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Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors are significant equipment for sandblasting and many other activities that may include sand, dirt, and other tiny particles in the process.

Dust Collectors are responsible for filtering out any debris that would be compromising the work surface area that might even cause significant health problems if not properly managed.


Why is there a need for Dust Collection?

Sandblasting is quite a messy process. To accomplish the task properly, you'll have to acquire a dust collector that would be able to match the range of how much dust output your sandblasters create to avoid being compromised from too much dust floating in the air.


Perks of Having Sandblast Dust Collector

Here are some of the perks of having Sandblast Dust Collector:


  • The work area won't be filled with dust particles floating in the air, and you'll be able to accomplish the sandblasting task easily.
  • Save you and your workers from potential health risks that may be acquired from inhaling small toxic particles that came from sandblasting.
  • Floating dust and dirt could compromise your heavy equipment and machinery, meaning having an effective dust collector increases work efficiency.
  • Dust Collectors keep you to meet the compliance regulations about workplace safety. Activities that may have potential hazards require equipment such as dust collectors to ensure a safe environment.


Choosing the right Dust Collector

When it comes to choosing the right Dust Collector, you need to consider a few specific factors before buying them for yourself. Here are some of the things worth considering when purchasing a Dust Collector:


Purpose of Use or Application

Specific applications require a different type of dust collection system. Being clear about where you'll be needing the Dust Collector helps a lot in understanding what kind of machine you'll be required to have.


Appropriate Size

Some dust collectors are significantly larger than the other, or vice versa. That is why choosing the appropriate size by needs and where you are planning to place them allows you to prepare beforehand and avoid buying something too small or too large for your needs.


Easy Installation

Setup and Installation may vary depending on the model you've chosen, as there are many types to choose from. Going for a machine that is not complicated to set up lets you avoid equipment failure when the instructions are too complex. The process should be straightforward to achieve a smooth finished product.


Machine's Capacity

Some applications require more power. Some might not need too much. The machine's capacity to hold and remove air dust is also another factor you should consider before choosing the right dust collector for you. Opting in for something too powerful even though you're not going to be needing it might be a waste, so it's always better to understand just what you need.


Where to Buy a Dust Collector

Suppose you're ready to buy yourself a Dust Collector for your Sand Blasting Equipment. Purchasing them in the right place is another thing you should be considering.

Fortunately, we'll be able to help you out at this part! Redline Stands offers a variety of Dust collectors for you to find the ideal machinery for you and your needs! Visit us now and order yours today.

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