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1 - 18 of 18 results

Scissor Jacks are vehicle equipment used primarily to slowly and steadily lift a car off the ground for repairing purposes.


We all know that there are multiple types of equipment out there that are much stronger and faster compared to scissor jacks like post lifts although these equipment are not as mobile as scissor jacks.


This is also the reason why they are ideal for emergency purposes because you can just carry it around inside your car without taking too much space, unlike the other alternatives. 


They are called scissor jacks because of their resemblance to the diagonal metal pieces and also their mechanism that is much similar to scissors.


How to use a Scissor Jack

Step 1: Properly placed them underneath the vehicle you are trying to lift, most scissor jacks have a manual which you'll see where exactly you're going to place the jack underneath.


Step 2: Make sure to align them properly into the pinch weld underneath the vehicle to prevent any damages once lifted off the ground.


Step 3: Once you lined it up, use a tool to tighten up the scissor jacks. This might take a while and may require a little more effort than other equipment but it gets the job done especially for emergency events.


Step 4: Once you're done and you want to release the vehicle from being mounted, simply loosen up the screw by doing a reverse motion and you're good to go.


How a Scissor Jack works

The mechanism of a Scissor Jack is much like what it's called for, a scissor. It is simply operated by loosening and tightening the screw that allows the machine equipment to lift the vehicle slow and steadily depending on your pace.


Are Scissor Jacks Safe?

The short answer would be, Yes. However, like any other type of equipment, it totally depends on how properly you are using a certain type of machine-like Scissor Jacks and are you using them accordingly to its purpose.


Using them only for emergency purposes and make sure you read the description on how much weight it could lift off the ground as there are different models out there that vary on capacity.


Nevertheless, Scissor jacks are sturdy, durable, compact, and portable. You won't be experiencing any trouble assuming that you'll get them from a legitimate manufacturer and use them accordingly.


Best Featured Scissor Jacks

Can't decide which model you should try? Here are our recommended machines for you and the most popular in our Scissor Jack Selections.


Are you looking for something that you could use for your motorcycle? The Redline 1,000 lb. capacity Frame Jack is excellent for lifting motorcycles, ATV off your table lift for wheel replacements.

Having trouble trying to find a thicker jack available online? The K&L Supply MC455 Fat Jack provides a much wider deck than usual which is ideal for working on certain bikes.

Searching for a heavy-duty frame jack? Say no more! This compact equipment has got it all, coming with two adjustable saddle adapters, making sure it will fit perfectly on anything you put up with this Titan motorcycle lift.

Are you all about multiple functions, durability, and convenience, well what are you waiting for? Check out these Handy Industries Universal Scissor Jack. It is highly versatile as you can use them either on table lifts or on the floor. It also has a weight capacity of up to 750lbs which means you are working on safe and compact equipment with this scissor jack. It also includes a bunch of added equipment to provide overall functionality and ease of use.


Where to Buy Scissor Jacks

If you're going to buy an emergency vehicle accessory, you have to take into consideration the built quality and materials being used for the equipment before you make a purchase.


The best way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your money's worth is by finding a reputable brand that has built their trust towards the community and a proven track record.


Redline Stands has been one of the leading providers in the Automotive Industry and you can rest assured that our Scissor Jack Selections are top-of-the-line products that would satisfy your needs for an extended period of time.

Quality, durability, and function of use is the name of the game and we are going all-in for it so we could offer you the Best Scissor jack available online in the market.

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