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LD1K & 1000L Motorcycle Lift Table Replacement Hydraulic Pump

Model: LD1K-HP [RP-1010-1KLDML-1]

(5 reviews)

Optional Accessories

Include Pneumatic Hose

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The 1000L pump is a factory replacement for the Titan 1000L and Redline LD1K; however, it can also be used to replace pump assemblies on other lesser quality made lifts. Older models of Titan 1000L and Redline LD1K tables did not use this pump, so inspect your table before ordering to be sure the photos of this pump match the style of pump your table uses.  Order yours today!

• 90 day warranty
• Air hose is NOT included
• Powder coated black to never rust
• Operates both via foot or air power
• Listing is for PUMP ONLY
• When customers purchase this replacement pump for a product other than Titan LDML-1000L or Redline LD1K, returns ARE NOT allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS



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• Ram length (min/max): 1-7/16" / 6-3/16"
• Overall length (min/max): 15" / 20-1/8"


• Ships 25 lbs. at 16" x 13" x 6"


5.0 / 5 (5 reviews)
Based on 5 Reviews Write review
  • Vincent Dorsey Dec 6, 2023

    Perfect fit

    Dec 6, 2023
    This was used as a replacement to the original pump to a Harbor Frieght lift. I got lucky and found I have a direct switch. No issues in changing it out. Just should have bought the hoses along with it.
  • Dave Tucker Jan 27, 2023

    Converted HF hydraulic lift to air over hydraulic

    Jan 27, 2023
    Thanks Redline for providing me with a direct replacement for my HF motorcycle lift! The only modification I had to make was to the manual pump linkage alignment, which was very simple using a spacer and bolt to offset the linkage. NO WELDING necessary! There was no need to buy the 1" round stock as I used the existing 1" pivot rod stock from the old pump. The conversion took maybe an hour.
  • Chad Confer Jan 15, 2023

    Upgraded central pneumatic HF lift

    Jan 15, 2023
    Fit perfect! A little adjustment on the manual pump lever was all I had to modify. You will need a 1in dia x 13in long pin to install. Cut in half for the pins. GTG! FROM REDLINE STAFF: We suspect this customer is talking about installing this pump on a different table, such as a Harbor Freight table, but we cannot be sure as he does not specify. Given that this pump is a direct bolt-in replacement on a Redline LD1K lift with no modification needed, we're certain this customer has not installed this pump into the Redline LD1K.

Ask & Answer

  • Only honest answers Jan 19, 2024
    Q. Does this hydraulic pump sound like a jackhammer when raising a lift table or is it a smooth operation.
    A. All air over hydraulic pumps will make a "chuck chuck chuck" sound as it raises. The fluid will exit the pump more-so like how a machine gun expenses bullets. It's not a steady flow like a water hose. If you're looking for quiet and steady, you need an electric over hydraulic pump, of which no options exist for a pump like that found in the LD1K. I hope this helps. Thanks for shopping with us!
  • jim May 13, 2023
    Q. how many tons is the jack rated for? I know the lift is rated at 1000 lbs. but the jack pushes at the bottom of a lone lift point. It must be more then 1/2 ton.
    A. We have asked the factory and hope to post that spec to our website tomorrow. It's surely several tons. Granted, I've found over the years that a lot of folks struggle with the idea that the bottle jack of a lift is rated to several tons, but the lift itself is only rated to something like 1,000 lbs. Many people don't seem to understand that just becuase the bottle jack may be rated to something like 5 tons does not mean the lift that the jack is installed will also handle 5 tons. It's all about the linkages. Thanks Jim.
  • Glenn Apr 11, 2023
    Q. Do you have to use the foot pedal to lower or can it be lowered by releasing the air?
    A. The air has nothing to do with lowering. The air feature only raises. You still use the down foot pedal to lower the lift no matter what. Thanks Glenn!
  • Kurt Feb 11, 2023
    Q. Is there a video on install of the new pump?
    A. My apologies sir, but we have no such video at this time. If you purchase this replacement pump, you'll need to be prepared to perform the swap without the assistance of Redline as we do not offer any instruction at this time. Thank you Kurt.
  • Daniel Jan 28, 2023
    Q. Hi,

    I am buying this to do a harbor freight lift conversion.

    You offer two air-over-hydraulic options: "new style" and "old style."

    What is the difference?

    A. We have pictures posted of both styles, so looking at them will explain better than I can. At the end of the day, the mounting base is built into the new style pump, whereas on the old pump, it was a separate component. Thanks Daniel!


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