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Redline Single Tire Handler Storage Dolly

Model: RE5501

(2 reviews)




Easily change out your tires by using the Redline Single Tire Handler Storage Dolly! This easy to move dolly offers 3 different width intervals for a variety of tire sizes as well as lock pins that keep the rollers secured to the dolly. The tire itself can easily spin while on the rollers so you can focus more on bolting the tire on. Order yours today!

• Red powder coat finish
• 3 different width intervals for tire size
• Lock pins keep rollers secured to the dolly
• Rollers allow tire to freely spin while on the dolly

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• Roller length: 13"
• Roller diameter: 2"
• Weight capacity: 550lbs. 
• Rubber wheel diameter: 4"
• Overall dims: 39" L x 27-5/8" W x 32-3/4" H
• Interior roller width intervals: 9-1/2", 15-3/4", 22-1/2"


• Ships 33 lbs. at 29" x 12" x 5"



4.0 / 5 (2 reviews)
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  • John S. May 20, 2021

    Wish I had bought one of these years ago!

    May 20, 2021
    I've used my new wheel dolly for about a week now, and I can easily say that I wish I would have bought it much sooner. It adjusts easily from small sedans to minivans, SUVs, pickups and heavy duty trucks quickly and efficiently. The wheel dolly is a heavy duty product and its construction shows it. The full loop handle makes it much easier to handle heavy loads that product that only have a single grip. The main tire rollers are smooth ball bearing operated, which make it very easy to maneuver any size tire I worked with into position. It takes a little bit of familiarization to get the hang of how to position your tire right onto the wheel lugs without having to go hands-on, but that is to be expected. Overall, a fantastic product at a great value for the price paid given the robust construction. There are several other such products on the market today, however, this is one of only a few that I would call "heavy duty". Alas, there are two areas where I would offer suggestions for improvement: (1) Wing nuts: in rather stark contrast to all other aspects of this products, the three wing nuts supplied for fastening the handle to the wheel dolly body are substandard and of very poor quality. Totally out of context in relation to the other components used. These wing nuts are drilled off center, and do not appear to be correctly tapped for the metric M10-1.5 thread of the bolts used for the handle. The poor quality of these three wing nuts made it very difficult to securely attach the handle to the dolly, with their wobbly nature making it hard to securely tighten them. Out of frustration, I purchased three quality stainless steel M10-1.5 wing nuts from my local Home Depot. What a difference that made! The handle can now be easily attached and detached for storage, and the operation of these wing nuts is smooth and crisp, just like the rest of the product. Redline if you are listening, please upgrade the quality these three fasteners immediately. It is without a doubt a sore point on an otherwise nicely executed product. (2) This wheel dolly is designed to stand upright unassisted by the operator only when it is loaded with a wheel. When unloaded, the handle drops to the floor unless propped up against an object. I am planning to fabricate some sort of pivoting prop at the lower bend of the handle that can be moved into position in order to keep the handle from falling to the floor when unloaded. I would like to recommend that this be considered as a design enhancement for future versions of this product, as it would keep the rubber handle from lying on the floor and posing a tripping hazard around the shop. This has been my first experience with RedLine Engineering and RedLine stands, and I would say I am a very happy with the product and the value received for my purchase price. I would have liked not to have had to purchase decent wing nuts, but it really was necessary to properly enjoy using the product. Hope someone finds this review helpful.
  • Terry White Mar 24, 2021

    Additional Function

    Mar 24, 2021
    Product would be great if it incorporated a jack system. Where you could raise or lower the tire to the exact height of the hub.

Ask & Answer

  • Simon Mar 23, 2024
    Q. Hi,How can I buy this wheel dolly in Canada Winnipeg? Have suppier in Winnipeg?Thanks.
    A. We'd have to ship it to you sir as we do not have dealers. We'll email you your shipping quote. Thanks Simon!
  • P NGUYEN May 09, 2023
    Q. I am living in Canada. Could you tell me how to order the product model RE5501. Is it okay if I send to you by money order in US dollars. Thank you for your help.
    A. Just order on our website with a credit card sir. You'll receive an email after the sale letting you know your additional international shipping costs. Thanks Mr. Nguyen!
  • Nate Jan 26, 2023
    Q. Aloha, Very interested in your product. I am assuming based in the specs, will be able to accommodate 34"-37" diameter tires and 11.50-12.50 " width? Mahalo
    A. We don't see it being an issue sir. The tire just sits atop two rollers. Because of this, we've yet to see one of these be returned due to non-fitment. Thanks Nate!
  • Diesel Tech Apr 28, 2022
    Q. Will this dolly fit 285/70R19.5 and R22.5
    A. The folks at are unable to tell us the diameter of a 285/70R22.5 so with that said, the best answer we can give is that this dolly will handle tires up to 28.5" in diameter. Any bigger is a "no go." Thanks for your question!
  • Mon Apr 21, 2022
    Q. do you have a dealer in Canada I live in Regina Saskatchewan
    A. My apologies sir but we don't have dealers at all. We're factory direct, hence why our pricing is so low. We can ship one of these to you, but you'll get hit with international shipping and duties/taxes. Sorry for the lousy news.


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