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Redline Medium Duty Gear-Drive RTS3000 Restoration Rotisserie

Model: RTS3000

(2 reviews)

Optional Accessories

Door Braces

Master Rotisserie Accessory Package

Redline Rotisserie Adapter Kit

Off Road Caster Kit

Body Dolly Adapter Kit

Unibody Brackets

Redline Front Mopar Mounting Brackets

Redline Rear Leaf Spring E-Body Brackets

Redline Rear Mopar Leaf Spring B-Body Brackets

Upgrade to Air Assisted Cylinders

Redline ATDLY Body Dolly Cart

AutoTwirler Bare Steel Truck Cab Adapter Kit

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The Redline RTS3000 Rotisserie is our best bang for your buck. It's a commercial grade rotisserie well suited to hot rod shops and the hard core enthusiast. It features 2 hydraulic jacks for raising each end of the vehicle, a heavy duty worm gear rotator drive, and 5" casters. Order our best selling auto restoration rotisserie today!

• 1 year parts warranty
• 3,000 pound lifting capacity
• Optional door braces available
• Black and red powder coat finish
• Handle spins 60 times for 360 degrees
• Both ends of the rotisserie are included
• Both cradle and frame feature 5 height settings

• Universal valence brackets
• Universal uni-body brackets
• Universal leaf spring brackets

• Balance bar kit used to be optional and is now standard equipment

• When you upgrade to the off road kit, your rotisserie will include 8 pneumatic casters and no hard wheeled casters
• When you upgrade to the air cylinder kit we will swap the original cylinders out for the new ones before it ships









• Ensuring you load is properly balanced is mandatory.  Damage to the gear drive can occur if poorly balanced load exceeds torque limit of gear drive

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• Width of base 63"
• Working length 19'
• Height of frame 60"
• T-carriage size: 3-1/8"
• Max width of vehicle 85"
• Casters are 5" diameter
• Steel frame is 1/8" thick
• Working height 18" to 48"
• Mounting arms are 2" square
• Frame is 3.25" square tubing
• Length of support arms 16.25"
• Cylinder stroke length: 19-1/4"
• Mounting brackets adjust from 13" to 53"
• Distance from max height center rotating axis to top of frame assembly 47"


• Download the manual pdf HERE
• Download the assembly manual pdf HERE
• Download the balancing manual pdf HERE


• Residential deliveries cost extra
• Crated weight 653 lbs net
• Shipping dims L 74" x W 32" x H 16" Class 65
• FREE SHIPPING to business with forklift*
• Local dock pickup saves residential delivery fees
• $150 discount for local pickup in Pensacola, FL
• Pensacola, FL pickups – read our policies HERE
• Free shipping applies to $200 maximum. If shipping exceeds this amount a surcharge may be needed




4.0 / 5 (2 reviews)
Based on 2 Reviews Write review
  • Tom O Apr 26, 2024

    Could use better shipping crate

    Apr 26, 2024
    Luckily despite the bottom of the crate being blown out no parts were missing. Some paint scratches here and there and road rash on parts from getting dragged here there though. One other thing, the set up failed to inform to grease the large slip joints that the rams control. Once loaded, and if you have raised the rams the slip joints, big square tube slip joints, dont drop unless you shake and tap plus do everything you can to get them to drop. Grease i suppose would have cured that. But so far seems to be a good unit. Worth the money for sure.
  • Bobby Apr 3, 2023

    Should've Bought Sooner!

    Apr 3, 2023
    Oh my God I shoulda bought one of these years ago. It makes doing a restoration soooo much easier. Overall, the build quality is great. The casters roll easy, the balancer works well, and the gear drive is an absolute must. Allows you to stop the car at any angle you want. The gear drive has a little bit of play in it, so be prepared to use the locking jam bolt at the opposite end to stabilize the car at whatever angle you decide. Should have bought the body dolly adapter kit with mine cause now when I’m trying to work on the firewall, the rotisserie is in the way. Overall, I give it 4 outta 5 stars.

Ask & Answer

  • william Sep 21, 2023
    Q. greetings from Mississippi! hey can I pick one these up in Pensacola?
    A. You can, but bear in mind that as of Sept 2023, Redline has yet to meet the requirements for economic nexus in the state of MS; thus, we can ship it to you in MS and you'll pay no tax. However, if you come to FL and pick it up here, you'll have to pay FL sales tax. You'll pay the tax if you pick it up here, but you'll at least get a shipping credit since we don't have to ship it. Your call William. Thanks for shopping with us!
  • Rick Sep 21, 2023
    Q. Not sure where you are located but I'm in Northern California. So, what would the lead time on one of these be?
    A. Redline is located in Pensacola, FL. As of 9/21/2023, we do have the RTS3000 in-stock and ready to ship. Once you place your order, it should leave our warehouse within 2-business days. Estimated transit time from FL to CA is 7-10 days via LTL freight carrier. Thanks for reaching out Rick!
  • Rick Sep 20, 2023
    Q. what is the max length of the that these will open up to? Can i use this for a part that is 19' 3" long?
    A. I think 19 feet is probably a little outside the reasonable working distance of this rotisserie. With that said, most steel yards sell tubing in lengths of 20 and 24 feet. There's nothing to stop you from buying the unit, tossing the telescopic connecting bars aside, replace them with a single piece of 24 ft long square tubing, and go to town. Thanks Rick!
  • Mike Aug 22, 2023
    Q. Hello, I purchased your basic Redline Auto Rotisserie in 2021. It has been outside thru 2 Wisconsin winters. One of the hydroulic cylinders will pump up but won’t go back down. There isn’t a load on it at this time. Is the cylinder the same as your other 3 models. 3 ton, same length and dimensions. Thank You, Mike
    A. Yes sir. All three Redline rotisseries use the same cylinder. You might want to bring just the cylinders inside for the winter. Your replacement options are the MANUAL REPLACEMENT CYLINDER or our AIR OVER HYDRAULIC REPLACEMENT CYLINDER Thanks for shopping with us Mike!
  • Montebello Jan 27, 2023
    Q. I am looking to use one of these for a few 2002 ford f550 cab's. Do you recommend one over the other? I don't really understand the difference in them since I've never used one. Maybe I can talk to someone. Thank you
    A. Any of these rotisseries will work, so it really just comes down to preference on subjects like price, build quality, features, and so on. Give us a shout and we'll give you the rundown. Thanks Montebello!


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