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1 - 20 of 39 results

Hydraulic cylinders are machinery parts used to generate mechanical force in a linear movement. Their primary use is to lift, push, press, and do many other types of work that would be helpful for various mechanic tasks. 


This is the reason why you would often encounter Hydraulic Cylinders and Pumps from car shops and repair shops being used to accomplish strenuous activities that may require some mechanical lift from hydraulic mechanisms. 


How do Hydraulic Cylinders work?

Hydraulic cylinders generate their power through pressurized fluid, which is usually from oil. It consists cylinder barrel with a piston connected to a piston rod that moves in a back and forth motion. The pressure created by the activity then results in the forward motion being used for functional purposes.


Choosing the right Hydraulic Cylinder

Choosing the best machinery equipment available in the market specifically for hydraulic cylinders might be time intensive and overall tough decision to make. 


That is why we boiled down some critical factors for you to consider when choosing the right Hydraulic Cylinder.


  • Capacity 

  • Stroking Distance

  • Speed Applications

  • Temperature Resistance

  • Type of Mounting

  • Cylinder Bore Size

  • Cylinder Configurations


Different Types of Hydraulic Pumps

There are different types of Hydraulic Pumps depending on the intended use and applications. These types vary in their mechanisms resulting in other motions.


  • Lift Pump

A lift pump can act as a low-pressure pump whose primary function is to transport fuel to a high-pressure pump.

  • Force Pump

A force pump is a mechanical device used to draw liquid from a well by hand. As the piston crosses through the water, the water is pushed upward throughout the sides of the piston. The pressure then creates the force resulting from the upward flow of the water above-ground faucet.

  • Axial Pump

An axial piston pump is a pump with several pistons in a circular pattern within a cylinder base. It is used as a stand-alone pump, a hydraulic device, or as an air conditioning compressor.


  • Radial Piston Pump

Radial piston pumps are primarily used in high-pressure applications such as presses, machines for processing plastic, and mechanical equipment that clamp hydraulics.


Where to buy the Best Hydraulic Cylinders and Pumps

If this was helpful for you to understand Hydraulic Cylinder and Pumps, how they work, and how you're going to leverage them for your own use, deciding where to buy them is your next hurdle.


Considering the numerous key determining factors in buying Hydraulic Cylinders we cited above, one of the easier ways of choosing the best hydraulic cylinders is buying from a reputable manufacturer and distributor.

Luckily for you, Redline Stands has been offering multiple high-quality Hydraulic Cylinder and Pumps models that should fit your preferences on numerous facets of applications. Not only are you getting the best quality, but you also have the chance to get the best deals possible. Visit us today at Redline Stands and get your desired equipment straight to your doorsteps!

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