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Titan Auto Body Restoration Rotisserie

Model: ROT-4500

(1 review)

Optional Accessories

Door Braces

Leaf Spring Adapter

Stabilizer Leg Kit

Mounting Plate Adapter

Unibody Adapter

Valance Adapter

Redline ATDLY Body Dolly Cart

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Introducing the new Titan Auto Body Restoration Rotisserie! This 4,500 lb. capacity rotisserie is an economical solution that will keep you working smarter, not harder. It features dual hydraulic cylinders that effortlessly raise the lifting cradles to the desired working height for those hard to reach areas. It has a durable powder coat finish to prevent rust, and 4 locking casters to keep your rotisserie stable and immobile while you work. Optional stablizer legs are available to add so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle isn't going to tip over when rotating 360°. You can even enhance its capabilities with several optional adapters such as the unibody and mounting kit adapters. Order yours today!

• 4,500 lb. capacity
• 4 locking casters included
• Durable powder coat finish
• Dual hydraulic cylinders effortlessly raise the lifting cradles
• Optional stabilizer legs, leaf spring, unibody, and valance adapters also available
• Can handle just about any chassis configuration via optional mounting adapters

• Auto Twirler mounting arm brackets are compatible
• Auto Twirler T-carriage mounting brackets are not compatible

• Titan rates unit to 4,500 lb. capacity
• Redline downrates capacity based on safety factor to 3,000 lbs

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• Width: 81"
• Min height: 21"
• Max height: 49"
• Min length: 128"
• Max length: 262"
• Caster diameter: 8"
• Mounting arms: 2" x 2"
• Support arm length: 15"
• Metal thickness: ~0.145"
• Width without stab legs 58.5"
• Width w/o stabilizer legs: 58.5"
• T carriage square tubing: 2-3/8"
• Frame base square tubing: 2-3/4"
• Min length between support arms: 60"
• Max length between support arms: 230"


• Download the spec pdf HERE
• Download the balancing manual pdf HERE


• Residential deliveries cost extra
• Ships 500 lbs. at 61" L x 30" W x 16" H
• FREE SHIPPING to business with forklift*
• Local dock pickup saves residential delivery fees
• Pensacola, FL pickups – read our policies HERE
• Free shipping applies to $200 maximum. If shipping exceeds this amount a surcharge may be needed



5.0 / 5 (1 review)
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  • MELQUISEDEC G. Jul 13, 2020

    Titan 4500

    Jul 13, 2020
    The best way to work comfortable and easily. I recommend this rotisserie

Ask & Answer

  • Troy Dec 17, 2023
    Q. Can the ROT3000-LD be used on this rotisserie?
    A. I get the feeling you meant to ask if our ROT3000-LD gear drive can be used on the Titan rotisserie? If so, we have not tried it. We suspect it can, but holes would definitely need drilled into the Titan masthead so that our gear drive would have a spot to attach. I suggest this because your question doesn't make sense sir. You're asked if the Redline rotisserie can be used on the Titan rotisserie. Give us a call at 901-351-4764 if you need any further assistance and we'll be glad to help. Thanks Troy.
  • John Apr 18, 2022
    Q. What's the difference between this Titan rotisserie and the Redline ROT3000-LD? The look identical aside from color.
    A. These two units are actually made at the same factory and they are identical. The Redline unit offers stabilizer legs as standard equipment, but they are extra with the Titan. It's also worth mentioning that Titan rates their rotisserie to 4,500 lbs but we rate our Redline unit to 3,000 lbs. We do that because we tested this rotisserie with 4,410 lbs of concrete and we simply did not feel it deserved a 4,500 lb weight rating. It held the weight, but enough deflection existed that we just didn't feel comfortable with it. Thanks for your question John!
  • Gerry Oct 14, 2021
    Q. What are the differences between the ROT3K and the RTS3000?
    A. They're really the same degree of heavy duty. They use the same tubing, casters, balancing system, etc. It all comes down to gear drive vs no gear drive. I use the RTS3000 at home because I prefer the ability to rotate the car to any working angle I need. If 57 degree is uncomfortable on my shoulder, I can rotate the car to 61 if I like. We recommend the ROT3K if the unit is going to be used in a commercial shop. This is because it has no gear drive and will always work flawlessly pretty much regardless of the circumstances. We don't like to recommend the RTS3000 to commercial shops because inevitably someone is likely going to rush through the job, not bother to rebalance the car after adding or removing a heavy component, and throw-off the center of gravity. This, in turn, causes undue stresses on the gear drive which can cause the sheer pins inside the gear drive to sheer and quit operating if the center of gravity is badly out of whack. Thus, we recommend the RTS3000 to privateers that are taking their time, and paying attention to what they're doing, but the ROT3K when the machine will be used by workers who aren't detail oriented. Thanks Gerry!


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