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1 - 10 of 10 results

One of the most commonly used machine equipment in the manufacturing and repair industry is hydraulic presses. They are basically a device that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate varied forces depending on the model and the user's intended application, which could be very handy in multiple ways. While Hydraulic Shop Presses are often seen at workshops involving a lot of metal work, welding projects, and other activities, they can also be advantageous in home garages.

What Do You Use a 20-Ton Shop Press for?

Hydraulic Shop Press is classified into different power outputs and the amount of force they can provide for various mechanical purposes. There are 20-ton presses and 30-ton, and it could even go up to 200-ton shop presses, primarily seen in workshops and large manufacturing sites that require loads of power output.

The thing about shop presses is that you won't always need the maximum force to do some light automotive repair or any other general mechanical work. For most people, especially DIY Specialists who love fixing things with their own hands, a 20-ton shop press is more than enough to make your tasks easier and much more efficient. As the name states, these are hydraulic shop presses capable of exerting up to 20 tons of force.

Things You Can You Do with a 20-Ton Shop Press

While some might already know where they can utilize these shop presses, you might be wondering what I could do with a machine that wields this amount of force. Here are some of the most common things you can do with a 20-ton shop press.

Automotive Repair

Hydraulic Presses are heavily involved in a ton of metalwork. This explains why the automotive industry gets so much output from these machines as they are used for manufacturing parts, molding, disassembling, and many other activities that may require loads of force. Likewise, if you love dealing with car parts and fixing auto parts for business or personal purposes, having a 20-ton shop press will come in handy for small and even large repair projects.

Woodworking Projects

Aside from metal work, 20-ton shop presses are also used for woodworking projects. If you enjoy craftsmanship through woodwork, a hydraulic press does an excellent job of molding, bending, stamping, and other things through the pressure exerted through the cylinder.

You'll never run out of things to do with a 20-Ton Shop Press as it is highly versatile and, most importantly, easy to operate. It is also widely used for activities like separating rusted metal parts, bending or flattening parts, welding projects, jewelry making, molding brackets, jewelry-making, and more.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 20-Ton Shop Press

While shop presses are great for almost everyone, you could easily get overwhelmed with the variety of choices available out there. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some points we recommend you look after before getting your own 20-Ton Shop Press.

  • Made from heavy-duty and high-grade steel
  • Powder coated finish
  • Internal surfaces are polished
  • Stays functional for a very long time
  • Backed with warranty
  • Easily operated

Few Recommendations:

Still confused about which model to choose? Here are some of our best selections for 20-Ton Shop Press that we highly recommend you check out today!

Redline 20 Ton Economy Air Hydraulic Shop Press

If you're looking for a long-lasting 20-ton shop press, we recommend you check out our Redline 20-Ton Economy Air Hydraulic Shop Press. It is a powder-coated finish, quickly shifts ram cylinder, and even includes a pair of press plates and grid guard, making them a perfect addition for shops and home garages.

Redline 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Heavy Duty Shop Press

One of our more affordable products, but certainly not compromising with its functionality and quality materials, this Redline 20-Ton Air Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Shop Press is truly an excellent choice for garage and light auto shop use.

Redline 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Shop Press

Another excellent shop press that features industrial strength and heavy-duty output is this Redline 20-Ton Air Hydraulic Shop Press. It is CE-certified and operates with compressed air or manually pumped. It is also equipped with 9 different height adjustments, making it convenient for large and small projects. 

Where to Buy 20-Ton Shop Press?

Ready to get your hands on these high-performing hydraulic shop-presses and gear up for your work projects? You're exactly in the right place! Redline carries a varied selection of 20-Ton Shop Press that are all built with superior construction and multiple features and functionalities. Browse through our products below and get yourself a 20-Ton Hydraulic Press today!

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