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1 - 16 of 16 results

Mitering Bandsaws for Home and Professional Projects

Precision is everything, whether you're working on a DIY project with intricate designs, or a professional project based upon simple, clean lines. Knowing which saw is the best tool for the job is imperative so that you always achieve top-quality results.

Choosing a Benchtop Saw

Use the following questions as a guide when determining how to shop benchtop saws for your workspace:

  • What's the size of your workspace? If it's an at-home space, ask yourself whether its a room exclusively for projects, or shared space in a garage or basement.
  • What type of projects are you working on? Amp numbers relate to power, thus larger more involved cuts will need a saw with a higher amp.
  • What's your level of expertise with saws? Miter saws are easier to use than some other types.
  • Some other questions you’ll want to know the answers to are:

    Will the saw be stationary, or do you prefer or need something portable?
  • Is noise level a consideration? Induction motors emit less noise than universal motors.
  • Do you prefer corded or cordless?
  • What's your budget?
  • Ensure Accurate Angles with Miter Saws

    As mentioned above, miter saws are fairly easy to use, so they're a nice choice for beginning wood and metalworkers. But, just because they are novice friendly, don’t think that miter saws aren’t great addition to professional set-ups as well. Although cuts can only be of the same size or less as that of the blade length, it's appealing for creating measured cross-cuts. Choose between a standard model which rotates 90° to the left or right; compound, which also produces beveled cuts by tilting in one or both directions; or a sliding compound miter that's able to produce broader angle stops.

    Since placement and storage are common concerns for large tools, foldability is one of the notable miter saw table characteristics that many models have. Other desired features to look for include wheels, and being rust-proof. Alternatively, look for a height-adjustable portable stand with a sturdy non-slip end-cap base.

    One model series to consider is Femi Hem Saw. This brand makes several miter options, such as the manual NG120XL, running off a 115V motor and angling up to 60°. For additional power, there's the double 220V-3 motor 260BSA and the N215XL, which both have a built-in coolant, thus increasing the blade's durability for metal cutting. There's also the Semi-Automatic ABS series, which drops down by itself when set.

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