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Redline 500HWC Heated Heavy Duty Industrial Parts Washer Cabinet

Model: 500HWC

Optional Accessories

40 lb. ProClean Soap

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After 3 years of development, the new Redline 500HWC is here.  Designed for washing industrial components up to 500 lbs, such as transmissions and engines, this washer features a 3-in-1 heating element that bring the operating temperature to a range of 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  The 220V 2 HP motor turns the turntable via wire wheel and sprays hot water soluble degreaser by way of 18 replacement spray nozzles.  Just select the desired temperature, turn the timer, and walk away.  The pump system will shut itself down and go through a short cool-off period as needed to be sure it does not overheat.  The indoor parts tree is both customizable and removable.  Use the included parts tray if needed, or configure the parts tree to your requirements with the pull of a pin.  The system is self-cleaning via rotating skimmer disk.  Top-floating grease and oil attach to the skimmer by way of surface tension, which is then removed by the skimmer and dropped into a customer-supplied grease bucket.  Order your new 500HWC spray wash cabinet today!

Temperature dial reads in Celsius.  Machine operator should not run machine at above 65° C or 150° F

• Wash components up to 500 lbs.
• Pump flows 52.8 gallons per minute
• Pump includes auto-shut off to avoid overheating
• Interior parts tree is customizable and removable
• 18 replaceable spray nozzles for soluble degreaser
• Self-cleaning via rotating skimmer disk & skimmer attachment
• Utilizes a 220V 2HP Single Phase motor for the turntable via wire wheel
• 3-in-1 heating element brings operating temperature to within 120°F - 150°F

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• 25 gallon capacity
• 220V single phase
• Caster diameter: 5"
• Ground clearance: 7"
• Material thickness: .1"
• Hanger length: 19-3/8"
• Center pole height: 30"
• Turn table diameter: 28"
• Grease skimmer diameter: 11"
• Circular grid wall diameter: 18"
• Open door dims: 31-1/2" W x 44" H
• Top hanger distance from base: 29-1/2"
• Bottom hanger distance from base: 11-1/4"
• Overall dims: 44-3/8" L x 44-1/8" W x 66-3/4" H
• Hanging parts tray dims: 11-1/4" L x 11" W x 3" H


• Download the manual pdf HERE


• Ships 876 lbs. at 49" x 49" x 77" class 100
• Local dock pickup saves delivery fees
• Cheapest shipping to commercial location w/ forklift
• Free shipping applies to $400 maximum. If shipping exceeds this amount a surcharge may be needed



Ask & Answer

  • Robert Feb 22, 2024
    Q. Is there an auto water fill option?
    A. No sir. We discussed the idea and decided against it for reasons of liabilty. If such a feature failed and flooded a customer's facility, the liability would outweigh the benefits of the feature. Sorry Robert.
  • Arturo Jan 17, 2024
    Q. We are in the food industry. Can you fabricate the machine with a single pass water? we cannot reuse the water .
    A. I'm afraid we do not offer any sort of custom services, and this machine is also not stainless steel, as would be needed for food processing. Sorry Arturo.
  • Michael Jan 12, 2024
    Q. What size breaker will I need. Also if I could have the footprint dimensions. Thank you
    A. The overall dimensions are 44-3/8" L x 44-1/8" W x 66-3/4" H and it will require a 50 amp breaker. Thanks Mike!
  • chuck Dec 15, 2023
    Q. what gauge sheet metal is used in construction
    A. It's made of 13 gauge mild steel, which is just a tad under 1/8" thick. Thanks Chuck!
  • Scott Oct 04, 2023
    Q. What is the warranty term/conditions? Thank you.
    A. This unit comes with a 1 year warranty on the parts. If something breaks, we'll send you the part and it's then up to the customer to supply the labor to install it. Thanks Scott!


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