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1 - 3 of 3 results

What is a Drill Press?

When working with concrete-like wood or metal, you have to consider the precision and power of the machines you use. One of the most commonly used power tools is called Drill Press. This benchtop power tool is explicitly made to bore holes in materials like wood or metal for home repairs and other woodwork projects. Drill Press is also stationary machines, meaning they would be a lot more precise with minimal effort compared to handheld press.

There are different sizes of drill bits that can be used depending on the intended application. These drill bits are then connected to the machine in order to utilize the stationary benchtop machine's capacity to bore precise holes in concrete materials without leaving any dents or damage around the surface. Drill Press is certainly conveniently used for woodwork shops, home repair, and other applications that require creating precise holes in concrete materials. Drill Press machine would also allow you to set the exact depth, angle, and width for different holes depending on where you'll be using it.

What is a Drill Press used for?

Every handyman knows how vital drill presses are. Whether a handheld or benchtop drill press, it is one of the most versatile accessories and must-haves in every toolkit. It saves a ton of time and delivers precise finishes in workshops, whether you're working on wood or metal materials. Before purchasing your own Drill Press machine, it's better to understand where you'll be using it. Here are some of the most common applications for using the Drill Press machine. 


Removing sharp edges or burrs on concrete materials to smoothen out the edges is called Deburring. You should conveniently do this for workshops and repairs using Drill Presses.


Since precision is something that you should take advantage for stationary drill press machines, you can also use for drilling smaller holes that require precise measurements for a spotless finish. The process of reaming is also done using a Drill Press. 


Another excellent and commonly used application for Drill Press machines is called Tapping. This is the process of creating internal threads or cutting a thread inside a hole to make threads on nuts. You can easily manipulate the dimensions of each hole depending on your intended application by using Drill Press machines.

How Much is a Drill Press?

Since having a stationary benchtop Drill Press is one of the essential equipment for workshops, expect that you would have to invest a little for years of convenience and efficiency. And like any other equipments, not every Drill Press belongs at the same price point. Price varies depending on the model and specs that it allows you to apply for your work. A general estimate range for Drill Presses ranges from $500-$1000 depending on the specs. Features such as laser tight, tilting table, variable speed, instant drill swap, adjustable height, and spring tension are responsible for price variation as well as the overall built quality of your chosen equipment. 

Advantages of Using Drill Press

If you're looking to maximize the potential of using this machine, here are some of the many advantages of having the Drill Press machine for workshops. 


Creating holes doesn't only require power, it also needs an immense amount of precision to ensure a spotless repair job. Making holes with precision and accuracy is one of the many advantages of using a Drill Press.


Aside from completing jobs better, you would also save a ton of time by efficiently using a stationary benchtop drill press machine instead of doing things manually.


One of the most sought capacities of Drill Presses is its ability to accommodate drill bits and create holes with minimal effort. 


There are tons of many different ways to use Drill Press, depending on your intended application. Its versatility makes it a lot more worth investing in as you'll be using it for many different issues. This way, you'll ensure you're getting the best bang out for your buck.

Where to Buy Drill Press

Now that you've to know more about Drill Press on what it is, where to use it, its advantages, and how much it costs, the next part is looking for a reliable place to source it. Fortunately, Redline Stands offers a couple of Drill Press machines suitable for various applications. Enjoy high-quality, precision, efficiency, and the power output of a world-class drill press machine that can be found here online. Make sure to visit Redline Stands today and order your Drill Press machine online today!

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