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How to Balance Your Car on Your Restoration Rotisserie

BALANCE YOUR CAR YOUR FIRST!!! Congratulations and thank you for purchasing your rotisserie from Redline.  The purpose of this document is to explain the importance of balancing your car or load on your rotisserie before attempting to spin the car.  A rotisserie is made to rotate a vehicle around its center of gravity (C.O.G.).  Often,…

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The Differences in the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT

Redline 1500HD vs Titan 1500XLT Another common question we get here at Redline is, “What’s the difference between the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT?” It’s a great question with a multi-faceted answer. I’ll try my best to answer that below without over complicating the response. First, I want to note that both tables have…

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