Portable Car Lifts for Home Garage

home garage portable car lift

Every car enthusiast knows how important it is to have proper maintenance for their vehicles, whether it’s cleaning, repairing, or other general upkeep, to keep them looking smooth and preserve their optimal performance. Anyone who does this regularly can attest that having a few pieces of home equipment will make things faster and much more efficient than manually doing things on your own.

An automotive lift is one of the most common essential pieces of equipment that would be very handy for car enthusiasts. It is basically a lifting system that would allow you to keep your vehicle in place and make it easier to take a peek underneath while conducting some repair work or general maintenance. Auto Lift is perfect for home garages as it could also serve as extra storage for those who have multiple cars. However, not all vehicle lifts are the same, and it could be a little tricky to find a suitable car lift for you and your needs.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing some factors to consider in choosing suitable portable car lifts for your home garage. Furthermore, we’ll also cite some of the best portable car lifts that we think would best fit you and your preferences so stick around!


How to Select the Best Portable Car Lift for Home Garage

Indeed, a post lift is an essential part of every car enthusiast’s home garage, but not everyone has the same need, and it’s unlikely that you’ll invest in multiple car lifts unless you own an automotive shop. Therefore, deciding which post-lift type must vary depending on your personal needs and preferences. Here are some things worth considering in choosing the best portable car lift for your home garage.

Weight Capacity

One of the primary purposes of using automotive lifts is to elevate your vehicle to move around and work underneath easily and conveniently. Some post lifts are made to lift larger loads than others, which means that someone with small trucks, SUVs, or heavier cars, in general, might have different lifting capacity needs than those with only five-seater vehicles in their garage. It is advisable to understand the lifting capacity you’ll need before browsing or purchasing your automotive lift for your home garage.


Lift Height

Another functionality that sets post lifts apart is their lifting height capacity. The best way to distinguish the lifting height of post lifts is through low-rise and mid-rise. As the name indicates, low-rise car lifts have a much lower lifting height with a maximum of 10 feet. Since this type of car lift doesn’t require much ceiling clearance, it is ideal for DIY car enthusiasts with smaller garage space. They are also excellent for activities that don’t need much elevation, such as fixing breaks, exhausts, or tire work. 

On the other hand, mid-rise car lifts give you much more space underneath, making them ideal for auto body shops. Since mid-rise post lifts are adjustable, they can do the same thing as low-rise lifts, but only better. However, with the added functionality, it’s only natural to cost more than low-rise lifts. Besides breaks, exhausts, and tire work, mid-rise car lifts are also excellent in collision repairs and bodywork.

Not one thing is better than the other, as different people will have different needs and preferences. Understanding this will only help you gauge which best suits your needs and where you’ll be able to maximize your money’s worth.


Size of the Equipment

Post lifts also vary in size aside from their built design and features. Before deciding which post lift is best for you, you must consider the space you have in your home garage and how large your designated area is for the equipment. Sure post lifts could even save you some leeway because they could serve as car storage, but you still have to gauge whether it is wise to place the lift into your garage or not, especially if you don’t have that much space to work with. Measure the dimensions of your designated area at your garage and check the measurements of the model you’ll be choosing before making any purchase.


Type of Post Lift

Another critical factor to consider is the type of post lift you should go for. Even though they technically have similar functionalities, post lifts may vary in their built design, power unit, features, and overall mechanism. Whether you’ll be using it for heavy or light-duty trucks, electric cars, or any vehicle for garage lifting, there’s a post lift suitable for that. There are eight different types of automotive lifts:

  • Four post-sliding bridge jacks
  • Mobile lifts
  • Alignment lifts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Single post lifts
  • Semi-truck lift
  • Portable two-post car lift for home garage
  • Portable four-post car lifts for home garage

There is no better type than the other, as it will all boil down to your car lift needs and your personal preferences. It’s best to do a brief research on which automotive lift suits your home garage needs, so it’s easier for you to narrow down your choices once you purchase some portable car lifts for your home garage.


Best Portable Car Lifts for Home Garage

Now that we’ve boiled down some of the things you should consider in choosing the Best Portable Car Lift for your Home Garage, you should be able to have some insight into how you will find the equipment that’ll be suitable for your personal needs. To make things easier for you, we’ll cite some of the Best Portable Car Lifts worth considering for your home garage.


Kernel MR6K-38 6,000lb Portable Lift

Are you looking for mobility while working around your garage? This Kernel 6,500 lb. Mid Rise is excellent for tire, wheel, brake, and collision repair work. You should be able to move around easily as it is portable compared to other lifts that would be a little harder to move around your garage. With a 38″ lifting height and 6,500 lifting capacity, it should be a well-rounded home garage lift worth considering.


Kernel MR6K-48 6,000lb Portable Mid-Rise Frame Lift

Suppose you have a relatively higher ceiling in your garage. This Kernel 6,000 lb. Mid Rise should be able to fit your space quite nicely. It should be a perfect addition to your home garage setup with mobile hydraulics, an automatic double safety lock system with air release, and a 48″ lifting height.


Titan SL-6600 Automotive Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

If you’re looking for a solid steel constructed lift that would easily elevate up to 6,600 lbs, this Titan SL-6600 should be on top of your list. It boasts added stability with its unique triple roller design and rubber-coated lifting arms that protect the lift and vehicle. Every car enthusiast would love to have this durable hammered grey-powered coated finish scissor lift sitting around their home garage, ready for action.


Hoffman Mini Lift For Cars and Light-Duty Trucks

Are you someone who prioritizes efficiency? This Hoffman Mini Lift is one of the most efficient and convenient lifts you’ll ever find. It is ideal for fast lifting without moving other vehicles and provides you access to a traditional floor-mounted car lift. This mini-lift only weighs 180lbs, 36″ maximum lifting height, and is excellent for lifting cars to 5,000 lbs.


iDeal Mobile Low Profile Single Column 6,000 lb Lift

Since convenience is one of the primary purposes of using automotive lifts, we couldn’t simply forget to mention the iDeals MSC-6KLP. This low-profile auto life has excellent maneuverability, a single-point lock release that easily rolls under the vehicle, 6,000 lb. lifting capacity, and, most importantly, heavy-duty construction for long-lasting performance.

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