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Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Table Replacement Pump

4.6 / 5 (7 reviews)
  • Joe Mar 19, 2023

    New life in my old table.

    Mar 19, 2023
    I have one of the original central machinery motorcycle tables from harbor freight. My pump wouldn’t stop leaking I tired new seals and that didn’t help. I purchased this and a piece of 1” solid round bar from tractor supply and 15 mins later I was back in business. Thank you so much!!
  • Keith Carlson Feb 5, 2023

    Works good so far; More time to install than expected

    Feb 5, 2023
    Seems to work great so far. Original pump was so bad it was creeping down almost as fast as I could pump it up. Had been thinking about getting a bottle jack and modifying the controls to fit, but finally took the easy way and bought this.
    Anyway, this new one is holding great, although I want to use it a while and through different temperatures before final judgement.
    Instruction would have been helpful. It wasn't immediately apparent to me how the rods are removed. The ones that go through the lift frame and into the pump. But, thanks to another review finally realized I could thread in a long 5/16 bolt. They pulled out easily with that. Another review said you need to go buy steel rod to replace these. I don't see why. The original ones swap over to the new pump just fine.
    Minus 1 star for the set screws. One threaded in fine, the other wouldn't thread in no matter how long I tried. Then I messed up and mistook the 6mm thread for 1/4-28. Tried to chase the threads with that size tap, wrecked the threads enough that the set screw wouldn't tighten. So, went and bought 8mm ser screws, drilled out to the right tap drill size, tapped. Those threads seem to be very robust. Tightened up set screws and they feel like they could go much tighter. (No need tho; only needs to keep the rods from working their way out).
    I suspect that the pump was a rebuilt HF unit that had bad threads. My suggestion would be to drill these out and tap 8mm-1.25 threads and include 8mm set screws. Could save your customers some time.
  • Brian Mar 3, 2022


    Mar 3, 2022
    Absolutely works and fits perfectly. Take note as in other reviews you absolutely have to order some 1 inch bar stock, two pieces about 5 inches long to replace the bars that are attached to the original pump. Otherwise it works great.
  • Gene Apr 3, 2021

    Gets more life out of my 14 year old lift

    Apr 3, 2021
    I'm out in the boonies, so getting a new lift would have been a hassle aside from the cost, and this pump rescued me.

    My unit had a frozen release valve. It was absolutely packed solid inside the spring with paint so it couldn't move. I took it apart and soaked it in acetone to dissolve the paint, and cleaned it, and now it works. It was a minor issue and not difficult to rectify once I figured it out.

    It's nice to have a lift that doesn't spray oil all over the floor, and slowly sink.

    It was well worth the money and this completely rejuvenates an important tool. Thank you for supplying this!
  • Nick Bowles Dec 23, 2020

    Stupid Harbor Freight!!

    Dec 23, 2020
    Bought a used lift at a decent price. Used it once and got stranded. Bleeding didn’t work. I assume it’s in the valves. Bought this on a Monday night(12/21/20) of Christmas week 2020. Shipping email said delivered Wednesday I was thinking “BS”, but it came in today 12/23/20. Had it all installed in about 30 mins. Two hints: 1- fill it with oil before installing, the plug is in the same silly place as the HF ones. 2-after removing the set screws and grease fittings, the dowel rods can be pulled out by threading in a 3/8 bolt or by tipping it up on the sides. Watch that loose release rod....they bend easy. Ask me how I know. Aight! Back to working on my bike. Peace!
  • David Sweet Jan 19, 2020

    Perfect Fit

    Jan 19, 2020
    Thank you to Redline for offering this replacement pump jack for the Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Table. After watching many YouTube videos about how to fix the original pump, including buying the chemicals, trying to bleed the jack, and completely disassembling the original with no success, it was my intention to buy a large ton jack and rebuild the mounting yoke and linkage to refit the lift. One last web search led me to Redline Engineering and I am so pleased with the result. Ten minutes after the box arrived the replacement jack was installed and the lift worked perfectly! Many thanks to Redline for offering this fix. Well worth the cash.
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