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1 - 20 of 33 results

Wheel Chocks for Motorcycles

We at Redline, we offer a range of cycle wheel chocks. Our most popular style features a rocking cradle, which allow the rider to roll his motorcycle into the chock at which point the chock will hold the motorcycle upright with no help needed from the rider. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple round tubing chock, which only keeps the front wheel secured from moving forward or side to side. Browse our selection of wheel clocks now.

Looking for a safe way to park your motorcycle? Or perhaps you're looking for a way to stabilize your motorbike parked on a trailer. Then you need to get yourself some high-quality motorcycle wheel chocks. At Redline Stands, we carry a range of wheel chocks applicable to use for standard motorcycles delivering different features that would satisfy each particular need. Conveniently browse our selections of wheel chocks for motorcycles here at Redline Stands today!

Do you need a wheel chock to trailer a motorcycle?

Having a reliable wheel chock is absolutely an advantage and is highly recommended when trailering your motorcycle. Wheel Chocks effectively secure your motorcycle in place during transport to ensure minimal risk of damage along the ride.

Failing to properly secure your motorcycle when parked or stored in a trailer poses several risks, such as tipping over, damaging suspension, or even accidents along the road. Additionally, an unsecured motorcycle is at higher risk of theft and can easily be stolen with little resistance.

To prevent costly repairs, liabilities, and other unwanted circumstances, it's best to keep your motorcycle in place with good-quality wheel chocks.

How does a motorcycle wheel chock work?

The standard design of wheel chocks consists of a cradle-like bracket that holds onto the front wheels of your motorcycle, preventing it from moving in any direction during transit and keeping it at an upright position the whole time. 

Motorcycle trailer wheel chocks are incredibly useful in various situations, such as when doing repairs, transporting your bike, or parking it safely in your garage.

Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast looking to make the most out of your garage space or a shop owner who needs equipment to provide stability and safety during repair works, motorcycle wheel chocks certainly pose an advantage in making your life easier and your work more efficient.

How to use a motorcycle trailer chock?

While most motorcycle trailer chocks have the same fundamental purpose or function, using them may vary depending on each design and structure. Nonetheless, here's a general guide to using standard motorcycle trailer chocks.

Securely mount your wheel chock to the trailer: The first step in using a motorcycle trailer chock is to secure it in place on your trailer or truck bed, ensuring that it is tightly fastened to prevent any movement during transport.

Position the front wheels of your motorcycle into the bracket: After mounting the wheel chocks to your trailer, position the front wheel of your motorcycle onto the chock. For added stability, it's recommended to use tie-down straps both in the front and back of your bike, along with the wheel chocks.

Double-check for stability: Keeping your motorcycle in check before transport is crucial to prevent any additional damage to the suspension, wheels, or other components due to instability. To avoid unnecessary incidents, it would be best to ensure your motorcycle is completely stable before transport.

Are motorcycle wheel chocks safe?

Motorcycle Wheel Chocks are safe to use as they are primarily designed to keep your motorcycles in place during repairs, transport, or even parking. For added safety, wheel chocks are often paired with tie-down straps to further secure your motorcycle in place.

It's also worth considering the manufacturer and source when it comes to the safety of your motorcycle chock stand. Going for reputable brands like Pit Posse, Titan, Redline, K&L Supply, and Condor allows you to filter in the best products available in the market.

Different types of Motorcycle Wheel Chock?

Choosing the right one can seem daunting if you're new to using motorcycle wheel chocks. However, understanding the different available types can help you determine which model best suits your needs.

Pivoting chocks: For trailers with limited spaces, motorcycle wheel chocks with a pivoting feature allow easier loading and unloading.

Removable chocks: If you only need wheel chocks installed on your trailer bed temporarily, removable chocks are a practical option, as they can be easily installed and removed.

Floor-mounted chocks: For optimum stability and safety for your motorcycle during transport, floor-mounted chocks are a reliable option as they are already set in place and ready to use.

Where to Buy Motorcycle Wheel Chocks?

Getting ready for your next ride? Redline Stands has got you covered with high-quality wheel chocks from reliable brands like Pit Posse, Condor, K&L Supply, Titan, Redline, and more. You'll have a list of options that will indeed surpass your standards. So what are you waiting for? Get your own wheel chocks for motorcycles here at Redline Stands today!

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