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Redline 10-200 Ton Replacement Shop Press Gauge

Model: RE-SPG




This is the factory OEM replacement gauge for the Redline 10-100 Ton Shop Press. These oil filled gauges are made of stainless steel and range from 10 tons to 200 tons. Some models mount horizontally from the back while the others mount vertically from the bottom. A plastic cap is used to protect the mount fitting. Order yours today!

• Oil filled
• Made of stainless steel
• Pressure gauge accurate +/- 2.5% of press capacity


These gauges are calibrated to our Redline Engineering presses and their corresponding cylinder size.  Installing our Redline gauge onto a non-Redline press with a different cylinder diameter will result in incorrect tonnage output values given by our gauge

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Ask & Answer

  • Evan Jun 28, 2024
    Q. Broke off gauge shop press rated 50 tons,
    Gauge indicates 90 Dia. Ram (20*1.5 metric fitting) on bottom of gauge. Your 40t looks very much the one except mine red lined at 45/50 metric/us tons.
    A. Please understand that gauges are matched to cylinder size. Unless your cylinder is the same size as ours, and I mean "internal" cylinder diameter, then it won't work and will produce incorrect tonnage ratings for you. Also, I see that your email address ends in .NZ I gather this means you are in New Zealand, which is a beautiful country, but sadly, we do not offer international shipping. I hope this helps. Thanks for shopping with us Evan!
  • Derrick Apr 12, 2023
    Q. Is this 30ton 80mm have the fitting on the bottom or back. I am in need of a gauge with the fitting on the bottom.
    A. It's the same gauge you see mounted to our RE30T-A press, which has the threaded fitting on the backside. Thanks Derrick.
  • Derrick Apr 12, 2023
    Q. I am looking for a gauge like the one here for a 80mm cylinder and 30ton
    A. Our 30T cylinder is 3.15" and that converts to 80.01 mm, so you should be able to order our 30T gauge and be good to go. Thanks Derrick!
  • Mario Feb 10, 2023
    Q. What kind oil for Redline 10-200 Ton Replacement Shop Press Gauge
    A. Sir, we don't know because these gauges are not refillable. With that said, we suspect any thick oil would be fine. The purpose of the oil is merely to make the needle return to 0 in a slow manner. If the pressure is released all at once, the needle would slam back to 0 and possibly uncalibrate itself. Thus, the oil does nothing more than keep the needle moving slowly. Thanks Mario!
  • doug c Dec 19, 2022
    Q. do you have a liquid filled 4 inch gauge 30 ton for a 75 mm diameter ram fitting. location of the fitting standard style thanks doug
    A. No sir. These gauges are factory replacement OEM gauges for a Redline press, so they're specific to those presses. Sorry Doug.


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