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Mobile Lifts for Sale

Mobile and portable car lifts come in one of two forms, single post and scissor actuated. Single post lifts are available in air over hydraulic and electric over hydraulic. Generally speaking, this type of automotive car and truck lift is purchased with the intent of raising the vehicle just enough to make working comfortable, yet Redline does offer a couple of portable car lifts that will raise the vehicle over the mechanic's head.

What is a Portable Car Lift?

As the name states, portable lifts are an easily movable type of automotive lift that can be moved in and out of your work area. Mobile lifts are relatively smaller in size than other vehicle lifts since their primary purpose is to give users the ability to elevate cars for maintenance and repair with minimal work area. That said, you'll often see portable car lifts owned by DIY car enthusiasts in their home garages or even at auto shops in your local area.

Benefits of Using Portable Car Lifts

Portable vehicle lift has their own advantages compared to other car lift alternatives. If you're wondering if mobile car lifts are the right choice for you and your intended application, consider some of the benefits of having portable car lifts at your home garage or auto shop.

Movability - Movability is probably one of the main features of a mobile car lift as it is relatively smaller than other post lifts while still having the capacity to lift heavy automobiles. If you're looking for an automotive lift that you can easily move anywhere inside or outside your work area, a mobile car lift might be the best route for you. 

Easy to Operate - Mobile lifts are highly utilized not just by professional mechanics at auto-repair shops but even at home garages. Suppose you're someone who doesn't like reading lengthy manuals and complicated instructions. In that case, you'll have no problem operating portable auto lifts as they are easy to use and effortlessly get the job done.

Space Efficient - Working space areas could also be an issue for some repair shops and also for garage owners. With mobile car lifts, you can conveniently fit through a vehicle lift with minimal work area, as it equips a tremendous lifting capacity relative to its size.

Adjustable Features - Workability is one of the most common features that mechanics try to look after when purchasing car lifts, and this is exactly what you'll get from our line of portable car lifts. With adjustable features, you'll be able to operate the automotive lift seamlessly and work more efficiently with less effort compared to other complicated models.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile Car Lift

Getting a mobile car lift, whether for personal or business use in your garage, is still a considerable investment. It can be daunting to determine the best choice with all available types, brands, and models available in the market today. Here are some things you can consider that should help narrow your options and make an informed decision before investing in a mobile car lift.

What do you need it for?

If you want to make the most out of your purchase, you should first determine what you actually need it for. The type of car you'll be working on and how much lifting capacity you'll need to operate are factors that would narrow down your options when choosing the right mobile car lift for you. Here at Redline Stands, we precisely include the features and specs of each model to keep our customers well-informed.

How much is your budget?

Budget is also another thing that is worth considering when looking to invest in a portable car lift. Fortunately, there are wide options here at Redline Stands in which you'll find a range of price options that widely varies depending on each model's capabilities and functions.

Best Uses for Mobile Car Lifts

Mobile car lifts are also highly utilized for residential and commercial use, like other automotive car lifts. The difference is that portable car lifts don't require you to be bolted to the floor to operate, unlike other post lifts. Here are some of the best uses for mobile car lifts.

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Elevate car for repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • Tire changing

Where to Buy Mobile Car Lifts?

Are you having trouble trying to find a reliable source of mobile car lifts online? We've got you all covered! Redline Stands carry a wide selection of portable auto lifts, including scissor lifts, mid-rise frame lifts, portable column lifts, single post lifts, automotive mini lifts, and more. 

Conveniently browse through our high-quality and movable car lifts that will make your operations as comfortable as possible for you and your co-workers. What are you waiting for? Check them out, available online here at Redline Stands today!

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