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Clamshell Pressure Pot Blast Cabinet with Upgraded Vacuum

Model: REPP70 (SBC990L)

(7 reviews)

Optional Accessories

REPP70 Accessory Package Deal

Extra Repl PP70 Vac Filter

Extra Nozzles (4)

Protective Respirator

Replacement REPP70 LED Bulb

Extra Repl View Screens (5)

Extra Repl Lamp Screens (5)

Redline RE-AR 3/8" Air Hose Reel

Extra Pair of Gloves

6532/12RC 32” Long Reach Gloves

SMC 1/4" Hi-Flo Water Separator

Air Blow Gun Kit

3 x 50 lb. Bag 70/100 Grit Glass + 1 Bag Free

50 lb. Bag of 70/100 Grit Glass Media

50 lb. 40-70 Grit Premium 10X Media

Blast Media Strainer Filter

Upgrade to long-reach fleece-lined gloves (6532/12RC)

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The price will increase on 05-01-2024 Reg. $3,499.50 Sale price $2,999.50
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The Redline Engineering Clamshell Pressure Pot Abrasive Blast Cabinet stands above all of our other Redline cabinets with a whopping 78" height! There's no need to worry about sizing up to the cabinet as it includes a sturdy step stool that is bolted to the unit. The extra height is required for the pressure pot located beneath the cabinet as it does not use siphon tubes. Its features include 3 LED lightbulbs, a built-in air regulator and air/bead mixing valve, a built-in water seperator, a sleek powder coat finish, and a huge clamshell door that's easily opened and closed. It includes 4 ceramic nozzles, the step stool, a shielded foot pedal, and a pair of gloves. If you're looking for big, you've found it! Order yours today!

Vacuum cabinet may arrive grey or black

• Runs on 120 V
• 3 LED lightbulbs
• Powder coat finish
• Huge clamshell door
• Built-in air regulator
• Built-in water seperator
• Comes with 4 ceramic nozzles
• Built-in air/bead mixing valve
• Vacuum dust filtration system
• Uses a pressure pot system instead of a siphon tube
• Includes step stool, shielded foot pedal, and a pair of gloves
• Interior work surface grate can be removed to increase interior height by additional 10"


• Beach/play sand should NOT be used
• Prevent silicosis via respirator
• Learn more about Silicosis HERE

• Glass bead
• Cannot use walnut shells
• Use of silicone carbide and aluminum oxide will substantially decrease life of all media-flowing components

• 1 year warranty on cabinet
• Items considered to be consumable not covered under warranty: nozzles, filters, hoses, etc.

• Redline recommends cleaning your sand blast vacuum filter every 3 hours of use and replacing every 30 hours of use in order to avoid premature failure of the electric vacuum motor


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• 115 PSI max
• 24" long gloves
• 14 gauge steel legs
• 16 gauge steel panels
• View window: 30-1/2" x 16"
• Requires 25 CFM @ 80 PSI
• Incoming air port - 3/8" 19TPI
• Unit height with door open: 96"
• Max media load volume 40 pounds
• Stool dims: 43" W x 16" L x 14" H
• Door space: 39-3/4" W x 29-1/4" H
• Glass: 39" x  13-1/2" x 11/67" (.171") thick
• Max workpiece weight 400 lbs / 200 lbs per grate
• Working dims: 46-3/8" L x 34" W X 34" H
• Overall dims: 46-1/2" L x 34-1/2" Wx 78" H (w/o stool/DC tube)
• Interior working height: 33-1/4" from work surface to work light

• Voltage: 120V
• Power: 550W
• 8 micron paper filter
• 400 CFM vacuum air flow
• Overall dims: 33-1/4" x 19-3/4" x 53"
• Filter dims: 13-5/8" diameter, 24-3/8" H
• SBC connection tube: 56" L 4" diameter
• Drawer dims: 16-3/8" x 17-3/8" x 2-1/2" H
• Inside dims w/o drawer: 16-1/2" x 19-1/2" x 30-1/8"


• Download the manual pdf HERE
• Download the troubleshooting doc HERE


• Residential deliveries cost extra
• Ships 2 pc. 658 lbs. at 53" x 38" x 60" class 110
• Free shipping to a business with forklift on site*
• Local dock pickup saves residential delivery fees
• Pensacola, FL pickups – read our policies HERE
• Units available in Pensacola, FL with $250 shipping refund
• Free shipping applies to $300 maximum.  If shipping exceeds this amount a surcharge may be needed




5.0 / 5 (7 reviews)
Based on 7 Reviews Write review
  • Scott Brown Dec 14, 2023

    I bought this cabinet almost 2 years ago

    Dec 14, 2023
    I bought this cabinet almost 2 years ago. Mine actually has the covered filter motor but other than that looks the same. It’s a great cabinet, however I did not do enough research before purchasing, we are a small manufacturing business and totally underestimated how much we would actually use the blaster, we work the dog out of it and we have run through a few parts keeping it running, this isn’t the fault of the machine. We will be upgrading soon but one point that is very important, the customer service from Redline, it’s been outstanding, they have everything we’ve broke in stock and shipped out very quickly, the support guys are very friendly and stay in gauged until our issues have been addressed. I can’t say enough good things about Redline service and as for this particular machine it is a work horse but if your working if 5-7 hours a day be prepared to clean the catch bucket every 3hrs or it’s a bear to unbuckle and hold up at the same time, also there is no back flow on the filter so that too needs to be removed and manually blown out and cleaned every 3 hrs. When comparing this to the 25k units you can decide if the huge price difference vs cleaning requirements is worth it. We have our guys shoot for 2.5 hrs, take a break, clean the machine then work another 2.5 and clean again then call it a day. So we get 5hrs of blasting done which works for us. I might mention the parts we have gone through, air hoses, window screens are kind of a pain, door shocks, the pressure pot block valve, air regulator but again a quick call to Redilne and they had what needed in the mail and to us with in a few days.
  • Scott Brown Jan 9, 2023

    Better than expected

    Jan 9, 2023
    I bought the pressure pot model last may, it’s been a very good machine. Like you said it took a bit to fine tune it but once we got it dialed, it’s held up great. We bought the unit with the mindset of lite industrial duty but the projects quickly became more demanding and we questioned weather the cabinet was going to handle 100lbs flanges going in and out all day… so far it’s holding up great.
  • Scott B. May 26, 2022

    Was not expecting this

    May 26, 2022
    I landed a production run contract, my current system was not capable of keeping up so I started looking for better solutions. There are many production level units on the markets and they are quite expensive, because I’m a smaller guy I thought it would be better to looks at “a step down” .. I bought this unit, set it up had one issue that customer service was very helpful with ( I didn’t attach the nozzle properly) then started working with it. I can’t not see how the higher price units could be anymore effective. The build quality it took notch and the hardware/components are same. This is a very well built and operating unit, I’m blasting flanges, on the old unit one flange took 18-20min, I was doing them in 7-8min last night. I’m very excited my production time has greatly increased ergo my profits. This isn’t a cheap purchase but what you get for the price is amazing. This unit and this company score a 10 from me.

Ask & Answer

  • Ralph Feb 21, 2024
    Q. Do you offer longer gloves for this cabinet? I'm 6'5" and I keep knocking the left glove off when I go to grab parts from the rear of the cabinet.
    A. We sure do. We recommend a pair of Jenessco 6532/12RC long-reach gloves for your cabinet. Thanks for shopping with us!
  • Roy Oct 23, 2023
    Q. Hi,
    How do you empty the pot without blowing everything through the nossle?
    A. There is a cleanout and inspection port on the side of the pressure pot. You can unbolt the cover to that port to access the inside of the pressure pot. Thanks for reaching out Roy!
  • Procoat Sep 20, 2023
    Q. Why is our machine continually blowing hoses? We are blasting well within the pressures recommended and we consistently clean the filter and empty the dust pot. Redline model psbc990
    A. Are you using aluminum oxide? We find a lot of customers run this media, despite that the listing above says not to run this media. It's highly aggressive and the rubber hoses just cannot last a long time with that media. We find that they last far far longer using crushed glass or 10X media. I hope this helps.
  • Finius Apr 06, 2023
    Q. Do you offer carbide sand blast nozzles for the Redline REPP 70 Sandblaster?
    A. You mean THIS? Thanks for shopping with us!
  • Carlos Oct 19, 2022
    Q. Hello do you ship to Puerto rico? Im intereted in the cabinet thanks
    A. No sir. You'd need to hire a freight forwarder in Miami. We'd ship it to them, and they would handle the ocean freight for you. A quick Google search should yield many companies offering their services. Thanks Carlos!


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