Best 2 Post Car Lifts

If you’re all about cars, you’ve probably heard about the magic of 2-post car lifts. These towering contraptions are the secret sauce that keeps auto shops and gearheads in the game. Imagine effortlessly hoisting your vehicle off the ground for repairs without having to sacrifice ample garage space and having wider access to your automobile’s undercarriage to boot. Whether you’re a grease-stained garage owner or a full-throttle auto enthusiast, these lifts are your ticket to hassle-free fixes and primo garage space.

Unlike their four-post cousins, 2-post car lifts offer a sleeker profile and allow more undercarriage access. They’re like the sportier sibling of lifts, perfect for quick repairs and maintenance with minimal tradeoffs. But choosing the right lift can be as tricky as tuning an engine. Use this article as a comprehensive buying guide for finding the most suitable 2-Post Car Lift. We’ll suggest the best 2-Post Car Lifts for your unique garage needs, outline the pros and cons of the 2-Post and 4-Post Car Lifts, and tackle some FAQs that’ll ensure you get the most bang for your buck. So, let’s pop the hood on how to snag the ideal 2-post lift for your auto-shop needs!


Our Favorite 2-Post Car Lifts

Triumph 9K 2 Post Floorplate LiftBest Value

This lift features a power unit/motor, floor mounting hardware, a dual point lock release, a floor plate to cover cables & hoses, swing arm handles, & three-stage front arms to provide excellent reach.


  • Swing arm handles
  • Dual point lock release
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Includes 1.5″ & 5″ truck adapters
  • Floor plate to cover cables & hoses
  • Three-stage front arms provide excellent reach
  • 1 year parts warranty – no other warranties implied
  • Includes power unit/motor & floor mounting hardware

Kernel 9K Lb Symmetric Floorplate 2 Post LiftBest (Symmetric) Lift for Lower Ceilings

The Kernel 9,000 lb. capacity two-post floorplate style lift is designed for use in areas with limited ceiling heights. Just like the 9,000 lb. capacity clear floor model, this symmetric column design lift has a heavy-duty leaf chain, steel pulleys, and high-strength cable equalization system but it is only 112″ tall. It comes with a 220 Volt power unit, easily adaptable to most commercial applications, and finished with a durable scratch-resistant powder-coat.



  • Symmetric arms
  • 9,000 lbs capacity
  • Black color standard
  • Chain drive cylinders
  • Dual point lock release
  • Auto arm restraint system
  • Low profile drop-in lift pads
  • Saddle pad adapters (1 Pair)
  • Stackable adapters included
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Powder coated finish looks great and resists rust

Titan Premier Series 9000 lb. Clearfloor 2 Post LiftBest for Autoshops

Get the best-in-class features with the Titan Premier Series 9000 lb. Clearfloor 2 Post Lift. Rigorously tested to withstand day in and day out operation, this lift boasts features such as the single point lock release system, self-locking arm restraint pins, double telescopic feet, aircraft quality 3/8″ diameter steel cables, and more. The unique hammered-gray powder-coated finish makes the lift resistant to marring so your lift will look great for years to come. Includes stackable pad extensions as well as a concrete wedge anchor bolt kit.



  • Threaded pad mounts
  • Reinforced carriages
  • One-Piece column design
  • Serviceable arm lock gears
  • Oversized 4-1/2” cable pulleys
  • Self-locking arm restraint pins
  • 3” diameter hydraulic cylinders
  • (4) 4” stackable pad extensions
  • Toe guards for each lifting arm
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Single-point lock release system
  • Extra large door guard bumper pads
  • High-durometer rubber lifting pads
  • Padded overhead safety shut-off bar
  • Multi-ply steel braided hydraulic hoses
  • (10) 3/4” concrete wedge anchor bolt kit
  • Aircraft quality 3/8” diameter steel cables
  • Aluminum self-cooling continuous-duty electric 220V motor
  • Serviceable cylinder pulley bearings (grease fitting in shaft)

Launch 10K Asymmetric 2 Post Clearfloor Lift ALI CertifiedBest Asymmetric Lift

The multi purpose Launch 10K Asymmetric 2 Post Lift is now available! This asymmetric 2 post lift features either a standard or rotated installation, adjustable column width and height that provides 6″ of extra width/height, stackable foot pad extensions for extra tall applications, and a heavy duty arm restraint system that includes oversized rugged steel gears, pins, and springs.



  • Single-point lock release
  • Color choice of red or blue
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars & light-duty trucks
  • Standard or rotated asymmetrically when installed
  • Adjustable column width provides an extra 6″ of width
  • Outer hose guard protects the hydraulic hose from damage
  • Adjustable column height provides an extra 6″ of height
  • Stackable foot pad extensions for extra tall applications
  • Double telescoping screw pads used with or without rubber pads
  • Rubber door guards provide added security against door damage
  • Heavy-duty arm restraint system includes rugged steel gears, pins, and springs

Challenger CLFP9 9K 2 Post Floorplate LiftBest for Home Enthusiasts

The Challenger CLFP9 2 Post Lift is a great addition to the home enthusiast garage as well as professional vehicle service shops, featuring a dual point mechanical pull-lock cable release system, low profile drive-over floor plating, double telescoping screw pads, and standard front and rear 3-stage arms for maximum arm sweep, retraction, and reach.



  • Plated arm pins
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars
  • Front and rear 3-stage arms
  • Double telescoping screw pads
  • Low-profile drive-over floor plate
  • Fully gusseted base plate design
  • Heavy-duty chain auto lift with cable equalization
  • Dual-point mechanical pull-lock cable release system

Challenger 10K SA10 2 Post Clearfloor Auto Lift ALI CertifiedMost Versatile

Challenger Lifts’ SA10 features the ability to be configured in either the symmetric or asymmetric position depending upon the service requirements of your shop. It features triple telescoping arms that provide maximum extension and retraction ensuring safe and reliable lifting on all vehicles within rated capacity. Enjoy double telescoping screw pads, durable power coat finish, and plated arm restraints.



  • 2 stage & 3 stage arms
  • Single point lock release
  • Built-in rubber door guards
  • Double telescoping screw pads
  • “S” shaped columns are very rigid
  • Can be configured asymmetric or symmetric
  • 2′ column height extension upgrade available
  • Powder coated finish looks great and resists rust
  • Padded cut-off bar is an automatic electric override
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars & light duty trucks

Challenger Versymmetric 10K 2 Post Clearfloor Lift ALI Certified2-in-1 Design

Challenger Lifts’ LE10 features the ability to be configured in either the symmetric or asymmetric position dependant upon the service requirements of your shop. It features triple telescoping arms that provide maximum extension and retraction ensuring safe and reliable lifting on all vehicles within rated capacity. Enjoy double telescoping screw pads, durable power coat finish, and plated arm restraints.



  • ETL/ALI certified
  • Two in one design
  • 2 stage & 3 stage arms
  • Single point lock release
  • Double telescoping screw pads
  • “S” shaped columns are very rigid
  • New micro switch overhead shut-off
  • Includes lock system from CL10V3 series
  • Can load vehicles asymmetric or symmetric
  • 2′ column height extension upgrade available
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars & light duty trucks
  • Powder coated finish looks great and resists rust
  • Padded cut-off bar is an automatic electric override
  • V arm allows both arms to point to the bay entrance
  • Does not have turn-column ability like Challenger SA10

Titan 11K Adjustable Clearfloor 2 Post Lift: Best (Asymmetric) Lift for Lower Ceilings

In need of a higher lifting capacity but don’t have the ceiling height for a larger lift? The adjustable Titan 11000ACX might just be the answer to your problems. This 11,000 lb. capacity two post asymmetric clear floor style lift features adjustable columns that give the lift an overall height of 142″ to146″ which gives it the same overall height as the standard 9K clear floor lifts. 



  • All hydraulics included
  • Free mounting hardware
  • Single point safety lock release
  • Includes stackable truck adapters
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars & light duty trucks
  • Powder coated finish looks great and resists rust
  • Padded cut-off bar is an automatic electric override
  • 5 year structural, one year hydraulic/electric warranty

Kernel 12K Lb Floorplate Automotive 2 Post LiftFor Smaller Spaces

Introducing the Kernel 12,000 lb. Floorplate 2 Post Lift! This chain drive symmetric floor plate style lift features a dual point lock release system and low profile drop-in swivel pads with 2″ adjustable height. Its overall width has been reduced by mounting the power unit on the front side, and it includes 4x stackable 3″ and 5″ drop-in height adapters.



  • Chain drive
  • Powder coat finish
  • Rubber door guards
  • Dual point lock release
  • Symmetric floor plate style lift
  • 4x stackable 3″ & 5″ ‘drop-in’ height adapters
  • Internal hose routing with integrated hose guards
  • Ideal for auto passenger cars & light duty trucks
  • Reduced overall width with front-side mounted power unit
  • Low profile ‘drop-in’ swivel pads with 2″ adjustable height

Challenger CL16 Heavy Duty 2 Post Clearfloor Lift ALI Certified: For Heavy-Duty Lifting

The New Challenger CL16 16,000 Pound Heavy Duty 2 Post Lift, with a capacity of 16,000 pounds, can lift everything from cars to tall, heavy trucks. Ready to tackle the heaviest vehicles in any fleet with its oversized 5″ diameter steel pullies and heavy-duty 3/8″ cable. Fully adjustable width and symmetrical design allow for easy access to the vehicle’s interior. Installation is available in 1 of 3 height and width variations, making this one of our most versatile lifts. Stack adapters and organizer racks with hardware are included with the lift. One thing that sets this lift apart from competitors is the 4.5″ tall footpad compared to the competition’s 6″ tall footpad making this lift capable of going under compact cars. Equipped with a single-point air-actuated lock release allowing technician to disengage both columns simultaneously. A 75″ arm reach also offers asymmetric lifting on unibody vehicles. The innovative synchronizer cable system easily adjusts to any of the three available lift height options without extra parts or making the cable connection inaccessible. Available in red, blue, or black. To top all of this off, this lift is ALI Certified!



  • ALI/ETL certified
  • Heavy duty 3/8″ cable
  • 3 stage front and rear arms
  • Heavy duty rubber screw pads
  • Available in red, blue, or black
  • Dual integrated rubber door guards
  • Ideal auto light & heavy duty trucks
  • Innovative synchronizer cable system
  • Oversized 5″ diameter steel pully system
  • 60″ lifting carriage design increases lift life
  • Can lift compact cars and tall, heavy trucks
  • Includes 3″ and 6″ stack adapters and organizer rack
  • Available in 3 different height and width variations
  • Adjustable width and symmetrical design allows easy access to vehicle interior

Factors To Consider When Buying A 4-post Car Lift


Lift Capacity

The first thing to consider is the lifting capacity. You need to choose a lift that can safely and efficiently handle the weight of your vehicle. Most standard lifts can handle 7,000 to 9,000 lbs, but you can find heavier-duty lifts that can lift up to 14,000 lbs or more.

Space Availability

Ensure you have enough space in your garage or workshop. You need to consider not only the ground area but also the ceiling height. 2-post lifts require less space than other lifts, so consider that as well when planning your garage or workshop set-up. It’s also vital that you measure your space accurately to ensure the lift will fit properly. 

Safety Features

Look for lifts with safety features like automatic locking systems, overload protection, and emergency shut-off, which can prevent accidents from occurring. Safety is a priority, so you’ll want lifts that have top-of-the-line safety features. 

Quality and Durability

The quality of the materials and the build of the lift play a significant role in its durability and longevity. It’s often worth investing in a higher quality lift from a reputable manufacturer. Look for lifts that are made from high-grade steel and have a powder-coated finish to protect against rust and wear.

Ease of Use

A lift should be easy to operate, with clear controls that can be easily accessed. Some lifts come with additional features like rolling jacks, slide-out ramps, or even integrated hydraulic systems for easier use.

Installation and Maintenance

You should also consider the installation process. Some lifts are easier to install than others, and if you’re not handy or don’t have the necessary tools, you might need to hire a professional. Also, consider the maintenance requirements. Some lifts require more frequent maintenance than others.


Most car lifts come with a warranty that can range from one year to several years. A longer warranty can give you peace of mind, but it’s also important to check what the warranty covers.


Last but not least, consider your budget. The cost of a 2-post car lift can vary widely, depending on its capacity, features, and the brand. But remember, this is a significant investment, so it’s often worth paying a bit more for a lift that is safe, durable, and reliable.

Manufacturer Reputation

Finally, consider the reputation of the manufacturer. Look for manufacturers who have been in the business for a while and have positive reviews from customers. They’re more likely to offer quality products and good customer service.


2-Post Car Lift vs 4-Post Car Lift

When navigating the realm of car lifts, the choice between a 2-post and a 4-post model can steer your garage in different directions. A 2-post car lift boasts a compact design that maximizes undercarriage access. It’s the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking speed and efficiency in repairs and maintenance. With fewer posts to navigate around, maneuvering vehicles becomes a breeze. However, it’s important to note that 2-post lifts generally have a lower weight capacity compared to their 4-post counterparts.

On the other hand, the 4-post car lift offers stability and versatility that’s hard to beat. Ideal for those aiming to store multiple vehicles or engage in wheel alignment and tire services, the 4-post lift shines in providing a level platform and ease of use. Additionally, it doesn’t require anchoring to the floor, making it a practical choice for home garages. The trade-off, though, lies in its larger footprint and reduced undercarriage accessibility compared to the 2-post option.

When it comes to cost, 2-post lifts tend to be more budget-friendly upfront, while 4-post lifts may incur higher installation expenses due to their additional features. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs. Are you a speedster in need of quick repairs? The 2-post lift might be your pick. Or do you seek the stability to store and service multiple vehicles? The 4-post lift could rev up your garage. Carefully evaluating the pros and cons of both will ensure your choice “lifts” your automotive endeavors to new heights.

How Much Does a 2-Post Car Lift Cost?

When it comes to the cost of 2-post car lifts, pricing can vary widely based on factors like brand, lifting capacity, and additional features. Entry-level models can start around $1,500 to $2,500, while heavy-duty commercial options can reach $10,000 or more. Brands like Challenger, Triumph, Titan, and other reputable manufacturers generally have a range of prices to suit different needs and set-ups.

Keep in mind that while initial expenses are important, considering long-term durability, warranty, and post-purchase support is equally crucial. Prioritize your specific lifting needs and budget to strike the right balance between affordability and quality, ensuring a lift that not only fits your pocket but also elevates your garage efficiency.

Ceiling Height Requirements for 2-Post Lifts

When considering a 2-post car lift, it’s vital to factor in your garage’s ceiling height. These lifts necessitate sufficient clearance for the raised vehicle, the lifting arms, and the overall equipment. While some modern models offer features like adjustable height settings to accommodate lower ceilings, a standard guideline suggests a minimum ceiling height of around 12 feet for optimal operation. Anything below 12 feet should require you to purchase a lift designed for lower ceiling heights. This allows ample space for lifting without risking vehicle damage or restricted movement. Ensuring your garage meets these requirements guarantees a seamless and safe lifting experience with your chosen 2-post car lift. 

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