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1 - 3 of 3 results

Soda Blasters are used in the activity called Soda Blasting. It consists of using pressurized sodium bicarbonate to remove coatings and other contaminants from a surface, making it much smoother. It is called Soda Blasting because of the abrasive media used in the activity, and unlike Sandblasting, it is not as aggressive. It is primarily used when it is necessary not to leave a surface profile.

Practical Uses of Using Soda Blasters

These Soda Blasters aren't just used for a single purpose, but they work exceptionally well in numerous cases. Here are some of the instances where you'll be needing a Sand Blaster at your arsenal. 

Soda Blasters works well on Paint removal, cleaning automotive parts, graffiti removal, cleaning ship hulls, restoration, masonry cleaning, wood restoration, fire restoration, asbestos, mold removal, cleaning drilling equipment, and removing calcium deposits from metal.

Advantages of Using Soda Blasters

While there are many blasting options to choose from, here are some advantages to expect when using a Soda Blaster.

One-time-use abrasives

One-time-use abrasives are mostly applied on ship cleaning because an activity like that requires vast amounts of abrasive. An average boat takes one million pounds of abrasive or maybe a minor part for the back bed of an old truck, which means a single-use abrasive like Soda Blasters will save you tons of abrasive costs.

Primary abrasive to clean oily parts

Once the oil removes, the abrasive doesn't cycle back through to hit the part again.


Single-Use abrasives are much more efficient just for the fact that they'll likely require you less blasting media.

Key Benefits to Look Out for Soda Blasters

Like any other equipments, not all Soda Blasters are made the same way. We've gathered some of the featured benefits you must look after in choosing the right Soda Blaster for you!

Easy Mobility

Soda Blasting could take a while in some cases, especially if you're dealing with a large surface. You would have to look out for something that has easy mobility and allows you to work seamlessly through out edges of the surface without any hassle.

Power and Capacity

The blast media capacity of your chosen Soda Blaster solely depends on where you'll be using it. If you're only working on few surfaces, a Handheld Soda Blaster Gun should be enough as these are very light and easy to hold through-out the acitvity. However, we highly recommend the Redline Pressurize Canister Soda Blaster if you need more power and capacity for wider surfaces.

Highly Durable and Effectiveness

Ofcourse, if you're looking for an equipment, opting-in for something that has already been battle-tested and properly engineered to last you longer is the ideal one for you. Make sure to check the reviews and customer feedback to help you choose the right Soda Blaster.

Where to Buy Soda Blasters

Fortunately, you don't have to go anywhere as we've got everything covered. A selection of Soda Blasters are available to purchase here at Redline Stands for you to enjoy seamless and effective sand blasting. You may also find optional accessories like protective wear, and blast media strainer filter, ideally used for Sand Blasting activities.

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