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1 - 20 of 27 results

Race Trailer Tire and Wheel Racks

Whether you have owned a vast warehouse or a home garage, tires will always find out some way to eat up the space you have almost instantly. Imagine those round, bulky, and hard tires just sitting on the floor that is supposed to be a free space for you to work around freely.

If you have any spare tires, you might have to consider getting yourself the Trailer Tire Rack system. It is a metal rack explicitly made to store your extra tires in the most space-efficient manner. Wheel Storage Rack may come in different types to cater to various sizes of wheels, although they all primarily serve the same purpose.


Many Benefits of Using Wheel Storage Rack?

We all know the primary purpose of having Wheel Storage Racks, but it could offer a lot more than just storage. Here are the many benefits of owning a wheel storage rack.


Gives You More Space

Indeed, the primary benefit of owning your wheel storage rack has all the space you need for other equipment or area to work. Most automotive shops require a lot of room for massive tires, auto bodies, and a lot more, so having that extra space is a lifesaver. It is an excellent way to maximize your work area and keep all your spare tires in a particular spot.


Easy Mobility for Tire Shops

Retail Stores, Tire Shops, or any Automotive Stores would love the fact that some of these tire racks also have the feature of having wheels. This helps you easily showcase your many different styles of tires for customers or clients. Also, having the convenience to effortlessly move around those heavy tires from one place to another is excellent for automotive shops and home garages.


Keeps Your Wheels in Good Condition

Tire Racks are sturdy, durable, and made explicitly for tire's safekeeping. There's no better way to keep your wheels at their absolute best condition than organizing them in a nice trailer tire rack; stacking your tires in a manner where none of them gets damaged is crucial if you're managing a shop or automotive service.


Versatile and Caters Various Wheel Sizes

Different types and wheel sizes should not be a concern as wheel racks come in custom sizes appropriately designed for other wheels. Ensure that you have the proper type of tire rack in check that is suitable for your spare tires to avoid purchasing the wrong one.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Last but not least, presentation is essential, especially if you're managing a retail store or automotive shop. Wheels that aren't neatly placed in proper storage would not give the best impression, and they would assume that your shop isn't taking care of the products you are selling. This also applies to home garage owners who are trying to keep their workspace neat and organized so they'd be able to focus on the task at hand, knowing that you have everything properly in place.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Tire Rack for Enclosed Trailers

Now that you've known some of the benefits you'll get in buying tire-wheel racks; it is also important to note the different factors you should consider before buying them. 


What type of wheel rack do you need?

There are different wheel racks with varying types of construction and build appropriate for various tires. Knowing where you're going to use it allows you to understand what kind of rack you should get, and also, knowing how many spare tires you are trying to mount does have a factor in the size you're supposed to look for.


How much are you willing to invest in a tire rack?

Pricing would always be an essential factor in buying equipment. Suppose you're going to be using it only for safekeeping in your home garage. You could opt in the smaller ones and find the budget-type tire racks online. However, suppose you're using it for business, such as automotive shops, retail stores, or large warehouses. In that case, you might want to consider spending a little bit more on higher-quality types and treat it as an investment.


Best Place to Buy Tire Rack for Trailer

Whether you need a folding wall mount tire rack for your home garage or a nice rolling trailer tire rack for your automotive shop, we've got you all covered. Store away your spare tires and tidy up your trailer, shop, or garage with any trailer tire rack at Redline. Get organized by moving your tires off the ground and out of the way. Several models also include a folding feature for easy and convenient storage. Some also include adjustable bars to fit an assortment of tires you need to handle. Order your trailer tire rack today!

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