and soon repeat customer !
  • Ken May 1, 2023

    Well designed rotisserie stand

    May 1, 2023
    We needed to mount a unibody to the rotisserie to rotate it so we could get through our double doors, as the body was too wide to go though just on a dolly. The stand came in a crate and it was well packed. It went together fairly easy. The instructions could have been a little better, but just looking at the parts and the additional pictures online, we did not have any issues. It is a great product for the price. THANKS!!!
  • Ray R Mar 20, 2023

    Best Equipment Purchase I’ve Made!

    Mar 20, 2023
    Have you ever tried to do all the metal work, cleaning, cutting, welding while laying on your back under the car??? I was doing that. I wanted to make life easier on myself. I started looking at rotisseries. There were 2 major concerns I had.
    1. Was the rotisserie really going to be the quality I expected for the money?
    2. Would I have the ceiling clearance to flip my 57 Chevy in a residential garage with an 8 foot ceiling?

    The answer to both is YES! The product is beautiful and definitely what I expected! I was able to flip my car in my garage. Now, my neck and back feel way better because I can work standing next to the floorboards.

    I read all the reviews and some of them helped me make my decision. I hope my review helps make others happy when they get theirs! The staff is very helpful, responsive and professional! They are willing to help! JKing was VERY helpful to me. Shipping was very fast!

    Like others said, the instructions could be a little better, but if you’re mechanically inclined, it’s a 1.5-2 hour assembly. Would buy this a 1000 times over! I love it! Thank you from Cleveland, Ohio!
  • Ron Mar 1, 2023

    Great for Restoration Projects

    Mar 1, 2023
    Purchased the ROT300-LD and product was shipped the next day. Picked up at Freight carriers and was in good condition no damage. Instructions are a little weak, but if you're a car guy you can put together in 2 hours by just using the exploded view diagram...not hard at all. Construction is surprisingly good, nice welds, good thickness tubing, etc. Will get a lot of use out of this unit. Well worth the money!
  • Jeremiah Nov 5, 2021

    Great value

    Nov 5, 2021
    This is the only rotisserie I've ever owned, but I'm very pleased with it. The quality of the welds and the steel is good. It's easy to use and assemble. The crate showed up in perfect condition, and everything that was supposed to be there was. I've been using this for the last couple weeks on a major project for a 57 Chevy Wagon
  • Jess Sep 7, 2021

    Best One

    Sep 7, 2021
    Grade A service From start to finish. The sales team was very helpful and the quality is very good. I picked my Rotisserie up at the local terminal that happened to be Fedex. The crate was in perfect condition and after inventory I had every last nut, bolt and washer. Assembly took about 2 hrs and the rotisserie works perfect. Thanks Redline!!!
  • Jeffrey McDonald Aug 21, 2021


    Aug 21, 2021
    I have purchased the above Rotisserie. After some shipping delays have received it. I a very please with the construction of it. Looks very well made. Welding is good. Casters are well constructed and roll great in gravel and dirt and great on concrete. Perfect for my car restoration needs.
  • Gerrod Wildey Jan 28, 2021

    Great service

    Jan 28, 2021
    After doing a bunch of research, it basically came down to price, this was by far the best bang for the buck. Usually you sacrifice something to get things cheaper but not only was the crate in perfect shape when it arrived less than a week later, their customer service and correspondence was stellar. Highly recommend.
  • shuan Oct 3, 2020

    Great product.

    Oct 3, 2020
    I received my rotisserie by a common carrier, the crate that it came in was very weak and had fallen apart during shipping, its basically 1/4 plywood, very thin for such a heavy load, most of the powder coating was scrapped off.
    It took me about two hours to assemble the whole unit, I must say I was impressed more and more as it came together, very well made good welding, perfect fitting all the threaded parts had been re-tapped after powder coating for an easy fit, all the hardware exact count, all things considered a great product and value.

    This added by Redline:
    Good morning Shuan, and sorry for the crating issue. Those crates normally arrive in great shape, but every once in a while you'll see the truck carrier hire a forklift driver on a warpath. As I always say, "The toughest packaging in the world is no match for an idiot with a forklift." Glad to hear you were happy with the product and thanks for shopping with us!
  • Andrew (Buddy) Riley Sep 24, 2020

    My new ROT3000-LD

    Sep 24, 2020
    What a great product! After working on my back for a couple years on and off my restoration felt like it was never going to end. I thought a rotisserie would help. Boy is that an understatement. I can now put my 1965 GMC G1000 Van in any position I want with little effort. Assembling the unit was a piece of cake. I had to fabricate the brackets to attach it to the body. However I could have purchased the unibody brackets here and saved that step. Oh well live and learn. The unit is well built and the casters roll with ease. The anti tip extensions that came included make me feel comfortable when it's in motion. Shipping was fast but that brings me to my only complaint. I paid extra to get it shipped to my home but they would only drop it at the street in front of my driveway. (Long and up hill) I would highly recommend the ROT3000-LD to anyone. Thank you all.
  • William Thompson Apr 13, 2020

    Good Product

    Apr 13, 2020
    The Redline sales people that I talked to were very helpful and professional during our conversations. The stand arrived quickly and without major damage to the crate. Assembly instructions were a little weak and required a couple of trips to the hardware store to get the right hardware but it went together easily. The holes on the T-arm for the Adjust Rod Screw were oversize so I bought some bronze bushings for a better fit and security. The upper bolts for the hydraulic ram were too short so I had to buy some longer 16mm bolts to ensure proper security. Many of the bolt holes on the wheel mounts were too close to the casters so that you can’t use sockets during the assembly process. Also, the hydraulic rams do not come serviced so buy some jack oil. Lastly the longest extension rods were blemished or bent so that they did not slide through the other rods without getting stuck. All this being said, after the assembly was completed I was able to lift and balance the car without major issues. It seems to be very solid and the extension feet really give me an extra sense of security.
  • Gregory Gibson Apr 18, 2019

    Great product and service!

    Apr 18, 2019
    Ordered an ROT3000 rotisserie from Redline, and it arrived in 2 days. Assembly was easy and I have already saved hours on the project and wear on my knees!
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