What Tools Do You Need to Change A Tire?

a man is changing the car tires

Tire changing is common knowledge that every car owner must be familiar with. It is best to stay ready and equipped for maintenance or emergency purposes, wherein you’ll be required to change your tires immediately whether you’re on or off the road.

Fortunately, it’s a lot easier now with the help of tire-changing tools available in the market. Although tire changing could be a daunting and intimidating task at first, with the right tools and proper knowledge of how to use them, you could effortlessly change your tires without even breaking a sweat. This guide will mention some of the most essential tire-changing tools to make your life much easier.

  • Tire Iron

Before jacking or lifting up a car, one of the first things you need to do is to loosen up the lug nuts. These are usually too tight to loosen by just using your hands, so you’ll need a tool called Tire Iron to place on the lug nuts for you to be able to use your body weight as the force to loosen the nut. A good quality tool like this Pit Posse Ultimate Tire Iron is an essential car tool kit that you bring along with you on the road.

  • Bead Seater

This following tool is something that you will commonly see used in a tire shop, and that is because of its various functionalities that would also be beneficial for every motor or car owner. Tire Changing could take a while if you do all things manually, so relying on a tool like this Cheetah Bead Breaker could be an excellent solution to change tires much more efficiently. It is essentially an air tank that is used to apply air pressure. It works by simply sticking the end lip of your Bead Seater on between the rim and tire. Using the right adequate amount of air pressure will set your tire bead pretty much instantly.

  • Manual Tire Bead Breaker Fixture

Every motorcycle or car owner that already has experience in changing tires knows that loosening the bead is half the battle, and after that, it’s a downhill process. This is why having a designated tool that will make this part a little more effortless will substantially make your life easier on or off the road. The Manual Tire Bead Breaker Fixture uses a long extension handle to lay pressure on the side of a tire to break the bead.

  • Tire Bead Starter

The purpose of having a tool is to make things a little less complicated as well as safe and effective. Conveniently get beads started and seated with this K&L Supply Tire Bead Starter. It is essentially a strap that applies even pressure to your tire beads without the need to use compressed air, making it ideal for portable and on-the-go use. Every car owner would benefit significantly from this all-in-one tire bead starter.

  • Pit Posse Tire Spoon

If you’re looking for the handiest tool on the list, this Pit Posse Tire Spoon is definitely right up there. It is simple to use, functional, and most importantly, practical and gets the job done. A good quality tire spoon will get you a long way when it comes to mounting tires quickly and safely without any trouble. Its small, compact build allows you to carry it around without taking up much room from your storage.

  • Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

If you want to always stay prepared for any scenario on the road, having an all-in-one set tool kit is an excellent choice since it’s compact and easy to carry around all the time. Healing a tire wound shouldn’t be as complicated if you’re equipped with a good quality Tire Repair and Inflation Kit that aids in stopping the leak to the air needed to refill your tires.

  • Tire Tamer Tool

This tire tamer tool helps make installing tubes, valve stems, and rim locks a lot easier and much more efficient than doing things manually. It is designed to have a straightforward mechanism that works while using one hand in a simple motion. Lift tire beads away effortlessly with this essential tire-changing tool that every car or motorcycle owner must have in their toolkit.

  • Stick On Adhesive Wheel Weights

Balancing your wheels is very important if you want to have smooth control on the road and prevent unwanted accidents. Conveniently balance your wheels using this Stick-On Adhesive Wheel Weights, which is guaranteed to have a stronghold and is appliable within seconds.

  • Tire Mounting Lubricant

Indeed some tools will definitely ease tire changing, but if you genuinely want to make your job a lot more efficient, having a spare tire mounting lubricant in your toolkit is an excellent choice. The lubricant removes a ton of friction and makes both installing and removing tires a lot easier. This tire mounting lubricant from Pit Posse is also approved to work on all rubbers, plus it can also be diluted with water for more usage.

  • Air Pressure Gauge

While an air pressure gauge isn’t necessarily used while changing your tires, nor is it used to put air inside them, it is merely a measurement tool that is handy for every car or motorcycle owner. Knowing the exact air pressure inside helps you understand if your tire is fit to operate perfectly or not, so it’s helpful to be able to check your tire’s air pressure every once in a while. It is also used before and after tire changing to ensure that it follows the optimal air pressure for the best performance and safety.

Final Thoughts.

While many other tools are available on the market, this list of tool kits should be more than enough for you to stay locked and loaded to get your tires removed and change without any hassle. You can conveniently find all the tools mentioned above right in one place online here at Redline Stands. If you find this guide helpful, visit us and learn more!

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