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When it comes to aligning wheel suspension, Alignment Lifts comes in handy as these are systems explicitly made to serve that purpose. Alignment Lifts are the essentials, especially for automotive shops to look at what's going on underneath the hood of a car and properly gauge the situation. Although the primary purpose of these lifts is for alignment, they could also be versatile and applied for different auto shop repairing conditions.


How Does it Work?

To optimize a vehicle's performance, manufacturers specify a pre-determined wheel angle for different cars. However, unavoidable misalignment and deformation might occur over time while driving, so it's always best to re-align to ensure that your vehicle will perform at its absolute best performance.

An excellent alignment lift ensures that a vehicle's wheels are on par with its standards for straight-line steering and safety on the road for you and your wheels.


Risk of Misaligned Wheels

There are a lot of risk factors that you must consider to understand how crucial wheel alignment lifts indeed are for vehicle owners and, most importantly, for automotive shops. Here are some of the risks of having misaligned wheels.


It could wear out your tires significantly faster.

If your wheels are not aligned as they should be, it increases the chance of your tires wearing out way faster compared to a wheel that is appropriately aligned. This is because of the disproportion of weight and impact distribution, especially when you're hitting a bumpy road quite often. Damaging your tire structural form is a common issue when dealing with misalignment.


Major damage repair costs a lot more than maintenance.

Maintenance isn't always fun, but it helps vehicle owners to save themselves from costly major damage repair caused by misalignment issues that could have been easily prevented. Having a wheel alignment lift lets you gauge your wheel's status, and other maintenance works under the hood to save yourself from costly future damages.


On-road safety is compromised.

The most dangerous risk factor of having misaligned wheels is your safety on the road and everyone around you. Wheel misalignment over time may cause steering problems and diminish suspension quality, which is crucial in road safety. Checking in auto-shops for wheel alignment regularly or, better yet, having your wheel alignment lifts is a total lifesaver.


Where to Buy the Best Alignment Lifts

Alignment lifts are substantially different from the mechanic's four-post lifts. Alignment lifts are offered in both closed and open front styles. This essentially means that one lift has no connecting bar across the front holding up the runways, which is called open front, while closed front lifts have a pesky beam in the way that supports the runways. 

Lastly, alignments lifts have front turn plates, and rear slip plates, not a feature found on standard four-post lifts. If you're looking for the Best Place to find Alignment Lifts, make sure to visit us today at Redline Stands and browse our multiple high-quality selections just for you!

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