Selecting Folding Motorcycle Trailers Made Simple


Folding Motorcycle Trailers Made Simple by Redline Engineering LLC

So you’re in the market for a folding stand-up style motorcycle trailer and you’ve got questions, as do all.  First, you only have two options for choice of manufacturer – Kendon and Drop Tail.

We at Redline Engineering and sell both brands and despite appearances there’s plenty of differences between each company’s trailer so let’s get started.

The Kendon Stand-Up and Drop Tail trailer both feature a very similar design in that each company’s trailer can be folded in half and stood upright on its end, allowing it to be stored in doors with little floor space used.  However, the key difference between these two trailers is the Drop Tail trailer features a hydraulically actuated rear half that lowers down to the ground, becoming the trailer’s ramp.

The Drop Tail Dual Trailer
The Drop Tail Dual Trailer

Upon loading of the motorcycle into place a few pumps of a built-in hydraulic lever will raise the back end of the trailer, bikes and all, to ride height. Kendon accomplishes this same loading and unloading process with the help of an included ramp.  However, customers should give consideration to Kendon’s upgraded Ride-On series trailer, which eliminates the need for ramps via their patented SRL package by lowering the trailer via the suspension.

Other differences are found upon closer inspection.  Drop Tail’s line of folding trailers, all of which can be seen and purchased at, feature factory radial tires, as opposed to Kendon’s standard bias ply tires.

Drop Tail also offers standard marker lights, more maneuverability in the upright position via swivel casters instead of rigid mount casters, and a built-in rock guard as standard equipment.  Despite each manufacturer’s differences there are also many similarities they share.

   The Kendon USA Dual Trailer
The Kendon USA Dual Trailer

The Kendon USA Single Trailer
The Kendon USA Single Trailer

Both the Kendon and Drop Tail brand trailers share three main features. First, each trailer is built with rocking cradle wheel chocks that will stand the bike upright, leaving your hands free to strap the motorcycle for transport.  Second, each trailer is equipped with a polished aluminum diamond plate flooring that looks as good as it is functional, though it’s worth noting that Drop Tail offers a line of trailers with more conventional expanded metal flooring for less investment. Third, both manufacturer choices offer a full line of accessories including but not limited to tool boxes, jack stands, covers, and additional rails kits for hauling more than two motorcycles at once.

We at Redline Engineering believe the Drop Tail brand trailer is superior to that of the Kendon, which warrants the higher price found, yet one substantial “pro” found on the Kendon trailer is its “Made In the U.S.A.” decal.  Kendon Industries builds their trailer from start to finish in Anaheim, CA.  Drop Tail only “assembles” their trailer in the United States.  All Drop Tail trailer frames are built overseas and outfitted with an American made running gear in Fort Worth, TX.  Please feel free to contact our sales staff at 901-351-4764 or visit us online at to see photos, videos, and specs on each stand-up style folding motorcycle trailer.

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