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Strut Spring Compressor for sale

Redline Stands offers some of the best strut spring compressors for your shop. Choose from a variety of our essentials and heavy duty strut spring compressors including the Redline RESC Strut Series, Jack Tech SK3000, Branick and K&L Supply Fork Strut Spring Compressors. Find your perfect tool today and get free shipping from us!

Strut spring compressors are used to compress strut springs when replacing the spring cartridge. Also known as coil spring compressors, these handy tools allow for easy removal of a car's coil spring. Coil springs, like Macpherson struts, is the most popular type of front suspension shock absorber, combining a traditional shock absorber and coil spring into one unit. Changing a Macpherson strut can be a difficult and potentially dangerous task if the compression machine you are using slips often. That's why it's always best to avoid cheap strut compressors. Search the professional compressors below and find the right one for your home or professional mechanic's garage today.

Strut spring compressors are indispensable tools within the automotive industry, specifically for suspension-related repairs. A vital part of the toolset of any mechanic, strut spring compressors are designed to compress strut springs, thus relieving the tension to safely disassemble and assemble struts and shocks. This article explores the importance, types, functionality, and safety concerns surrounding strut spring compressors.


Strut Spring Compressors: The Basics

A strut is an essential component of a car's suspension system. It combines the function of a shock absorber and a coil spring to dampen vehicle vibrations. When replacing worn-out struts or the strut assembly, a high amount of tension needs to be managed. Strut spring compressors are specifically designed for this task, providing a safe and efficient way to compress the spring and decrease its length.


Types of Strut Spring Compressors

There are various types of strut spring compressors, each designed with specific applications in mind.

  1. Internal Strut Spring Compressor: The internal strut spring compressor is designed to be used on MacPherson struts, which are a common type of strut used in many vehicles. It features two prongs that slide inside the coil spring, allowing it to be compressed from the inside.
  2. External Strut Spring Compressor: External strut spring compressors work on the outside of the strut spring. They have two hooks or clamps that attach to the outside of the coil, compressing it from the outside in.
  3. Bench-Mounted Strut Spring Compressor: Bench-mounted strut spring compressors are more robust and are often used in professional garage settings. They are bolted to a workbench or floor and compress the spring using a hydraulic or manual mechanism.

Operating Strut Spring Compressors

While the specific instructions for operating a strut spring compressor can vary, some general steps are common to most types.

  1. Secure the strut: The strut assembly needs to be firmly secured before starting the process. Depending on the type of compressor, this could involve clamping it in place or placing it in a designated area of the tool.
  2. Attach the compressor: The compressor hooks or clamps should be attached to the spring, equidistant from each other for even pressure distribution.
  3. Compress the spring: The spring is then compressed gradually. Manual compressors typically do this by turning a handle or wrench.
  4. Remove or install the strut: Once the spring is compressed, the strut assembly can be safely disassembled or assembled.
  5. Decompress the spring: After the necessary work on the strut has been completed, the spring can be slowly decompressed and the compressor removed.

Safety Concerns

While strut spring compressors are highly useful, they pose significant safety risks if they are not used correctly. The amount of potential energy stored in a compressed spring can be considerable, and improper use can cause the spring to violently decompress, causing severe injuries. As such, it's critical to always follow the manufacturer's instructions, wear appropriate safety gear, and regularly inspect the tool for any signs of wear or damage.

In conclusion, strut spring compressors are critical in automotive maintenance and repair. They provide an efficient and safer method to handle the high tension present in vehicle suspension systems. However, it is essential to understand their operation and safety risks to avoid any potential accidents. As always, when working with tools of this nature, safety should be the highest priority.

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