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Redline 3 Gallon Heated Air Powered Parts Washer

Model: RE-42HPW

(6 reviews)

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The new Redline 3 Gallon Heated Air Powered Parts Washer is now for sale! This unique powder coated parts washer uses compressed air to efficiently spray out heated fluid inside an enclosed chamber. It features an interior grate plus screen filter to catch small pieces, a fluid level indicator which is located on the front of the fluid reservoir pan, a fold down control door that reveals the reservoir and tubing, and a single fluorescent light bulb system to help keep your work area lit during those long projects. It includes a vent fan located on the back of the chamber to help keep the chamber well ventilated during use, as well as adjustable legs to raise up the washer. Order yours today!

• Air regulator
• Powder coated finish
• Interior grate to catch small pieces
• Screen filter is located underneath grate
• Heating rod keeps fluids heated (celsius)
• Vent fan located on the back of the washer
• Fluid level indicator located on fluid reservoir
• Fold down control door reveals reservoir and tubing
• Single fluorescent light bulb system to keep your work area lit
• Customer will need to provide their own air fittings to connect air supply

• Redline does NOT recommend using combustible solvents with this product

• Reservoir reaches up to 150°F
• Spray will exit gun tip at less than 150°F due to fluid atomization

• This product produces fumes from cleaning agent and exhausts them outside cabinet.  OSHA approved respirator recommended during use to prevent inhalation of dangerous toxins


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• Gloves: 20" length
• 70-120 PSI @ 5 CFM
• Max open height: 66-3/4"
• View window: 18" x 8-1/2"
• 2-3 gallon min/max capacity
• Adjustable legs: 3-1/2" adjust
• Draws 9 amps – single phase
• Max operating temperature: 50° C
• Reservoir pan: 13" W x 17" L x 6" H
• Work dims: 22" W x 30" L x 11 - 16-1/2" H
• Overall dims: 23-1/4" W x 30-1/4" L x 49" H


• Download the manual pdf HERE


• Residential deliveries cost extra
• Free shipping to a business with forklift on site*
• Local dock pickup saves residential delivery fees
• Pensacola, FL pickups – read our policies HERE
• 154 lbs. shipping weight plus pallet at 44" W x 34" L x 28" H class 125
• Free shipping applies to $200 maximum. If shipping exceeds this amount a surcharge may be needed




4.5 / 5 (6 reviews)
Based on 6 Reviews Write review
  • Brad Mar 6, 2024

    RE-42HPW Parts washer

    Mar 6, 2024
    Arrived 3 days after ordering undamaged. I Assembled it in 20 minutes added cleaning solution powered up and it works great! My opinion it Works best if the air pressure is over 80, but even at 70 psi it is still way better than any manual cleaning station I have used. For the price you can't go wrong with this spray washer!!
  • Barney Corona Dec 26, 2023

    Absolutely love it

    Dec 26, 2023
    This is possibly the best and most often used piece of equipment we have purchased.Absolutely love it.We use it for a final cleaning of carburetors to flush out contaminants after machining.It is well made and works perfectly. We are also looking into purchasing their engine run stand.A very reputable company to work with.
  • Dante M. Sep 9, 2016

    Where have you been???

    Sep 9, 2016
    Really a great piece. It is so much cleaner to use and easier on hands. We all know using handcleaner will clean the skin, but if your hands have been submerged in parts cleaner, all around your nails are now black too. Not anymore! Also brilliant with air. Cleaned a piece pre-sandblast, and this began the process!!!Great to blow dry parts too instead of dripping across shop as usual.

Ask & Answer

  • Rob May 22, 2024
    Q. Has anyone ever tried using the Smartwasher ozzyjuice microbe solvent in this machine? I use it currently with smart washer but don’t know how it would hold up under air pressure.
    A. I'm afraid we've never tried that cleaner and none of our customers have ever reported to us that they tried it either. Sorry Rob.
  • Rick Nov 30, 2023
    Q. I have a small engine shop. Do a lot of cleaning in a solvent tank.
    Are there water based chemicals as effective on carbon, grease, etc as solvent.
    A. Many of our customers get great results using Simple Green or Purple Power in our parts washers. We do not sell those products, but they can be purchased at many retailers around the country. Thanks for reaching out, Rick!
  • kurt b Nov 18, 2023
    Q. Would I be wrong to believe that this product is both a parts washer and also to some degree a media blaster. From the video and reviews it seems that it functions as both. For car restoration, specifically engine and front end, it seem that this would be the product to buy, any comments?
    A. No sir. I definitely would not consider this washer to be a media blaster, despite that it looks like one. This washer has no media in the fluid at all, so it’s just heated detergent sprayed under pressure. If you want a machine that is a good combination of a parts washer and media blaster, check out the Raptor Blaster RB3630S Slurry Wet Blast Cabinet That unit seems to be more like what you’re interested. Thanks for shopping with us!
  • MP Sep 08, 2022
    Q. Hi, is Model: RE-42HPW a closed loop system? Is this your only model for heated parts washer or do you have a larger cabinet for manual parts cleaning?

    Michael Pena
    A. Our only heated washers are this unit above, the 500HWC, which is not manual, and the Wespy YB-1000. The RE-42HPW is closed loop. Thanks for your question Mr. Pena.
  • VSC Aug 13, 2022
    Q. Can you use glass beads in the water solution?
    A. We've never tried it, but based on what we do know about slurry machines, we feel very confident it would not work. I'm sure it could be made to work, but you should expect to do a large, unknown amount of custom work, and we could not be of assistance in such an endeavor. Thanks for your question!


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