The Differences in the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT

Redline 1500HD vs Titan 1500XLT

Another common question we get here at Redline is, “What’s the difference between the Redline 1500HD and the Titan 1500XLT?” It’s a great question with a multi-faceted answer. I’ll try my best to answer that below without over complicating the response.

First, I want to note that both tables have their strong points. One is not necessarily better than the other although they do have their individual strong points over the other. There are also several similarities, but we’re here to discuss the differences.

Starting from the bottom and working our way up.

  1. Frame width – (For the X-shaped lifting arms Titan uses 2-3/8” tubing frame while Redline boasts 3-1/8” tubing.
  2. Center leg support – (Titan has a 1” square tube and Redline has a much larger plate)
  3. Pivot Point – (Titan utilizes two bolts where the Redline has a full axle)
  4. Lock mechanism – (Titan locks open into a slot and Redline uses an arch design)
  5. Ramps – (Titan utilizes a preferred three-piece ramp not counting the extra-long approach ramp that is standard equipment for both machines. Redline uses a two-piece ramp system. We favor the three-piece Titan system because it allows you to remove the two outside ramps when you’re not using the side extensions. The two-piece Redline system still has a full width ramp when the table is not actually full width.
  6. Titan offers their roller drop out panel as standard equipment but Redline charges extra for this accessory
  7. The Redline 1500HD comes with a motorcycle clamping vise as standard equipment, but that piece is an optional accessory with the Titan lift.

When it comes to upgrading tables to electric we again are different, but one isn’t necessarily better. The Titan 1500XLT-Electric is sold as complete different color unit that cannot be converted to an air over hydraulic lift. Redline simply upgrades the cylinder and pump of the 1500HD, which is handy should you ever decide to upgrade a Redline.  As a result, you won’t have to buy a brand-new table.

As mentioned in point number 6, the Titan gives you an additional roller drop out panel, whereas with  the Redline it’s an additional accessory, but the Redline gives you the wheel vise whereas with the Titan it is optional. The wheel vises have small differences too. The Titan uses a bar for the stop plate that mounts to the vise and Redline uses a plate that mounts to the table.

We like that Titan gives you an extra support pole to use with the front extension panel if you’re not using the sides. Redline does not offer that. Next, we’ll point out that the support poles in the rear are thicker and taller on the Redline. Titan also gives you additional eyelets that mounts to the center of the table and Redline uses just two that mount to the side extensions.

To summarize, both tables are (in our humble opinion) both great bangs for your hard-earned buck. Pretty much all the dimensions are the same. The caster design is the same and now you know as much as we do about the differences. We hope this almost brief summary will help you in your decision about which table works best for you and your specific needs.

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