How To Properly Use Your Motorcycle Lift Table

How To Properly Use Your Motorcycle Lift Table

How To Properly Use Your Motorcycle Lift Table

Motorcycle enthusiasts and DIY mechanics often rely on motorcycle lifting tables to streamline repair and maintenance tasks. Knowing how to use a motorcycle lift properly ensures safety and ease when working on your bike. Here’s a comprehensive guide to maximize the utility of your motorcycle lift table.

Understanding Motorcycle Lift Tables

Motorcycle and ATV lifts in general are indispensable tools for elevating bikes (and ATVs) to a convenient working height. They consist of a sturdy platform and hydraulic system designed to lift and secure the item/vehicle you’re working on, allowing easy access to various components for servicing or repairs.

The following is a step-by-step guide for using a motorcycle lift.

Preparation and Safety Measures

Before using a motorcycle lift, make sure the area is clear and level. Secure the bike’s wheels using straps or clamps to prevent movement. Double-check the weight capacity of the lift to guarantee it can handle your motorcycle’s weight.

Positioning the Motorcycle

Carefully ride or push the motorcycle onto the lift table, positioning it centrally for stability. Make sure the bike is in neutral and engage the side stand for additional support.

Lifting the Motorcycle

Operate the hydraulic system of the lift table according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Slowly raise the platform, keeping an eye on the bike to see that it lifts evenly. Avoid exceeding the lift’s maximum height.

Securing the Motorcycle

Once elevated to the desired height, secure the motorcycle in place using straps or clamps. Double-check that the bike is stable and won’t shift during work.

Performing Maintenance or Repairs

With the motorcycle securely lifted, access becomes convenient. Whether changing oil, inspecting the undercarriage, or performing more intricate repairs, the elevated position offers better visibility and accessibility.

Lowering the Motorcycle Safely

After completing the work, carefully release the securing devices and slowly lower the lift table. Make sure there are no obstacles beneath the motorcycle as it descends. Once lowered, carefully roll the bike off the lift.

Safety Reminders and Additional Tips

Remember, safety is critical when using a lift. Stick to the weight limits set by the manufacturer to ensure safe operation. Before using it, inspect the lift thoroughly for any signs of wear or malfunction. To improve stability during longer work sessions, consider using extra support stands or blocks. Also, maintain a tidy workspace – keeping it organized and free from clutter minimizes the risk of accidents while operating the lift.

Mastering the proper use of a motorcycle lift table heightens efficiency and safety during maintenance or repairs. The Redline Engineering Store offers a range of quality car and motorcycle repair tools/accessories, including motorcycle lifting tables. By following these guidelines and practicing caution, enthusiasts and mechanics can optimize their workspace and ensure a smoother experience while working on motorcycles.

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