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Red Line Stands Mechanic Creepers

Redline automotive creepers are essential tools for your shop. They allow you to not be bent over or on your knees when working on something low to the ground. Our automotive creepers have multiple seat settings to adjust to your needs. Order yours today and get free shipping now!

A topside creeper is a tool typically used in the automotive industry, specifically by mechanics, to facilitate work on vehicles. This piece of equipment allows mechanics to easily access the engine compartment and other upper areas of a vehicle without having to strain their bodies or use unsafe methods to reach these heights. It's essentially a rolling platform or chair that can be adjusted in height.

The topside creeper has a ladder-like design, with a padded platform where the mechanic can rest their chest and torso while reaching into the engine compartment. The platform is typically adjustable, allowing for use on vehicles of different heights. Most topside creepers also have casters on the bottom for easy movement around a garage or shop.


The "creeper" term in the name comes from the term "mechanic's creeper," which is a low-profile, rolling platform that mechanics lie on to work underneath vehicles. The topside creeper is the counterpart tool for working on the top side of the vehicle. It should be noted that while this tool is commonly associated with automotive repair, it may also be used in any other industry where similar needs exist, such as aviation or heavy machinery repair.


What is the use of topside creeper?

A topside creeper is primarily used to provide access to the upper areas of a vehicle, particularly the engine compartment, while reducing physical strain and increasing safety for the mechanic.

Here are the main uses and benefits of a topside creeper:

  1. Ease of access: It allows mechanics to comfortably reach into the engine bay of tall vehicles, such as trucks or SUVs, without overstretching or standing on unstable objects.
  2. Reduces physical strain: The padded deck provides a place to rest the upper body, reducing the strain of bending over an engine for extended periods. This can help to minimize back and neck strain.
  3. Safety: The sturdy design and adjustable height make it safer than makeshift solutions like standing on crates or chairs.
  4. Efficiency: A topside creeper can help a mechanic work more efficiently by making it easier to reach the engine, potentially reducing the time required for repairs or maintenance.
  5. Versatility: While most commonly used in automotive repair, topside creepers can also be used in other industries like aviation or heavy machinery where mechanics need to reach elevated work areas.
  6. Mobility: Most topside creepers are fitted with casters, allowing for easy movement around the workshop.

The topside creeper is a valuable tool for any mechanic, making work more comfortable, safer, and more efficient.


What is the purpose of a car creeper?

A car creeper, also known as a mechanic's creeper, serves a similar purpose to a topside creeper but is designed for working underneath a vehicle rather than on top of it.

Here are the main purposes and benefits of a car creeper:

  1. Ease of access: A car creeper allows a mechanic to slide underneath a vehicle easily, providing access to the undercarriage for tasks like changing the oil, repairing exhaust systems, inspecting for damage, and more.
  2. Comfort: The car creeper has a flat, padded platform where a mechanic can lie down, making it far more comfortable than lying directly on a cold, hard shop floor.
  3. Mobility: Most car creepers are equipped with swivel casters, allowing a mechanic to move around underneath a vehicle smoothly, improving efficiency and making it easier to access various components.
  4. Reduces physical strain: A car creeper minimizes the need to crawl, scoot, or roll around on one's back, reducing physical strain and potential injury.
  5. Protection: The car creeper can also protect the mechanic from spills or debris on the workshop floor.

The car creeper is essential for anyone frequently working under vehicles, providing increased comfort, mobility, and safety.


How to choose a topside creeper?

Choosing a topside creeper involves considering several factors to ensure it will meet your comfort, durability, and functionality needs. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Adjustability: Make sure the creeper has adjustable height settings. Since vehicles come in various sizes, a topside creeper that can adjust to different heights is crucial.
  2. Weight Capacity: The creeper should be able to support your weight comfortably and safely. Check the manufacturer's stated weight limit before buying.
  3. Build Quality: The construction material of the creeper should be robust and durable. Steel is often used for the frame because it's sturdy and long-lasting.
  4. Comfort: Look for a creeper with a comfortable padded deck where you'll be lying on. This will reduce discomfort during long periods of use.
  5. Portability: If you need to move the creeper around your workspace, look for one with durable and smooth-rolling casters.
  6. Storage: Consider whether the creeper can be folded or disassembled for storage. If you're working in a space-limited environment, a foldable creeper can be very beneficial.
  7. Safety: Check if the creeper has locking wheels or a locking mechanism for the adjustable sections to ensure safety while in use.

By considering these factors, you'll be more likely to choose a topside creeper that suits your needs and provides a comfortable, safe, and effective solution for working on the topside of vehicles.

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