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4 post car lifts in a garage

4-Post Car Lifts are one of the staple pieces of equipment you’ll often find in auto garages that are functionally used to work on repairs daily. What’s excellent about 4-Post Car Lifts is that they are highly versatile and considered an all-in-one solution for auto services such as general inspection, oil changing, wheel alignment, suspension repair, and many more.

For garage shop owners and car enthusiasts, it would be beneficial to have a more in-depth understanding of what they should expect from 4-Post Lifts before making any purchase. Automotive Lifts generally have the primary function of elevating the vehicle for various reasons. However, each model has particular features to offer that cater unique needs of its user.

This article will serve as a buying guide for those looking to find the most suitable 4-Post Car Lift depending on your garage needs. We’ll also tackle some of the most common questions regarding 4-Post Lifts so you’ll have a clear overview and hopefully get the most out of your money’s worth.

~Our Favorite 4 Post Car Lifts!~


Triumph 8K Parking Storage 4 Post Lift

Triumph 8K Parking Storage 4 Post Lift: Best for Garage and Home

The Triumph 8K Service Storage 4 Post Lift is an excellent addition to any shop or garage! This simple-to-assemble lift comes in standard or larger sizes and includes automatic locks that engage as you raise the vehicle, a caster kit to easily move your lift and a jack tray to allow a bottle jack or floor jack to lift one end of the vehicle.
  • Easy to set up
  • UL listed plug
  • Steel oil reservoir
  • Enlarged lock linkage
  • Lightweight aluminum ramps
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Optional SJ35 sliding jack can be added
  • Caster kit allows easy movement of the lift
  • Optional Classic or XLT upgrade is available
  • 1-year parts warranty – no other warranties implied
  • Automatic locks engage at 10 different positions as you raise the vehicle
  • Jack tray allows the use of a bottle jack or floor jack to lift one end of the vehicle
  • Drip trays keep any fluid from the top vehicle from dripping on the bottom vehicle


Triumph 9K 9,000 lb Storage 4 Post Automotive Parking Lift

Triumph 9K 9,000 lb Storage 4 Post Automotive Parking Lift

The new Triumph NOS9000 Service Storage 4 Post Automotive Lift is now available! This lift employs the tried-and-true outside slider design, giving it a rigid and sturdy stance. Boxed tracks for added strength, a secondary redundant safety system, and cable keepers to prevent cable run off are all included. This kit includes 36″ aluminum ramps, drip trays, base plates, and a rolling jack tray with a drain plug. Order yours now!


  • Set of drip trays included
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Boxed tracks for extra strength
  • Rolling jack tray with drain plug
  • Secondary redundant safety system
  • Cable keepers to prevent cable run off
  • Heavy duty poly coated casters included
  • 36″ aluminum ramps weighing only 29 lbs. each
  • 1 year parts warranty – no other warranties implied
  • Manual dead bolt locks with oversized release linkage


Kernel 8,000 Lb 4 Post Parking Lift:

Kernel’s 8K parking and storage lift is the ideal middle ground between too small and too large. This lift is ideal for vehicle storage for the home enthusiast, with ten safety locking positions, aircraft quality cables rated to 14,500 lbs of tension, and wide 18″ runways. Call us today for a shipping quote!

  • Steel ramps included
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Caster kit and jack tray included
  • 1 year warranty on all components
  • Single point lock release mechanism
  • 110 Volt motor plugs into regular wall outlets
  • Powder coated finish looks great and resists rust



two cars on a four post car lift

Challenger 9,000 Lb 9K 4 Post Parking Lift : Designed with Versatility in Mind

The CL4P9S, CL4P9X, and CL4P9W 9,000 lb. capacity 4-post lifts from Challenger were created with versatility in mind. These lifts complement your service needs and are loaded with real benefits, from home enthusiast and commercial storage applications to light duty general service applications. They are essential for the “do it yourself” home garage, giving you the best of both worlds: store a vehicle on top and below with up to 80″ of clearance when fully raised, or use this lift to service your vehicles. Order your new Challenger lift as soon as possible!


  • Power unit is American made
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Mount power unit in multiple places
  • Large molecular slider blocks for minimal wear
  • Single hydraulic cylinder protected under run way
  • Powder coated finish looks great and resists rust
  • The design allows for either free-standing or bolt to the floor
  • 115V plug-in power unit with optional 220V unit available
  • Heavy duty commercial grade design w/ rigid formed columns and runways for superior strength
  • Built-in runway rail system accommodates optional rolling jacks, jack trays, drip trays, and storage platforms


4 post car lift for heavu duty vehicles

Challenger 18K 4 Post Lift: Best for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The Challenger 18K 4 Post Lift has arrived! This superior lifting system can easily lift your light and medium-duty vehicles. It makes use of a heavy-duty cylinder for maximum lifting with minimal maintenance and an offset-flared post-column design for rigidity and stability. It has an electric/hydraulic drive system, heavy-duty leaf chain and sealed roller bearings, tire-traction non-skid diamond plate texture runways, and a single-point mechanical lock release system. There are also extended length and alignment models available. Order yours now!


  • Superior lifting system
  • 18,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Electric/hydraulic drive system
  • Ideal auto light & heavy duty trucks
  • Single point mechanical lock release system
  • Heavy-duty leaf chain & sealed roller bearings
  • Continuously engaged mechanical lock provides safety
  • Non-skid diamond plate texture runways provide tire traction
  • Built-in internal track accommodates rolling jacks or oil pan


Titan 12,000 lb. 12K 4 Post Lift

When you’re looking for an automotive lift that best represents power meeting size, this Titan 12,000 lb 4-Post Lift should be on top of your list. It is a cable-driven lift that features a single cylinder with a conveniently designed lever release system to unlock the safety locks effortlessly, making it an ideal 4-post lift for auto-passenger cars and light-duty trucks.


  • 12,000-pound lifting capacity
  • Warranty: 5-year structural / 1-year parts
  • Single cylinder stowed underneath the diamond plate track
  • Simple lever release system
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars & light-duty trucks


Kernel 9K 9000 lb. 4 Post Automotive Parking Lift

The Kernel 9K 9000 lb. 4 Post Lift has taken safety and performance to a whole new level featuring multiple-position automatic locking mechanisms and enclosed carriage arms. This post-lift is truly designed with durability in mind, as it delivers heavy-duty diamond-plated runways in addition to its scratch-resistant powder-coated exterior finish. If you’re all for durability and performance, you can’t simply go wrong with this Kernel 9K 4-Post Lift!


  • 110VAC / 15A motor
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Built-in safety locks ensure safety
  • Include drip trays, a caster kit, and a jack/tool tray
  • Powder coated finish looks great and resists rust
  • Has lock ladders that are adjustable (free-floating)
  • Optional 9K-DX bracket kit puts the power unit on the side of the 9K lift column


Kernel FP12K 12,000 lb. 12K 4 Post Lift

So you’re trying to find a bigger post lift that can elevate heavier vehicles without any issues? Then this Kernel Mfg. 4 Post Lift will never disappoint. Featuring a cable-driven unit with a cylinder underneath and modifiable leveling locks that are excellent for dealing with uneven floors—also providing non-skid diamond plate tracks with an optional 6,000 lb rolling jack.


  • 1-year parts warranty
  • 12,000-pound lifting capacity
  • Call about the optional rolling jack
  • Jack tray not available on this machine
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars & light-duty trucks


Challenger 44030 30K 4 Post Lift

The Challenger 44030 30K 4 Post Lift boasts a well-rounded solid construction and mechanism featuring a heavy-duty cylinder excellent for optimum lifting, single point air actuated lock release and ramps with steel roller wheels. It is one of the best in its league for accommodating heavier vehicles, as it also has non-skid diamond plate runways capable of serious loads without deteriorating performance over time.


  • Automatic wheel stops
  • Non-skid diamond plate runways
  • Ideal auto light & heavy duty trucks
  • Single point air actuated lock release
  • Heavy-duty cylinder provides optimum lifting
  • Heavy-duty leaf chain & sealed roller bearings
  • Louvered approach ramps w/ steel roller wheels


Challenger 44060 60K 4 Post Lift

For auto light & heavy duty trucks, finding other post lifts that are on par with what the Challenger 44060 60k 4 Post Lift can offer would be hard. With a remarkable 60,000 lb. lifting capacity, this 4-Post Lift can definitely lift some serious weight. It features an independent control console, anti-skid diamond plate ramps, and a top-notch, velocity-fused hydraulic system. Go ahead and check it out today!


  • Independent control console
  • Dual cylinders provide stability
  • Velocity fused hydraulic system
  • Non-skid diamond plate runways
  • Ideal auto light & heavy duty trucks
  • Single point air actuated lock release
  • Heavy-duty leaf chain & sealed roller bearings


Factors to Consider When Buying a 4-Post Car Lift

When looking for a 4-Post Car Lift, it would be best to have a list of considerations already so you will have a smooth time deciding and making a purchase. Since 4-Post Lifts generally look the same, comprising four parallel columns, it would be hard to decide which one’s the best for you just by looking at it.  If you want to make a well-informed decision, here are some factors you need to consider when buying a 4-Post Car Lift.

Lifting Capacity

First and foremost, one of the most basic functionalities of an automotive lift is its capability to elevate your vehicle for repair purposes safely. That being said, lifting capacity should be at the top of your list when choosing a suitable 4-Post Car Lift for your garage. 

The lifting capacity range for 4-Post Lifts goes around 7,000 lbs up to even 60,000 lbs. Suppose you’ll be expecting to load the heavy truck daily. In that case, opt for models that can carry hefty loads without experiencing any issues. However, if you only intend to use the auto-lift for home use, it is worth considering the smaller options to get the most out of its value.

Price Range

If you are new in the market, one of the best things to do is scan the price range and how much 4-Post Car Lifts would typically cost you. This way, you’ll be able to gauge the cost and have a set budget before you even look at the available models.

The price range of 4-Post Car Lifts varies widely from $3,000 to even as high as more than $100,000. Having a set budget streamlines your choices and lets you find the best models at that particular price range.

Auto-Lift Dimensions

Another thing to consider before purchasing is how much free space you have in your auto garage intended for the post lift. With that information, you’ll be able to find 4-Post Car Lifts that conveniently fit those dimensions, so you won’t have any trouble installing them at your shop or home garage—average 4-Post Lifts measure around 100 inches wide and 175 inches long.

Runway Dimensions are also a factor that dictates the length of vehicles the auto-lift can accommodate. Furthermore, the ceiling height from your garage also has to be measured along with the lifting height capacity of your 4-Post Car Lift options for safety and to maximize its capabilities.

Added Features

If you already have experience using 4-Post Car Lifts, you would better understand how certain features could make so much difference in day-to-day work jobs’ effectiveness and efficiency. Specific models have unique capabilities and attributes that add up to the lift’s overall value.

Features like added accessories, a safety locking system, an anti-twist cable block, a hydraulic power system, and effortless integration systems could make a massive difference once you start operating the 4-Post Car Lifts, which makes it worth considering before making any purchase.

Durability and Performance

One of the most important factors to consider when buying 4-Post Car Lifts is its actual usability and the duration of its optimal performance. Generally speaking, automotive lifts are expected to last for decades of use. This gives all the more reasons to make a well-informed decision before choosing any particular model.

Durability is often based on the materials used, the manufacturer’s track record, and the built mechanism of the 4-Post Car Lift. By considering this, you’ll be able to find the suitable 4-Post Lift that will give you the best value for years to come.

Intended Purpose for the Lift

Whether you’ll be using the lift for commercial purposes, extra parking storage, or general home auto repair, it’s worth determining your intended purpose for the auto lift when deciding. 

This understanding will make it easier for you to pinpoint which added features, capacity requirements, and other elements to look for when finding the most suitable 4-Post Lift that caters to your specific needs.

How Much Does a 4-Post Car Lift Cost?

4-Post Lifts are one of the most versatile options among different types of automotive lifts, as they can service a vast range of vehicles. Depending on which model, pricing varies, ranging from $2,000 to even as high as more than $100,000. For home-garage use, you’ll be able to find good quality 4-Post Lifts in the range of $3,000-$5,000 from reputable brand sources like Challenger, Triumph, and more.

Ceiling Height Requirements for 4-Post Lifts

One of the most frequently asked questions when purchasing 4-Post Lifts is how much space it really requires to accommodate the automotive lift inside a home or commercial garage. The quick answer would be 11 inches or higher, considering the average height of a vehicle and the typical lifting range of 4-Post Car Lifts.

Even more accurate estimation can be done by measuring your vehicle’s height and the maximum lifting peak of the automotive lift. This way, you’ll be able to gauge whether a particular 4-Post Lift can fit your garage. If your ceiling doesn’t fall in these height requirements, you can opt for low-rise post-lift options.


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